... And Finally: Black Bolt

The Royals return to Attilan to try to prevent the city's destruction, only to discover that they're too late. Meanwhile, Medusa tries to get through to Maximus, and Karnak tries to get through to Gorgon.


By Gadfly on Nov 11, 2017

In Attilan, Maximus explains that if he doesn't use his palm print in the control room once an hour, the dome will fail and the city will disintegrate. Triton doesn't believe him, and Maximus points out that there are only thirty minutes left. He insists that Black Bolt abandoned the people, and once he goes through Terrigenesis he will lead the Inhumans to earth as a conquering enemy. Black Bolt tells him that he doesn't know what enemy they're facing, and Triton suggests that they take Maximus…

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted a year ago

Come on ABC...don't give up on this show...for one thing Anson is the MAN!! It's so great seeing him again after Hell on Wheels ended...but another is, it has tons of possibilities...as long as no space exploration ship finds and...God forbid...frees Ramsay...er...Maximus!! LOL They could have crossovers with Agents of Shield even...so ABC, don't be so quick to give up on this as you are with so, so many other good shows.

mike1616 posted a year ago

This show started very slow and I didn't hold much hope for it but it picked up the pace in a steady fashion with the final episode for this season bringing it to a satisfying boom. I am looking forward to the second season.

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