Havoc in the Hidden Land

The Royal Family returns to Attilan, but Black Bolt and Medusa disagree on how to deal with Maximus. Meanwhile, Karnak makes a deal with Auran to try and bring Gorgon back from the dead, and Maximus and Evan meet face-to-face for the first time.


By Gadfly on Nov 4, 2017

Karnak and the others pursue Auran and her hunters throgh woods. Lockjaw and Crystal cut them off, and Black Bolt and others take out the hunters. Medusa advises Loyolis to surrender, and the miner quickly does. Karnak says that Evan is a collaborator, and he says that Maximus if during his research on Terrigenesis and how it can be replicated. They figure that Maximus wants to go through Terrigenesis again, and Black Bolt suggests that Maximus has already murdered the Genetic Council. The ne…

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