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A Dark Knight: Stop Hitting Yourself

When Oswald learns that Edward is mocking him on stage at Cherry's, he tells the Sirens to bring Edward to him. However, Grundy protects Edward until Tabitha reminds him of who he was. Meanwhile, Jim receives an offer from the mayor and has to consider whether to go against Harvey or not... and what it will cost him.


By Gadfly on Nov 11, 2017

At Cherry's, Edward dons a fake Oswald costume and taunts the audience. Another performer gets up posing as a policewoman, while Lee watches from the balcony. The audience chants for Grundy, and Grundy gets up and fake-attacks Edward, strangling him as the audience cheers. The lights go off, and once they come up, Edward is in his costume and yells that Oswald can't mess with the Narrows. Cherry then announces that it's time for the main event: Grundy versus Mr. Murder Face. Edward joins Lee and…

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