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A Dark Knight: Stop Hitting Yourself Recap

At Cherry's, Edward dons a fake Oswald costume and taunts the audience. Another performer gets up posing as a policewoman, while Lee watches from the balcony. The audience chants for Grundy, and Grundy gets up and fake-attacks Edward, strangling him as the audience cheers. The lights go off, and once they come up, Edward is in his costume and yells that Oswald can't mess with the Narrows. Cherry then announces that it's time for the main event: Grundy versus Mr. Murder Face. Edward joins Lee and says that the audience ate up his impersonation. Lee warns that when Oswald hears about it, he'll come. Edward figures that he has Grundy and the man-monster will defend him, and doesn't care about the others who might get hurt.

The fight begins and Mr. Murder Face hits Grundy repeatedly with his spiked helmet and gauntlets. Grundy remembers Tabitha and then grabs his attacker's hand, breaks his arm, rips it off at the shoulder, and beats Mr. Murder Face to death with it as the audience members chant "Stop Hitting Yourself."

Mayor Burke presents Jim with a contract making him the new captain of the GCPD. Jim points out that Harvey is captain, and Burke tells him that after the debacle in the Narrows, Harvey has lost the support of the rank and file. When Jim points out that Burke sold out his soul to Oswald, Burke insists that it has nothing to do with Oswald. Jim refuses to take Harvey's job, and Burke warns that someone else will and none of the other candidates share Jim's misgivings about Oswald. The mayor leaves the contract with Jim and leaves.

The Demonz boss complains to Oswald about the Sirens of Prey stealing his swag, as Firefly looks on. Mr. Penn comes in and tells Oswald what Edward is doing. Furious, Oswald has him repeat to the others what Edward is doing. Selina snickers, and Oswald laughs as well. The Demonz Boss joins in after a moment, and Oswald stabs him in the throat and says that Edward is dumb. He tells the corpse that he doesn't know Edward so he doesn't get to laugh. Oswald says that Barbara now owes him, and wants Barbara to bring Edward to him by nightfall. When Selina asks what they get, Oswald says that he won't let every criminal in town attack them. Barbara quickly accepts and Oswald tells Firefly that if the Sirens don't have Edward in hand by nightfall, she's to burn them all to cinders.

As the Sirens walk down the street, Selina tells Barbara about Cherry's. Barbara notices that Tabitha is directed, and she admits that she wants to get her hands on Edward. Selina points out that Edward might set a trip, and Barbara says that Edward lost his intelligence when Oswald put him on ice.

Later, the Sirens watch as Edward performs his routine for the crowd. Barbara sees Lee, and Tabitha recognizes Grundy as her former lover Butch. Grundy fights another opponent, ripping off his arm and beating him to death in Grundy's signature move. Tabitha runs off to talk to him, while Barbara approaches Lee.

At the station, Harvey is looking at six bullets in a case. Jim comes in and Harvey explains that he's going to the Bullethole Club and the bullets are the ones that they pulled from the cops in the Narrows raid, and Jim tells him that they have to capture Pyg. Lucius comes in and says that there is no useful physical evidence at Pyg's crime scenes. As Jim and Lucius head off, Harvey asks Jim to come to the Club with him and says that he knows Jim always has his back. As they go, Jim tells Lucius that the cops wounded in the line of duty meet at a bar and the cop who shot them gives them the bullet... which means that Harvey has to give Patel, the cop he shot, the bullet that he shot her with.

At the orphanage, Oswald rants to Sofia about Edward. He suggests that they have lunch together, but Sofia says that she has to meet with the caterer for the orphanage fund-raiser. She recommends that he raise chickens to relax, and says that Carmine did the same thing. Once Sofia leaves, Oswald looks out and sees two bullies taunting a boy, Martin. Oswald watches Martin get a can of gasoline and prepare to set the head bully's backpack on fire. When he calls out the window, asking what Martin is doing, Martin draws a picture of a fire and shows it to Oswald. Oswald tells him that his enemies will know that it's him, and Martin smiles.

As Grundy hugs the ring, Tabitha calls him over and hugs him. He just stares at her, and Tabitha wonders what happened to him.

Barbara puts her hands over Lee's eyes, and Lee draws a gun on her. She punches Barbara and says that it felt good, and Barbara invites her to hit the other cheek. When Lee wonders why Barbara is there, Barbara says that she's there on Oswald's behalf and asks what Jim think of the new her. Lee merely says, "Jim who?" and drinks from a flask, and Barbara says that she has to talk to a man about a kidnapping and leaves. Lee realizes that Barbara is after Edward and goes to warn him.

Edward is removing his Oswald costume when Selina comes in and knocks him out.

Jim shows Sofia the captain's contract, and Sofia says that Oswald has nothing to do with it. He realizes that Sofia put Burke up to it, and Sofia says that she used the Falcone influence to get him to come along. Jim refuses to do it at Harvey's expense, and Sofia asks how long Jim is going to prop him up. She tells Jim to stop pretending that he's going to refuse the job, and invites him to see her late to celebrate his accepting the position.

Oswald teaches Martin about revenge. He asks what the boy sees when he imagines his revenge, and Martin draws a corpse with knives in its eye. Oswald says that they have to be subtle and asks how Martin could use friendship to divide them. Martin writes down that they're both flunking math and he's very good at it, and Oswald tells him to tell him more.

Soon, Martin is in math class with the two bullies. He slips his math paper to the female bully, Wendy. After class, she thanks him for his help. Outside, Martin pretends that the other bully beat him up. Wendy goes over and they argue about Martin and fight each other. Oswald congratulates Martin and says that minions are better than friends. When Martin writes out that Martin is Oswald's friend, Oswald tells him that his greatest friendship became his worst friendship. He advises Martin to shun friendship and says that they're better than friends: they're conspirators. Oswald looks at Martin's note and walks away.

Selina brings a tied-and-gagged Edward to Barbara./

Tabitha asks Grundy if he remembers them. She shows him where her hand was cut off and reattached. Barbara and Selina bring Edward in, and Barbara threatens to shoot Edward if Grundy doesn't back off. Tabitha tells Grundy that Edward isn't his friend, and Lee comes in and asks Selina why she's with Tabitha and Barbara. She tells Barbara to let Edward go, and Grundy prepares to tear Barbara apart. Selina invokes the code of the Narrows, saying that they should settle it champion against champion and the winner will take Edward. Edward quickly agrees.

Later, Edward performs his Oswald routine. He then says that they're having a Narrows grudge match and the winner takes him. Tabitha enters the ring against Grundy and tells Selina that Grundy loves her too much to hurt her. Grundy yells that he'll kill, and the two of them circle each other. Lee tells Cherry that Grundy might go easy on Tabitha, and Cherry says that it won't make a difference. Oswald will get Edward one way or another.

Tabitha tries to get through to Butch, and Grundy smashes her to the floor. He tries to rip off her arm, and Barbara gives Tabitha a spiked club. Tabitha hits Grundy, who remembers when he was Butch and Tabitha kissed him. He calls to Tabitha just as she hits him in the jaw and knocks him out.

At the bar, the cops are drinking and the bartender tells him that Harvey gave her the bullets and said that Jim would know what to do with it. Jim presents the six bullets to the six officers, saluting each one. Patel is in a wheelchair, and Jim gives her her bullet last.

As the spectators protest, Tabitha begs Grundy to leave, and Selina says that she has to go. Barbara grabs Edward, and Tabitha says that she'll come back for Butch. Firefly comes in and fires a burst of flame, and says that the Sirens missed their deadline. Edward tells Grundy to wake up, but when he does he cowers back from Firefly's flames. Selina tries to get through to her old friend, but Camille figures that she should burn down the place on general purposes. Lee shoots Firefly's fuel tank, sending her flying into the audience. When Cherry objects, Lee tells everyone that Cherry informed on Edward to Oswald. The audience yell in protest against Cherry, and she says that the Sirens are the problem. Barbara shoots Cherry dead and says that they just quit working for Oswald. After a moment, everyone cheers. Edward tells Grundy that Firefly can't hurt him anymore, and Lee looks at her ex-lover for a moment before going, while Barbara looks at Lee.

Harvey is drinking in his office, when Jim arrives and asks where he was. When Harvey invites Jim to join him, Jim tells him that the cops were waiting for Harvey. He says that Harvey owed it to him to be there, and if Harvey had done that then maybe he could have gotten their respect. Harvey tells him that he doesn't deserve their respect, but Jim says that's the job. His former partner says that he couldn't do the job so he sent Jim because he knows that he's good. Jim insists that they needed Harvey there, and asks Harvey for a pen so he can sign the contract. He then tells Harvey that he's taking over, and Harvey wonders what Jim had to do to get what he always wanted. He warns that nothing in Gotham is free, and warns Jim that he'd better be ready to pay when his bill comes due.

Oswald is showing Martin how to stab when Sofia comes in. Penn arrives and says that the Sirens have failed to retrieve Edward and Firefly was disabled. He also tells Oswald that Burke has promoted Jim to captain on his own initiative. Oswald controls himself in front of Sofia and merely says that it's a lot to go awry, and a relieved Penn quickly leaves. Sofia tells him that there is more in life than business, hugs him, and then asks if Oswald will meet her later for dinner. Oswald says that Martin needs some more practice, and Sofia cheerfully leaves. Once she leaves, Oswald asks Martin what they learned about friendship. Martin sketches two people stabbing each other, and Oswald tells him that sometime friendship can blind someone to what is staring them in the face. He then looks out the window.

As Lee checks Grundy, she admits to Edward that she gets melodramatic under pressure. Grundy says that he's confused, and Edward looks at the spectators who stare at Lee. He says that they're acknowledging their new leader: Lee. Lee insists that she's no leader, and Edward warns that if she doesn't do it then someone worse than Cherry will. After a moment, Lee asks where she starts and Edward tells her to give them something to cheer for. Lee says that there are drinks on the house and the spectators cheer.

Sofia returns home and finds Jim waiting for her. He tells her that she didn't make him, and he's not her puppet. Sofia insists that he's her partner, and Jim tells her that he just stuck a knife in his partner's back. She tells him to grow up because he wanted a gangster to help him and that's what the help looks like. When Sofia tells him that Harvey had to go, Jim tells her that he doesn't need her help and she should leave Gotham. Sofia says that she's staying where she is and invites Jim in, and he refuses and walks away.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 11, 2017

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