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When Harry Met Harry… Recap

At Jitters, Barry and ralph get coffee and Ralph makes sure to remind Barr that he crushed his life. A mugger holds them up, and Barry tells Ralph that Muggers are like Superhero 101. The mugger complains that they're not paying attention to him, and Ralph says that they'll get back to him. He finally shoots Ralph, and the bullets bounces back and hits the mugger. The mugger shoots Ralph again and the bullet bounces back into him. Barry insists on taking the man to the hospital.

Mechanic talks Thinker, who agrees to take the long way and tells her to continue her. She says that Team Flash may discover his identity early, and warns that if he's miscalculated then things could go wrong. Thinker knows that it will end with his victory, having calculated it to the last decimal point, and Mechanic walks off.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry finds Cisco sleeping and Caitlin and Harry worn out from an all-nighter. Harry points out that they have nothing but his search to go on, and figures that they need more brain power. Ralph is glad to help, and accidentally triggers the computers. Harry shuts it down and says that he should call his friend. He insists that he's made smart new friends, and goes to call them. Barry figures that the other passengers are connected to DeVoe's plan, and Ralph doesn't remember the other ones on the plan. Vibe can't vibe them because his energy bounces back, and Caitlin suggests that they use hypnosis to recover Ralph's memories.

Iris and Barry take Ralph to Dr. Finkel to hypnotize him. They claim that he's trying to remember information for a case, and she hypnotizes him in a matter of seconds. Finkel takes him back in his memories and he remembers Weeper and some women. He knows their measurements but doesn't see their faces, and remembers one woman wearing a leather jacket with a bison pattern on it. Finkel snaps Ralph out of it

That night, the woman, Mina Chaytan, is standing outside of a museum. When a man comes out with a case, he hears a growling sound as he goes to his car. He sees nothing but a stone statue of a tiger being transported, and then something grabs him and yanks him away.

The next morning, the police are called to the crime scene. His case and his hand are missing, and there's no ID. Barry points out to Joe that the animal would have to weigh over a ton, and he notices the tiger statue nearby. When Barry checks its teeth, he finds blood on them.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco brings in food for Harry's confab. Harry calibrates the multiverse holo-projector, He explains that his "friends" are from other Earths. The Earth-12 Harrison Wolfgang Wells appears, and doesn't see the point of saving everything. From Earth-47 is publishing tycoon. Lothario Wells, who is at his mansion on dress-up night. The last one to Appear is Wells 2.0 from Earth-22, a pot-apocalyptic world. Wells the Grey also shows up, and Harry apologizes for the bad connection. Cisco talks to Harry privately and says that he didn't mean that Harry should make friends with himself. Harry doesn't see the problem, and Cisco agrees to give the "Council of Wells" a chance. Wolfgang tells Cisco to leave, and the other two agrees. Wells 2.0 says that he ate his Cisco, and Cisco makes a quick exit.

Caitlin analyzes the statue stone sample and says that it's filled with traces of dark matter. They figure the meta can bring inanimate objects to life, and Iris says that their rifles can blow up statues. Joe arrives and says that the victim was Jim Fox, an auctioneer at Wetherby's, and he was transporting a Native American artifact. Iris sees a bison necklace among the items and figures that was the target. It was separate into three pieces. One piece was in the case, the second's location is unknown, and the third is in the hands of private collector Christoph Banks.

Cisco has prepared a suit for Ralph and explains that it's malleable. Ralph doesn't care how it works, and Cisco shows him the suit. He tells Ralph to wear it.

That night, Christopher is entertaining Mina and boasting about his collection. She explains that she's writing a book about Sioux artifacts, and her bloodline is Sioux. Christoph shows her a peace pipe, and Mina says that it's a sacred gift for prayer, and tells him that he's destroying a holy artifact. She says that she's Black Bison, animates a nearby suit of armor, and has it choke Christoph while she grabs the second part of the necklace. Flash and Elongated Man arrive, and Black Bison has the suit knock Elongated Man back. She runs, sending the suit after Christoph, and Flash vibrates himself inside of it and destroys it. Elongated Man complains that Flash let Black Bison get away.

Back at the lab, Caitlin confirms that the same meta animated the suit. They figure that she can only animated effigies, and Iris identifies Mina. She's a Professor of Cultural Anthropology who became an activist and lost her job six months ago. She was trying to reclaim several Sioux artifacts, and Barry figures that they need to find the third piece of the necklace before she does. Once they leave, Barry tells Ralph that saving Christoph's life was the most important thing. Ralph figures that capturing the bad guy is most important, and wonders why Barry couldn't do both at superspeed.

The Wells are arguing when Cisco comes in and asks how they're doing. Harry says that they can't agree on the entire methodology after 24 days. Lethario returns without pants, and Wells 2.0 wants to "interrogate" every DeVoe they can find with a blowtorch. Harry says that it isn't working and shuts off the holo-projector.

Iris tells Barry and Ralph that the Central City museum is transporting the third piece to a secure facility, and she's tracking it via GPS.

Black Bison finds the armored truck and animated the dummy of a caveman inside. He knocks out the guards and hands over the necklace piece, and Flash and Elongated Man arrive. Mina says that the necklace belongs to her people, and that something inside of her changed for the better. She animates the caveman, which tosses Flash away. While Flash counterattacks it, Mina tries to drive away. Elongated Man grabs her car and tries to hold it in place, while the caveman knocks Flash into an electrical pole, breaking the superhero's leg. The power lines fall and Flash yells to Elongated Man to rescue the nearby civilians. When Elongated Man lets go of the car, Black Bison crashes into another car. Flash recovers enough to help a girl shocked by the cables, and confirms that she's still waiting. He then turns and glares at Elongated Man.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Barry and Ralph that the girl Laura is okay but lucky to be alive. When Barry tells ralph that they need to talk, a guilt-stricken Ralph tells him not to and walks away.

Harry is working on calculations when Cisco comes in. The older man says to forget the Council, and admits that he hates them because they're like him. Cisco points out that Harry is essentially complaining about himself, and points out that they all have parts of his personality. He says that it's all about Harry, and Harry doesn't have a high opinion of himself. Cisco points out that no one will like Harry if he doesn't like himself, and points out that the other Wells helped when they were asked. He tells Harry that sometimes he's a hero, and says that if he wants to make the Council work then he has to treat all of himselves with compassion.

Soon, Harry assembles the Council and apologizes. He says that he knows they all want to work separately, but explains that they have to work as friends. Harry finds things to compliment about all of them, and they start apologizing to each other as well. Once they do, Harry reconvenes the Council and they start putting together a predictive algorithm.

Barry finds Ralph in his office, and Ralph says that he knows that he screwed up. He's looking at files of past cases, and says that when he was a PI he didn't have to worry about little girls in hospitals. Ralph didn't see what happened afterward, and he got by without caring about anyone. Now he has to care about a whole city. Barry tells him that it's the most important of the job, and says that he doesn't always handle it well. All he can do is the best he can, and when that's not enough he learns on the people around him. Barry figures that Ralph has the makings of a hero, but warns that there will be bad days and offers to be there for Ralph if he needs someone to lean on. He reminds ralph that Laura will be okay and they got the bad guy.

At the station, Officer Wilcox takes Mina to a cell and remembers arresting her. She grabs his name tag from him as he shoves her in the cell, and uses the pin to pick the handcuffs.

In the lobby, an officer is demonstrating a tactical dummy wearing a new armored suit. The dummy knocks out the officer in charge, grabs his gas grenade launcher, and fires it. As the officers collapse choking, the dummy goes to the cells and frees Mina. She says that it's time to collect what is theirs.

When Barry and Ralph return to S.T.A.R. Labs, Iris tells them that Mina got free. They know the necklace pieces are at the museum, and Barry tells Ralph to suit up.

At the museum, Black Bison finds the two necklace pieces. As she takes them and puts them on, Flash and Elongated Man arrive and tell her to put the necklace down. Black bison insists that she's taking the necklace back to the Sioux, and animates a t-Rex skeleton. Elongated Man stretches up to the balcony, while Flash speeds up the skeleton's tail. It knocks him away, and a security guard arrives. Elongated Man confronts Black Bison, who turns the skeleton on the guard. Elongated Man jumps into its jaws to stop it and then wraps up its teeth, Flash cuts off Black Bison as she runs, and she points out all of the things that she can animate. He figures that she won't because there's one thing that she cares about more than vengeance. He tosses a rare pot into the air, handcuffs Black Bison with power dampeners as she tries to catch it, and then catches the pot as it falls.

Flash takes Black Bison back to Elongated Man, and congratulates him. The skeleton has reverted to normal, and Elongated Man tells it to stay.

Later at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry tells Ralph that Joe called to say that Mina is locked up at Iron heights. The cleanup crew at the museum still hasn't found the necklace, and Ralph suggests that "someone" might have mailed it back to the Sioux Nation. He asks if Barry is going to yell at him, and Barry says that he isn't for that one. Ralph figures that Mina's friends and family have been hurt for too long, and he figures that a superhero's job is to protect him. Barry invites him for coffee, but Ralph says that has to see a girl and leaves.

At the hospital, Laura wakes up to find Ralph sitting at her bedside. She says that she's doing better but is bored. Ralph makes sure no one is looking and then stretches his hand into a balloon animal.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco tells Joe and Barry that the Wells have figured out that they're looking for Clifford DeVoe. Clifford has no social profile, and they know where he's hiding. Barry tells Joe that they'll handle him, figuring they actually have a chance to get ahead of their enemy.

Mechanic tells Thinker that they're about to have guests, and Thinker tells her to get ready to greet them.

Joe and Barry go to the front door of the house, while Harry is nearby with a gun. Vibe and Frost are at the lab ready to breach in. Barry rings the door and mechanic in civilian garb greets them. They ask to talk to Clifford, and she wonders if her husband is in trouble. Clifford arrives in a wheelchair and asks how he can be of help.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 15, 2017

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