Dreamcatcher Recap

Camelot – Many Years Ago

Merlin goes out into the woods to confront the Dark One, wielding the Dagger and ordering him to step forward. The masked figures appears to Merlin and the wizard says that the Dark One killed the only woman he ever loved. Merlin prepares to kill the Dark One, but then hesitates. The Dark One grabs the Dagger and puts it to Merlin's throat, and he says that he misses her. Placing the Dagger to Merlin's tear, the Dark One takes a single tear and then transforms Merlin into a tree.

Six Weeks Ago

Emma watches Merlin's transformation through a dreamcatcher. She then glances at the tree.

The enchanted Mary Margaret and David tell Regina that the best way to help Emma is to give Arthur the Dagger. Regina gets it from the hidden location in the forest, and Mary Margaret lunges for it. Emma appears and immobilizes her parents, and tells Regina that Arthur has them under her spells. She explains how Arthur wants to reunite Excalibur with the Dagger so that he can kill Merlin. Regina warns that they will have to fight the entire kingdom, and points out that they have no way to get Merlin out of the tree. Emma wants to use dark magic, but Regina warns her that it's too risky. When Regina says that she's been there before, Emma says that she's not her.


At the sheriff's station, the group discover that the squire has vanished. Arthur denies everything and Guinevere says that they have to do something to raise their people's spirits. Mary Margaret agrees and Henry suggests that they have a dance. David figures that Henry is looking for an excuse to ask Violet on a date, piquing Regina's interest. Mary Margaret interrupts her and says that Storybrooke should have a ball. Outside, Belle runs up and tells the others that Gold is missing.

In Emma's cellar, Emma feeds Gold and tells him that he's going to remove the Sword from the Stone. He warns her again that he won't be able to do it and says that he needs to sell Belle. Emma says that he's not going anywhere until he gets her the sword, and she refuses to tell him what her plans are. Gold says that he used magic to protect his son, but he still lost him. Emma says that she's strong than he is, and Gold warns that the more she justifies what she's doing, the more she will push her loved ones away. Unimpressed, Merida calls Merida out and tells her to take Gold out and train him. Merida tries to attack her, but Emma takes out the heart and commands her to make Gold a hero. Emma then goes to a shed outside filled with dreamcatchers. She takes one and clutche sit to her chest, crying.

Six Weeks Ago

Back in the castle, Regina demands to know how Emma knew about Arthur's spell. Emma finally reveals that she used a dreamcatcher, and Regina warns that it's dark magic. Despite that, Emma says that the dreamcatcher will help them, and she saw Merlin weep for his loved one before he was transformed. Regina says that they can use the spell to make the counter spell to free Merlin... and they need to get a tear.

At Violet's family stable, Violet is tending to her horse Nicodemus. She explains to Henry that her mother gave it to her as a birthday present, but then her mother passed away. Henry talks about how his father died, and wishes that he could have told him more. Violet understands and admits that Henry is the first person she's met who understands. Once Violet leads her horse out, Henry picks up a sword and pretends it is Excalibur, and starts swinging it. he falls over into a stable and Violet's father Morgan comes in. Morgan realizes that Henry is one of the visitors, and wonders what kind of squire he is. Henry says that he's a writer not, a squire, and Morgan angrily asks if he will protect Violet with a pen. He insists that Violet must have a warrior as a husband and orders him out.


Henry texts Violet about the block party, and she says that she's not in the mood for parties. She explains that her horse ran off, and Morgan is out trying to find Nicodemus. Henry suggests that she go to a party to take her mind off of it, and says that he knows just the person to find Nicodemus. He goes to Emma's house and says that he needs her to continue her mission to bring happy endings to Storybrooke. Emma says that it's still her, and Henry asks her to return his friend's happy ending.

In the forest, Merida tells Gold to pick up a sword and begin his training. When he says that he can't, Merida gives him a branch to use as a cane and tells him to begin. Gold says that it's useless and Merida says that she can't help her kingdom until she completes Emma's mission. She insists that Gold has to be brave, but he says that she has the wrong man. Merida figures that there's another way to make him a hero and knocks him to the ground.

Henry and Emma get into the Volkswagen and he says that he's missed the two of them together, and Emma admits that she does so. Emma asks about Violet and Henry talks about how she likes music... just like his father taught her. They spend a minute thinking about the past and then take off.

Six Weeks Ago

Emma and Regina find Henry in the forest practicing with a sword. He says that Morgan told him to learn the local ways, and Emma tells her son that he's better off being himself. Henry points out that Regina changed for the better, and Regina says that Violet would be more interested in someone who isn't like the men she knows. Emma points out that Henry is a mysterious stranger from an exotic land, and Henrys ays that he can work with that. Once he leaves, Regina says that they can get the missing ingredient from her.

Back at the castle, Emma warns Regina that what will happen next is intense. Regina insists and takes the dreamcatcher, and it brings forth memories of Cora killing Daniel after she learns of his involvement with Regina. The real Regina weeps and Emma collects a tear. She apologizes, saying that she didn't understand Regina for now, and Regina says that Cora thought it ws for the best.


Regina, Hook, Belle, and Robin go to the house when they learn that Henry has led Emma away. The house is protected with a spell, and Regina uses a piece of Henry's clothing to get inside.

Six Weeks Ago

At the diner, Henry sets the table for a dinner with Violet. The girl arrives and giggles, and Henry invites her to sit down. He gets her a can of soda and invites her to try it, and Violet enjoys it. Henry explains that they're having lasagna and watching a movie, and Violet assures him that it's great that he's from another world. Violet wonders if Henry is courting her, and says that she doesn't feel the same way about him. She assures Henry that Morgan didn't say anything to her about him, and Henry insists that he's a hero. Violet figures that that they're just friends and prefers it that way.

Merida breaks into the mayor's office and looks up Rumplestiltskin in the storybook. Once she finds what she wants, she leaves and goes to the pawnshop. She takes an item and says that it will do.

Emma drives to Peter Peter's pumpkin patch and figures that Nicodemus went there because the horse likes pumpkin. Nicodemus comes up but it backs away when it senses Emma. She's unable to approach it, and Henry tells her to get back. Once she does, Henry calms the horse with some pumpkin and brings him over.

At Emma's house, Regina and the others find the Sword in the cellar. They realize that it has the same design as the Dagger, and Hook reaches to remove it. Regina warns that it could be bobby-trapped, and Belle finds the ropes on the floor and realizes that Gold was there. Henry calls Regina to warn that Emma is on her way back. As they leave, Hook spots the dreamcatcher on the table and realizes that it's different than the one Baelfire gave to Emma. Regina realizes that Emma used it to take their memories.

Six Weeks Ago

Emma and Regina go to the tree and Emma mixes the restoration potion. Nothing happens, and Emma figures that Regina's heartbreak wasn't strong enough now that she's moved on with Robin. Henry joins them and his mothers realize that he's upset. He explains that Violet didn't want anything to do with him and breaks into tears, and Regina assures him that he'll be a hero in their world. She collects one of his tears and says that it can free Merlin and he can save Emma.

Arthur and his men arrive and order them to stop, and accuses Regina of being a fraud. He orders them to give him the dagger, and Emma adds Henry's tear to the potion. Regina holds the knights back with her magic while Emma channels the magic into the tree. Merlin reverts to his human form and tells Emma that he's been waiting for her. he then turns to Arthur and says that he's disappointed him, and Arthur accuses him of giving false prophecies. He draws his sword and Merlin points out that it's broken and useless. Arthur says that they're not finished and leaves.


At the Storybrooke block party, Hook and the others tell Arthur that Emma has Excalibur. Hook asks about its relationship to the Dagger, and asks for answers. Arthur admits that they were forged as one weapon and broken, and he's spent years trying to reunite them. He warns that the restored weapon can destroy dark magic, but light magic as well. they figure that Emma plans to destroy the light magic, and Mary Margaret wonders how her daughter has fallen so far.

At the carnival, Morgan is with Violet when Henry dies up on Nicodemus. Morgan congratulates him and Violet introduces him to Henry. Her father assures Henry that he'll make a fine knight one day and takes Nicodemus back. Volet kisses Henry on the cheek and they go off together.

In the woods, Merina frees Gold from the tree that he's tied to. She says that he won't fight and needs something to fight for, and takes out his chipped teacup. Merida tells Gold to fight her for it if he wants it, and continues taunting him. Gold grabs a sword and swings at her, and Merida says that it was an act of true bravery because he's thinking of Belle, not himself or his limp.

Back at home, Regina wonders if they can use the dreamcatcher to tell them what happened in Camelot. Robin realizes that Regina is afraid of what she might see, and Regina figures that Emma may have had good reason to remove their memories. She braces herself and they see Violet's memories. Henry comes in as they watch Violet's memories of her finding a note from Henry asking to meet. Emma comes in and removes Violet's heart, and says that she needs her help. She then says that she needs the tear of a lost first love and tells Violet to break Henry's heart. Startled, Henry stares at the dreamcatcher and realizes that his mother betrayed him.

Six Weeks Ago

At the diner, Merlin frees David and Mary Margaret from Arthur's spell. Hook asks if Merlin can free Emma from the Darkness, and the wizard says that he can. But he warns that he must know if Emma is ready to be free.


Emma comes to see Henry, and Regina demands to know what she's doing. The Dark One insists that she's doing for her best, and Regina says that they know she turned Violet against Henry to free Merlin. She tells Emma that Henry knows what happened, and Emma says that things would have been fine if Regina hadn't got involved. Emma insists that she had a good reason, and Regina says that Cora made the same claim when she killed Daniel. Emma says that they were running out of time and she freed Merlin, and Regina wonders why Emma is still the Dark One. She says that Henry doesn't want to see Emma and goes back inside. As Emma leaves, she looks up and sees Henry watching her from his window. After a moment, he closes the drapes.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 26, 2015

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