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Tombstone Recap

In Dodge City, Kansas, Dean and Sergeant Joe Phillips go to a local cemetery, guns drawn. They hear something moving and wonder where "he" went. Dean figures that their target is messing with them, and Dean goes ahead to flush out their target. Something grabs Joe and drags him into the ground.

48 Hours Earlier

Sam and Dean stare stares at Castiel in shock, and Castiel explains that he annoyed an ancient cosmic being so much that the being sent him back. Dean welcomes him home and the Winchesters hug him, and Castiel explains that he was in the Empty where angels and demons go when they die. The angel tells them that God has no power in the Empty, and Sam figures that Jack did it.

The trio goes to the bunker and Castiel greets Jack. Sam asks Jack if he brought Castiel back, and Jack admits that he doesn't know. Castiel thanks jack for resurrecting him, and Jack hugs him and says that he's missed him so much. He then demonstrates his power to lift a pencil, and says that he found a Hunters' case involving zombies. Three days ago a vintage pocket watch with a personal inscription was sold at a pawn shop. But it was buried with the owner 20 years ago, and when they dug up the grave they discovered that it was empty. When he says that it was in Dodge City, Kansas, Dean says that they should check it out, and tells the others that Dodge City is awesome.

The group checks into a motel and gets the best room, the Wild Bill Suite. Dean takes in the Wild West décor, and knows all of the local history. He brought his own hat, and figures that they got a big win when they got Castiel back.

An officer, Carl, pulls over a truck and calls it in. The driver doesn't get out, and Carl cautiously walks over. The cab is empty, and the dispatcher Sophie calls back saying that the truck was stolen. Something moves in the darkness, and then something drags carl under the truck.

As Sam and Dean sleep, Jack brings Castiel up to speed on what's been happening. He asks what Heaven is like, and insists that his mother is in Heaven. Castiel agrees, saying that Kelly was a very brave woman. Jack tells her about the message Kelly left him that an angel was watching over him, and Castiel apologizes for not being there. The boy says that he understands why he and Kelly trusted him, and explains that he remembered feeling safe. Castiel says that Kelly believed that Jack would change the world for the better, and now he know that they were right and Kelly would be so proud of him. A report comes up on the laptop about an officer down, and Jack wakes up Dean. Dean instinctively draws a gun on him until he realizes what's going on.

As Dean has his coffee, Sam confirms that Carl was covered in bite marks. Jack figures that it's a zombie, and Sam says that he and Jack will check the cemetery while Dean and Castiel check out the crime scene... once Dean finishes his coffee.

At the crime scene, Dean tells Castiel that they're going to have to blend. He makes Castiel wear a cowboy hat, and admits that it's good to have him back. Donning his own cowboy hat, Dean walks over with Castiel and they talk to the officer in charge, Joe. Joe tells them that the sheriff is on vacation, and explains that Carl was his nephew. He assumes that they're Texas Rangers, and Dean plays along. He claims that they're tracking a fugitive who has been robbing graves, and Joe says that Carl was looking in on a local grave robbing case. He warns that if he catches the killer then there won't be much left.

At the mortuary at the cemetery, Sam and Jack talk to the undertaker. Athena Lopez. She says that she lives on the premises, but was at a concert the night of the grave robbery. Athena gives them directions to the grave, and on the way there Jack uses an EMG to detective activity. Sam points out that there will be activity everywhere in a cemetery, and jumps down into the grave and finds a human bone in the dirt.

Back at the motel, Sam and Dean confirm that there are bite marks on the bone and figure that a ghoul is involved. Castiel explains that they can take the form of whoever they eat, and Jack wonders how they find it.

At the undertaking home, Athena is listening to her headphones and doesn't notice the person behind her.

The group considers whether Athena is the ghoul, but dean points out that she could access the bodies before burying them.

The figure follows Athena into her workshop.

Jack traces the stolen truck and shows them traffic cam footage. It shows Dave Mather driving.

Dave slaps Athena on the butt to get her attention.

Dean explains that Dave was one of the Dodge City Gang, and one of the greatest gunfighters ever. He died in 1886.

Dave tells Athena that she got a letter from the makeup school. Athena says that it's a Makeup and Special Program, and they've accepted her into their fall semester. Dave is less than thrilled, and points out that it's in Los Angeles. Athena says that she could sell the place if necessary, and Dave asks why they want to mess up their good thing. As she goes back to work, Athena says that two BI agents came by and asked weird questions.

Jack remembers seeing a photo of Athena and her boyfriend at the mortuary, and realizes that it was Dave. Sam and Dean drive there and she demands to know why they're there. Dean explains that a sheriff's deputy was killed, and Athena said that he had to go to the bank.

At the bank, the teller Shawnte is locking up as the guard Lenny looks on. A masked Dave comes in and holds the place up at gunpoint. He orders them to hand over the cash, and as he leaves he finds Dean waiting for him. Dave figures that Dean is the Hunter, and says that he keeps a piece of Dave on him at all times. Sam, Jack, and Castiel step out, and Dave goes for his gun. Sam shoots him in the shoulder and Dave hits Jack as he takes cover. Jack tells Castiel that he's got it and steps out. Dave shoots him but the bullets have no effect. As Lenny steps out, Jack blasts Dave back and Lenny hits a post, cracking his skull open his back. Dave runs off and Dean goes after him, but loses him.

Castiel tells Jack that he can't heal Lenny because he's dead.

Back at the motel, Jack sits alone while the others look on. The Winchesters tell Castiel that it's the first time that Jack killed someone. Dean tells them to get Jack back to the bunker before the cops track him down, and he'll handle the ghoul, and Castiel agrees.

Dave staggers into the mortuary and tells Athena that he got shot. He shows her the money he stole and said that she can go to the school and he'll come with her. When Dave says that he has been stealing from graves to pawn thing for him, Athena backs away from him in disgust. He insists that he's given her everything she ever wanted, and he'll always protect her. A car pulls up outside, and Dave and Athena see it.

Dean pulls up to the mortuary and finds Joe there. Joe says that Shawnte recognized Dave's voice as the guy who has been dating Athena. His fingerprints were at Carl's murder scene as well as the bank, and Joe came there without his badge to deal with Dave personally. Dave tells Joe that he's not taking Dave alive, and Joe agrees.

Dean and Joe go through the cemetery, guns drawn. They hear something moving and wonder where Dave went. Dean figures that their target is messing with them, and Dean goes ahead to flush out their target. Dave grabs Joe and drags him into one of his tunnels. Dean reluctantly goes down into the tunnel and follows Dave.

As Castiel and Sam drive Jack to the bunker, Sam asks Jack if he's okay. Castiel says that he's killed people that didn't deserve it, and tells him that it doesn't get easier. He tells Jack that it doesn't mean he should stop fighting, and insists that it's a mistake. Sam says that they still believe in Jack, and Jack asks them to stop talking.

Dean emerges into the mortuary via a door, and finds Athena tied to a chair. As he unties her, he hears Joe groaning to the side. Dave steps out, training a gun on Dean, and orders Dean to put his hands up. Dean does so, and Athena begs Dave not to do it. He insists that he's doing it for them, and Dean tells Dave that breakups can be a bitch. When Dave tells Dean that he's not fast enough, dean says that Joe is, steps aside, and lets Joe kill Dave.

The next day, Dean tells Joe that as far as Joe needs to know, Dave killed Carl and tries to kill Joe, and killed Lenny as well. When Dean returns to the bunker, he tells the others that he took care of Dave. Jack asks if Lenny had a family, and Dean admits that he did. Sam warns that the life of a Hunter isn't easy, and Jack tells him to shut up. He figures that they're afraid of him, and maybe they're right. Jack wonders if he's just another monster, and Dean tells him that he's not. He says that he thought Jack was, but like Sam said, they've all done bad and if Jack is a monster, they're all monsters. Jack doesn't believe it, and figures that he's not getting better at being good. He knows that he can't make the world a better place, and if he stays then he'll hurt all of them. Jack tells them that he has to go and blasts them back, and then teleports away.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 17, 2017

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