The House within the House Recap

The figure in the cave looks at sketches of the Cardenas house, and a clock tower.

In the woods of Wendimoor, Kellum knights gather around a fire. One of their two prisoners, Farson Degdamor, asks for food. The knights throw a rock at him and the other prisoner, The Beast, looks at him for a moment. The Knights how the two families are at war with each other, and one knight asks the other what his plan is for conquering Wendimoor, and the other has no idea. The first one says that no one questions the Mage.

In a lake, Amanda and Vogel appear in the water. They fight their way clear of the shower curtain from the motel and make their way to shore. They hear a train whistles in the distance and look up to see the Man in the Moon in the sky. Amanda figures that there somewhere else.

At the Cardenas house, Dirk finds a boarded up closet, removes the boards over a slide, and peers down it. He finally slips in and slides to the bottom.

At the Boreton house, Suzie lies on her bed and looks at the video she took of the Mage while Bob stands in a corner and stares. Scott knocks on the door and yells for Suzie to give him his phone. He wonders why she's acting at crazy, and Suzie snarls at him, calling him an asshole. Once Scott leaves, Suzie vows that the Mage won't take the Wand away from her.

At the sheriff's station, Tina answers the phone as Farah comes in. The deputy says that four members of the book club are missing, and they should probably investigate it. She invites Farah to go with her, and Farah points out that they should watch Bart and Panto. Tina figures that Sherlock will be there soon and they can't just walk out of their cells.

Todd wakes up at Sherlock's place and realizes that Dirk is gone. He sees the gun on the table, grabs it, and wakes up Sherlock to tell him that Dark is gone. He asks why the gun is there, and Sherlock figures that he should probably admit it into evidence.

Once Bart leaves her cell, she wakes up Panto and says that she brought him some doughnuts. She can't open his cell door, and Panto tells her that she's a good person for showing him kindness. Bart shyly says that it's just a doughnut and goes back to her cell. Panto explains that he's a prince in Wendimoor.

The knights capture and bring in Amanda and Vogel, and lock them up in the cells on the wagon: Amanda with Farson and Vogel with the Beast. Amanda insists that they're a person and Vogel is hurt, but the knights aren't impressed and walk over to their camp. Farson realizes that Amanda isn't from Wendimoor, and introduces himself. Amanda gives him and the Beast the finger.

As they drive to the Cardenas house, Todd tells Sherlock that Parabulitis runs in the family. He admits that he did some selfish things. Todd explains that he doesn't know where Amanda is and Blackwing is after them, and blames himself for everything. They arrive at the house and Sherlock realizes that Dirk took his bike. They go in and call for Dirk, and the phone rings even though the phone lines haven't run to the house in fifty years. Todd answers it and Dirk says that he fell down a hole. He's in the house... but one strewn with balloons and lights.

Friedkin goes to the vault where Ken is locked up, and working on the floppy disks. Ken says that there are tens of thousands of page, and Friedkin tells him not to read it them. He asks then asks if there's anything about disappearing people, and Ken confirms that there are four subjects who could. Friedkin says that he thought it was a good idea to bring in all the Blackwing subjects, He admits that the government thought they could turn the subjects into an army of super-powered types, and tells Ken that Amanda and Vogel vanished Priest was about to capture them. Friedkin warns that Priest is crazy, and Ken tells him that he'll see what he can do.

Dirk describes the house he's seeing and looks outside the door. There's nothing there but static, and Dirk wonders if he's in Hell. He tells Todd that he decided to take more control, and figures that the house was a thing so he went there, found a boarded up closet, and fell down a slide. Todd gives Hobbs the phone and goes up to the closet, and finds the slide. Dirk explains that the slide disappeared after he fell down it, and hears something moving in the house. Hobbs tells Todd what Dirk is hearing, and Dirk tells him to stay where he is. Todd takes the phone and Dirk tells him that he doesn't want him trapped with him. He searches for a way out and finds an infinite hallway.

Farson tells Amanda that the knights work for The Mage, who plans to incite the feud between the two families. He explains that he was looking for the Forest Witch Wakti when he was captured.

Proto tells Bart that to fulfill the prophecy, he has to stop the Mage. He came to Earth to fulfill the prophecy and save Wendimoor.

Farson wanted to ask the Witch how to end the feud between their families.

Prost says that after Farson went missing, the Dengdamors blamed the Trosts and came after Panto. He came to Earth to look for Dirk, and Bart warns that when she did it, it didn't turn out well.

Dirk goes down the hallway and realizes that something is following him, dragging its claws along the wall.

Tina and Farah talk to Jasper, one of the missing women's husbands. There are four piles of sand and jewelry, and Jasper confirms that there were four women there. Tina tells him not to touch anything and Farah points out to Tina that there are five wine glasses but four piles of sand. As Tina calls Sherlock on the radio, Dirk tells Todd that he can hear people talking. In the next room, there's a television playing scenes of knights, and an empty bed. The pursuing create gets closer, and Todd suggests that the boy slid down the slide years ago and got trapped, and what happened is how Dirk is supposed to find him.

Dirk goes back out in the hallway and sees the purple creature coming toward him. He panics and runs, yelling that it isn't the boy.

As Tina and Farah drive away, Farah wonders who the fifth member of the club would be. Tina figures that Suzie knows all of them and has been in a feud with them for years. They figure that she's involved and Tina heads for the Bozeton house.

Suzie is in her bed reading the book when she hears someone at the door. She goes out and looks around, wand at the ready. She finds no one and Bob comes up behind her holding her phone with the video of the Mage. The Mage suddenly appears in the video and tells Suzie that he'll see her soon.

Dirk runs through the hallways and finds himself in the kitchen. A pair of scissors is stuck in the table, which is bleeding. As he tells Todd what he's seeing, something approaches, its footsteps echoing through through the walls.

Amanda yells to the knight on guard that Vogel needs help. He walks off and Amanda's hands start glowing.

Dirk sees the figure coming and grabs the scissors. Todd gives the phone to Sherlock, gets the blaster, and goes down the slide.

Amanda's body glows, and the beast touches her through the bars and is bounced back.

The figure advances on Dirk, but Todd arrives and blasts it back down the hallway. It keeps coming, and Todd yells at Dirk to go. He grabs him and tackles him, and they fly out the static-filled doorway... and back in to the real world. Todd stares, filled with the same sensations as Amanda.

Vogel manages to touch Amanda and drain off the energy. She has visions, and finds herself seeing the real world. Todd can see her, cage wagon and all, although Dirk can't. When Todd goes his sister, energy consumes him and then Amanda, and the vision fades. Farson figures that Amanda is a witch, and Amanda realizes that he saw the energies.

Todd collapses to the ground and convulses, and Sherlock runs out to get Todd the medicine.

Ken warns Friedkin that the Blackwing subjects are more powerful than he imagined, and tells him that the subjects want meaning. He knows how to get them to do what Friedkin wants. Ken says that Friedkin has to let him out in order for him to help him, and points out that he's the only one on his side.

Once Todd takes the medicine and stabilizes, Dirk gives Sherlock the bloody pair of scissors. He figures that it's the murder weapon.

Farah and Tina go to the Bozeton house and Suzie hides the wand behind her back as she goes to the door. The Mage grabs her from behind, and outside Tina suggests that they break in. Farah agrees and as she looks for a hairpin, the Mage asks Suzie if she wants them to come in and save her. Tina calls Sherlock to tell him what they've found, and she mentions the Cardenas and the fact that Dirk found the medicine weapon. Sherlock tells them to come to the house, and they leave. Suzie breaks free and she and the Mage engage in a mystical battle.

At the station, the group compares the scissors to the holes in Hector's head, and they realize that they match. Todd wonders if the scissors are connected to the scissor sword that Panto uses. Everyone looks at Dirk, who has no explanation for how everything is connected. He goes out to the lobby and sits down, and Todd follows him. He apologizes for putting pressure on Dirk, and Dirk worries if what they did kill them. Dirk says that all he wanted is a friend to believe in him, and worries that what he is will get Todd killed. He wonders why Todd is there and what he as to do with any of it, and Todd tells him that he saw Amanda during his attack and figures that she was reaching out to him. Todd figures that Amanda is in Wendimoor and in danger, and Dirk says they have to go back to the house and take Panto.

Amanda tries to wake up Vogel without success. Lord Triangle Badevil rides up to the camp and tells the knights that he's come for Farson. The knights tell him about Amanda and Vogel, but Triangle says that only Farson matters and tells the knights to kill the others. He draws his scissor sword and prepares to cut off Vogel's head. Amanda tells him to wait and apologizes to Vogel for not saving him, and Vogel gives her a thumbs up. Amanda grabs her and her hands glow, and they figure that she's a witch. She fires the energy into the knights and then Triangle, and Vogel draws the energy into himself. The knights and Triangle collapse, and Amanda and Vogel hug. They free Farson and Farson frees the Beast, and then he leads them all off into the forest.

At the house, Dir, Todd, Sherlock, and Panto go down the slide and confirm that Panto fell the same way onto a bed that disappeared. The bed Dirk saw earlier is a Murphy bed up in the wall, and Todd sees water damage inside the Murphy closet. Meanwhile, Dirk notices that the wallpaper is loose, and pulls it off to reveal drawings underneath. They pull off the rest of the wallpaper and Panto realizes that they're drawings of Wendimoor.

The Mage tells Suzie that he came from Wendimoor and he's the most powerful wizard, and she can't win. He created the second wand because he needs a partner to help him uncover the prophecy and destroy it. Suzie says that she just wants to leave Bergsberg and insists that she's a nice person. The Mage tells her that she isn't, and the wand was drawn to her because she's interesting. He warns that nice people will conspire against her, and if she joins him then she can become a queen as long as she holds the wand. The Mage asks if she wants them to take it away from her, and Suzie insists that she'll never go back to the way things were. She asks what he wants her to do, and the Mage tells her that she has to kill Dirk.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 5, 2017

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