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When Harry Met Harry…

Flash and Elongated Man team up to fight one of the Thinker's metas, a Sioux Indian woman calling herself Black Bison that is hunting down the three pieces of an artifact. Meanwhile, Harry calls together three of his counterparts to form the "Council of Wells" and figure out who DeVoe is.

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By Gadfly on Nov 15, 2017

At Jitters, Barry and ralph get coffee and Ralph makes sure to remind Barr that he crushed his life. A mugger holds them up, and Barry tells Ralph that Muggers are like Superhero 101. The mugger complains that they're not paying attention to him, and Ralph says that they'll get back to him. He finally shoots Ralph, and the bullets bounces back and hits the mugger. The mugger shoots Ralph again and the bullet bounces back into him. Barry insists on taking the man to the hospital. Mechanic talk…

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JCuervo_a posted 5 years ago

"For the love of Jeff Goldblum, STOP!"

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