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Daring Young Man Recap

Tim introduces the circus' high diver, Divo. Joey and Corky look on and Corky admires Divo, and Divo dives into a 6' tank of water. Once he does, Tim has the audience buy tickets for the main show. Corky comes over to congratulate Divo and says that Cal has been giving him lessons. Divo complains that the platform was loose and ells Corky to get on it or he'll find a new assistant.

Cal climbs up to the diving platform but hesitates halfway up. He climbs back down and Corky asks him what the matter is. Cal claims that it's windy and he'd better take the ladder down, and admits to Corky that it will delay his lesson a few hours.

Later, Tim finds Corky getting ready to practice with Divo. Tim then tells Joey that he got word that the Cavanaugh Circus is playing their schedule a few days earlier. He and Joey work out an alternate route, and Corky goes over to Divo's tank. Cal teaches Corky how to dive as Bimbo looks on. Divo comes over and tells Cal that he wants the whole rig repainted for St. Louis. Corky says that they're going somewhere else, and Divo goes to talk to Jim. He complains that they're switching to small towns, and Cal and Corky come over as Divo says that Cavanaugh made him an offer. Tim tells him that he doesn't want anyone there who doesn't want to be there, and tells Divo that he can quit immediately. Corky admits that he told Divo they weren't going to St. Louis, and Tim mentions that they're opening in Centerville. Once he leaves, Cal tells them that he grew up in Centerville.

That night, Cal tries to leave a note on Corky's wagon but trips. Joey and Corky come out, and they discover that Cal said he was going away for a while. They take him in and Cal finally says that he can't go back to Centerville. He tells them that he was always in trouble there because he was considered the town's biggest boob. Sally Blake's father Chester was the one who mostly called him a boob. Joey says that Sally will be glad to see Cal, but Cal says that he let her down because he's been sending her letters that he's a big star with the show. After a moment, Joey and Corky suggests that he take Divo's place and return to his hometown as a big star. Cal agrees, figuring that he has to do it.

When the circus arrives in Centerville, Tim puts up a sign advertising Cal's daredevil act. Sally arrives sand tells Cal that Chester hasn't changed. Cal introduces Corky, who sees the sign that advertise Cal. She asks if Cal can do it, and Corky assures her that Cal is the best diver in the world. Sally and Cal insist that Corky come with them on a ride to Lookout Point. Cal tells them to go on ahead, claiming that he has a stone in his shoe. Sally shows Corky the edge of the cliff and a shortcut path coming up, but warns that it's dangerous. Corky calls Cal over, and he finally says that he can't. Sally figures that he's still afraid of high places, and Cal angrily goes back to the carriage. She assures Corky that Cal isn't angry at him, and tells Cal that he can't make the jump. Cal swears Corky to secrecy and says that he never did anything right and it's his chance.

Later, Tim calls in the audience for Cal's act. Sally and Chester are in the audience, and Chester says that he'll change his opinion when Cal dives... if he does. Cal climbs the ladder up to the diving platform but finally freezes up and falls into the tank. The audience boos and Tim says that it's part of the act. He tells Tim that he'll be all right and ready for the act that night. Sally runs over and hugs him, and Cal tells her that he'll never change. She tells Joey and Corky that it's not Cal's fault, and Corky blames himself for getting Cal to do it.

Sally and Corky try to find al without success. Chester says that he saw Cal ride off to Lookout Point, and Sally tells Chester that they have to stop Cal. He agrees to go and they ride off, and Corky chases after them on Bimbo.

Cal rides to Lookout Point and goes to the edge. Meanwhile, Corky goes up the shortcut path. He sees Cal and calls to him, and then slips and falls into the water below. Corky is knocked out by the impact, and Cal dives after him just as Sally and Chester arrive. Cal gets Corky to shore and tells him that he came straight down. Sally and Chester come over and Sally tells Cal that it was terrific. She asks what Chester thinks of Cal now, and Chester smiles and says that he'll have to get used to having a high diver in the family.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 6, 2017

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