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... And Finally: Black Bolt Recap

In Attilan, Maximus explains that if he doesn't use his palm print in the control room once an hour, the dome will fail and the city will disintegrate. Triton doesn't believe him, and Maximus points out that there are only thirty minutes left. He insists that Black Bolt abandoned the people, and once he goes through Terrigenesis he will lead the Inhumans to earth as a conquering enemy. Black Bolt tells him that he doesn't know what enemy they're facing, and Triton suggests that they take Maximus to the control room via the tunnels. Meanwhile, Black Bolt tells Crystal and Medusa to set up an evacuation as a last resort. Medusa says that she'll take care of it and tells Crystal that she'll need his help and Lockjaw's.

Karnak confronts two guards and says that he can kill them. A third guard gets the drop on him and they lock Karnak in the Quiet Room.

Lockjaw teleports Medusa to Louise, who hugs her friend in relief. Medusa has a case and Louise realizes that she's there to ask for a favor. She wants to go to Attilan, and Medusa warns that it's not safe and they might all be leaving. She's there to figure out where they're going.

The berserk gorgon tears up the Terrigenesis chamber, and then focuses on Evan. Evan tries to calm him down, insisting that he can help him. gorgon attacks him and throws him into a Terrigenesis chamber, knocking it off of the wall. Evan is dead, and Gorgon looks down at his body for a moment. Guards hear the commotion and come in, and one Inhuman uses his power to render Gorgon unconscious.

Black Bolt and Triton take Maximus through the tunnels, and Maximus says that the people hate Back Bolt because he kept them enslaved. Triton dismisses Maximus as selfish and small-minded, and Maximus points out that Black Bolt kept Triton on the moon when there's no water. They hear guards and Triton kills them.

Karnak is checking the Quiet Room for a flaw when the guards toss Karnak in. Relieved, Karnak checks on his cousin but gorgon doesn't recognize him and prepares to hit him. Karnak yells that their family, and Gorgon gains control of himself to ask Karnak to help him.

Black Bolt and Maximus continue on, and Maximus says that Black Bolt has never been down there before. He says that Black Bolt is the one who betrayed him. He promised that Maximus would be king and then changed his mind after he killed their parents.

In the Quiet Room, Kitang tells Black Bolt that his power is the only thing that can protect them from their greatest enemy. Maximus storms in and Kitang tells him that Black Bolt is the new king.

Maximus tells Black Bolt that it's insulting that a murderer is a king and he isn't. Black Bolt signs that he didn't want to be king but he had to be king. Maximus doesn't believe him and Black Bolt leads him on. The city shakes and the cloaking device in the dome fades out for a moment. Maximus says that the pressure is trying to stabilize and soon it will give out entirely.

Karnak blames himself for what happened to Gorgon, who realizes that his cousin did it. He throws Karnak into the wall, and Karnak begs him to calm down. Karnak says that he was broken and is getting better, and they may be able to help him. He tells Gorgon to give him a minute to think, and Gorgon starts stomping on the wall. Karnak warns that he designed the room to contain Black Bolt's sonic waves... but Gorgon's weapon is brute force. Gorgon smashes through the wall.

Crystal goes to Eldrac and says that they need him to evacuate Attilan and it's too much for Lockjaw. Eldrac is glad to help.

Black Bolt takes Maximus out to the street, and Loyolis and the other hunters see him. They attack and Maximus runs off while Black Bolt knocks out the guards and locks them into a nearby building.

Triton finds Karnak and Gorgon, and Karnak tells Gorgon that triton wasn't really dead. he tells Triton what he did and admits that it's a mistake, and triton tells them that they have another problem.

Maximus and his guards go to the Terrigenesis chamber, and Auran tells him that Gorgon destroyed the chamber and killed Evan. The usurper discovers that the Terrigenesis crystals are gone, and tells his men to bring Bronaja to the grand hall. Once they're there, Maximus tells Bronaja to tell him where the crystals are. Bronaja warns that his power doesn't work that way, and Maximus touches him to start a future vision. Once he recovers, Bronaja says that he saw Maximus as the undisputed king of Attilan, and Black Bolt was gone. The city shakes and the statue of Maximus' father falls. Maximus and his people go to the control room.

In the control room, Maximus uses his handprint to stabilize the shield. He then broadcasts a speech saying that Black Bolt and the Royals stole the Terrigenesis crystals and they must be captured. Maximus says that every citizen is Attilan's greatest champion, and insists that they will never surrender.

Medusa and Crystal to George, and Medusa explains that the Inhumans will need to come to earth. They need George to talk to their boss. When George doesn't believe them, they have Crystal and Lockjaw teleport in to convince him. George agrees to talk to the boss and asks who else knows about it. he says that the boss will want exclusive access to the Inhumans. Once they're alone, Crystal tells medusa and Louise what are happening. The case has the Terrigenesis crystals, and Medusa gives them to Louise to take care of them. Louise promises that she'll keep them safe, and gives Medusa her father's ashes to take to the moon. Medusa agrees to do it, and tells her to let go of the tiny metal rocket. Lockjaw then teleports the sisters back to Attilan.

Karnak and his relatives get to the control room, and Maximus confirms that only Maximus can stop the dome from collapsing. The flaw in his plan is that he's no technical genius, and he doesn't know what he did. Maximus thinks that he can stop the damage but he may not, and they'll know when the dome collapses and they all die. Black Bolt arrives and Karnak tells him what he did to Gorgon. He admits that he disobeyed a good order from his king, and only did so to get his cousin back. Black Bolt puts a hand on Gorgon's soldier, calming him down, and Karnak tells Black Bolt that he can't stop the dome's destruction.

The Royals find Medusa in the bunker, and Karnak warns her that Gorgon isn't the same. Medusa says that they will talk of Karnak disobeying orders once the current crisis is over, and informs them that Crystal is coordinating the evacuation. If necessary. Black Bolt says that they need to tell the Inhumans to prepare to leave, and medusa wants to make one less effort to talk Maximus down. Even if she fails, it will stall him and she can bargain with the one Terrigenesis crystal she has. Karnak warns that the guards are everywhere, and Medusa suggests that they find someone who wants to protect Maximus and Attilan.

Once the Royals contact Auran, she guarantees Medusa's safety and Maximus' and takes her to Maximus. Medusa asks Maximus if he's willing to die, and Maximus claims that he can terminate the destruction at any time. He says that he will only do so when he has rounded up the Royals. Medusa asks him if makes him feel good to see her without her hair, and Maximus tells her that she's almost human like him. she says that now she knows what it feels like for people to dismiss her like she did him. Medusa admits that she ignored him and maybe if she had been a better friend, they wouldn't be there. Maximus tells her that she was his only friend, and Medusa says that if he cared for Attilan then he would never destroy it. As they talk, the dome wavers again.

Black Bolt and the others get to the control room and Karnak warns that the dome is dangerously close to collapse. They access the camera systems .

Medusa warns Maximus that they are running out of time. He agrees to spare her life and tells her to go back to earth while she can. Medusa offers him the crystal if he steps down from the throne and stops the dome's collapse. Maximus orders her to hand it over, and Medusa smashes it. Maximus promises that Medusa will die for what she has done, and orders Auran to come in to kill Medusa. Auran refuses and tells Medusa to go, and Medusa tells her that Maximus is all Auran's before walking out.

Black Bolt and the other return to the bunker, and Medusa tells him that Maximus won't back down. she asks if they should begin the evacuation of Attilan, and after a moment Black Bolt agrees. They broadcast to the Inhumans, saying that they have made mistakes. However, they have always put the needs of Attilan before themselves. Medusa says that her parents had a vision of tearing down the walls of class, one that Maximus seems to share. She warns the Inhumans that Maximus is endangering them all with his selfish needs, and the Royals want to continue the change in a more positive direction... on earth. Medusa explains that Maximus has compromised the protective dome, and they must return to their homeland with her and Black Bolt leading the way.

Maximus and Auran watch, and Maximus insists that they're lying. He swears that Attilan is his, not theirs, and Auran stares at him in shock as Maximus says that he will let the dome collapse and kill all of them. Meanwhile, Black Bolt tells everyone to go to Eldrac. Attilan begins collapsing and the people panic.

Auran tells Maximus that he has to put his palm print on the scanner. He says that he will... once people accept him as their leader. Maximus reminds Auran of Bronaja's vision, and insists that no one goes to earth until he says so. When he orders Auran to stand guard, she takes her leave of him and Maximus thanks her for her loyalty.

Crystal leads the Inhumans through Eldrac's portal.

Medusa buries the ashes of Louise's father.

Karnak goes after Gorgon and says that they have to leave. He admits that it's the most selfish thing he's done and warns Gorgon that if stays then he will die... but he'll leave that up to Gorgon. Karnak begs Gorgon to live, and promises that he will help him if Gorgon choose to live. They go to the grand hall where Black Bolt, Triton, Medusa, and Crystal are waiting. B lack Bolt says that they are Attilan and Attilan will never die, Medusa warns Black Bolt that Maximus will never see his side, but Black Bolt tells them that Maximus is too dangerous to leave unchecked and he has to deal with his brother. He kisses Medusa and she teleports to earth with the others. Black Bolt then goes to find his brother.

Black Bolt enters the control room where Maximus is waiting. Maximus tells him that he let it go too long and there's no stopping the dome's collapse. He admits that it's his fault, and Black Bolt says that he doesn't want to hurt him. Maximus points out that they will both soon die, and admits that they are brothers. He then tells Black Bolt the truth about their family.

Maximus forges royal documents to convince Black Bolt that their parents had ordered brain surgery on him. When a young Black Bolt objected, he killed his parents.

Maximus thought that Black Bolt would flee, but instead he killed their parents for no reason at all. He invites Black Bolt to kill him, and Black Bolt punches him unconscious. When Maximus wakes up, he realizes that he and Black Bolt are back in the bunker. Maximus figures that the bunker will hold even if Attilan falls, and wonders who it was built to withstand an attack from. He hopes that he will never find out, and Black Bolt refuses to say. Maximus asks why they're there, and Black Bolt shoves him away and leaves, locking Maximus inside. Black Bolt walks out and destroys the building above the bunker with two words: "Goodbye, brother."

Alone in the darkness, Maximus says that he is the king of Attilan.

Black Bolt runs to Eldrac as Attilan collapses around him. Eldrac tells him to hurry, warning that the city's destruction is his own. Black Bolt leaves via a portal and the city collapses... and Eldrac along with it.

On the moon, the ruins of Attilan stand. IN what's left of the ruins, the walls glow with blue runes.

On earth, the Royals go to talk to their people. Medusa tells Black Bolt that he saved the Inhumans, but he says that they traded one danger for another. They go to the Inhumans and Black bolt tells Medusa to speak as the queen. She speaks in her own worlds, welcoming the Inhumans home. Medusa says that they face a future as friends, not a conquering army.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 11, 2017

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