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Havoc in the Hidden Land Recap

Karnak and the others pursue Auran and her hunters throgh woods. Lockjaw and Crystal cut them off, and Black Bolt and others take out the hunters. Medusa advises Loyolis to surrender, and the miner quickly does. Karnak says that Evan is a collaborator, and he says that Maximus if during his research on Terrigenesis and how it can be replicated. They figure that Maximus wants to go through Terrigenesis again, and Black Bolt suggests that Maximus has already murdered the Genetic Council.

The next morning, the Royal Family prepares Gorgon for burial. Medusa asks what kind of message they should send to Maximus, and Karnak breaks Auran's neck. He says that she'll come back and they'll send her body to Maximus to get his attention. Medusa insists that it has to stop, and asks Black Bolt would kind of king he would be if he kills his brother. Karnak says that actions have consequences and Maximus is about to learn that lesson.

Maximus tells the Royal Guard to search for more rebels. Crystal and Lockjaw teleport in with Maximus' team, takes out the guard, and says that Black Bolt has asked for parlay under tradition. They are returning Maximus' team as a show of good faith. Crystal tells him that Gorgon is dead, and Maximus figures that the Royals has had enough. He says that he grants their request, and tells the Royal Guard Sergeant that he'll have the advantage once the Royals come to him.

In Hawaii, Karnak says that they should attack Medusa. Medusa figures that they're tired and their loss is tearing them apart. She wants to do more than survive, and Black Bolt warns that he has to deal with reality. Medusa wonders where it ends, and she says that Medusa has to pay for his actions. However, she begs Black Bolt not to kill him. He refuses and Medusa says that there's one more place to go.

Black Bolt has Lockjaw teleport to the beach and Medusa sees someone swimming toward shore. It's Triton, and his relatives run to greet him. Triton explains that he was wounded but he and Black Bolt set a meeting place and the king felt it was best that Maximus believed his plan was working. Medusa tells Triton that Gorgon is dead and it's not part of a secret plan. Black Bolt has Lockjaw take them to the Royal Bunker, and Medusa complains that she's never seen it before. They tell Evan that they're on the moon, and Medusa wonders if Gorgon's death and the loss of her hair was part of Black Bolt's plan. Black Bolt talks to her privately and she says that it's insulting when she sidelines him. During her time on earth, she's perceived how people see them. She refuses to be just Black Bolt's interpreter, and asks what the plan is.

Black Bolt and Triton prepare for war, and Triton goes to undermine Maximus.

Auran comes back to life and Maximus tells her that the Royal Family is looking to bargain. She says that they have suffered losses, and Maximus plans to take the high road by honoring the death of a traitor. Auran realizes that Maximus wanted to become an Inhuman, and that she followed him she admired him as a human. Furious, Maximus says that everywhere he goes he'll always be a human to be pitied. He tells Auran that once he's been through Terrigenesis, he will need Attilan to a new level. Then they will go to earth and have a life larger than they can imagine.

Evan shows Karnak his research on Terrigenesis, and explains that Maximus wants to splice his DNA with the samples. Karnak figures that if Black Bolt brought Evan then he has some value. When Evans wonders if he'll be safe in the bunker, Karnak looks at Gorgon's body and tells him that none of them are safe.

Maximus meets with the people and says that they're there to honor Gorgon. He talks about growing up with Gorgon but there was always a distance. Maximus wishes that Gorgon had put forward the effort to see him for who he truly is, and the Royal Family can't see any of them for who they area. He claims that he wants both sides to set aside their differences and avoid any more losses.

On the field of parley, Auran reminds Maximus of the rules of parley. The Royals teleport in with Evan, and Black Bolt and Medusa step onto the field. Maximus joins them and Medusa translates Black Bolt saying that they're there to extend grace. They will turn over Evan so that he can proceed, and in return they reclaim their throne and set aside any punishment. Medusa says that they want Maximus to become one of them, Maximus accepts, and has his Royal Guard take Evan.

Medusa asks Black Bolt if it's right, and Maximus notes the dissension in the family. He points out that they have nothing and it's all his, and Black Bolt hates it. When Black Bolt starts to warn him, Maximus says that he has always been one of them and will remain king. He rescued a friend of his, and declines their offer. Maximus warns Black Bolt that the people would be appalled if Black attacked him. Black Bolt says that he will kill Maximus the next time he sees him. With that, he returns to Lockjaw and the Royal Family teleports away.

Later, Maximus meets with Evan and asks to see his work. Evan shows him his DNA samples and Maximus says that he will choose what powers he gets. The scientist warns that he doesn't know if it's safe. Maximus explains that Terrigenesis is what binds them together, and to be ignored by it is an insult. He says that Evan will be part of a second controlled Terrigenesis that will benefit both of their people, and Evan's name will be linked to that moment. Auran calls Maximus out and says that they're having some mechanical issues. The maintenance crews have been conscripted, and Auran suspects loyalists or the Royal Family itself is responsible. Maximus figures that the Royals have returned to earth, and tells Auran to investigate the guards who were on the maintenance crews. He then goes with Evan.

In the bunker, Medusa tells Black Bolt that the parley was a worth a try. She reminds him of how she came to the Quiet Room to gloat after Black Bolt accidentally killed his parents. Medusa thought that he was irredeemable, but then she saw in his face that they were the same person with different circumstances. What she saw today was two people in the same pain, and insists that nothing is irredeemable. Karnak overhears her and comes in, and Medusa says she hopes they choose rightly when the time comes. He says that he saw the flaw in Evan's research, and they should let Maximus figure it out on his own. However, he wants to use it to bring Gorgon back through a second Terrigenesis. Medusa is surprised that Karnak is embracing a plan he isn't certain will work, and Karnak refuses to wait on certainty. Black Bolt reminds him that a second Terrigenesisis is forbidden, but Karnak points out that no one knows for sure. The king still forbids it, and Karnak nods in agreement and walks off.

Auran goes to the control room, and Karnak takes out her guards after analyzing the flaws in his plan. One they're down, Karnak tells Auran that he's there to help her. He says that he sees the flaw in Auran and wants to help her. Karnak says that she's backed the wrong man and knows it, and she feels regret for Gorgon's death. He reminds her that Gorgon trained her to do the right thing at the right time, and says that neither of them are at that point. After a moment, Auran lowers her gun and Karnak asks for a bit of her DNA.

In the bunker, Medusa asks Crystal how she's doing. Crystal says that she left Dave without hardly saying goodbye, and admits that she cares about him. Medusa agrees that not all humans are bad, and Crystal describes how she saw normal people on earth living normal lives. She thinks that's what she wants, and at least wants to have the choice to spend her life with Dave.

Karnak and Auran bring Gorgon's body to the Terrigenesis cell, and Karnak concedes that his ability to see flaws might be how the Royals are sabotaging Attilan. He takes her DNA sample and says that her regeneration powers will adhere to Gorgon through the nanogene technology. Karnak injects the DNA into Gorgon and they activate Terrigenesis. Auran tells Karnak that her powers may not be so strong any more, and Karnak admits that he's had some difficulties of his own which have forced him to rethink... they both hope for the better. Auran wonders if it will work, and Karnak says that he needs it to. He opens the Terrigenesis chamber but Gorgon is still dead. Auran suggests that maybe they're supposed to come to terms with death instead of avoiding it.

Guards arrive, and Auran says that she's fleeing but not with Karnak. She runs off, and Karnak closes the chamber and turns off the lights before leaving.

Maximus takes Evan to the Terrigenesis room and Maximus says that it's the key to who they are. Evan tells Maximus that they're onto the final path, and Maximus nervously takes out a Terragen crystal. He tells Evan that it isn't how he imagined it, and the first time he was surrounded by people who loved him. Maximus says that he wanted it to be a victory, and Evan reminds him that he said that he'd be the first of a new generation. Bracing himself, Maximus goes to one of the chambers and sees Gorgon in the other chamber. The room shakes and the guards report that surveillance is down and they're blind. Maximus leaves with his men, telling Evan to stay there.

Triton tells Medusa that Maximus is out in the open with six men. He then kills three of the guards one at a time, and they're unable to find the hooded Triton in the crowd. They duck into a tunnel and Triton kills the remaining guards and goes after Maximus. When Triton finds him, he drops his blades and attacks Maximus hand-to-hand. He easily outfights Maximus and defeats him, and takes him to the bunker. Black Bolt steps out and shoves Maximus into the wall. Maximus laughs and tells him that he enacted a failsafe system. If he dies then Attilan dies with him as the protective shield collapses.

In the Terrigenesis room, Evan is studying the samples when the power goes out. Someone crashes through the shadows, and Evan calls to the figure. The man steps out of the shadows... and Evan realizes that it's Gorgon.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 4, 2017

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