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Packing Peanuts + Fire Recap

Wilt leads a woman Leanna through a fence and across a field, and then tells Leanna that they'll be safer if they split up, and warns that if they don't then they'll both die

Two Days Earlier

Wilt is in the lab working as Matty comes in and interrupts him. She complains that he didn't come when she summonsed him via text. Wilt says that his phone was on silent and he was training the robot's AI, and the robot says that it was going to win their game of Battleship in two moves. Matty tells wilt that she's sending Wilt to training camp, and notes that every member of Phoenix has to complete it. He says that he won't let her down, and Matty tells him that he won't have a job if he does.

Riley is leaving a surveillance camera in a tree in a park, aimed at a nearby park bench. She then sits down and looks at a man swinging a girl on a nearby swing set. Another man, Elwood, comes up and Riley greets him by name. She invites him to sit, saying that they should see how it goes. Elwood finally tries a knock-knock joke on her, and Riley reluctantly plays along. She says that she thought they were funny when she was 8, and figures that Elwood is there to tell her that he's seen the light and wants to make things right, and it will be different than all the other times he said the same thing. Elwood takes her hands, and Riley pulls away. He explains that he's trying to make amends as one of the steps in his program, and hopes that she'll give him the chance to show that he's there to stay.

Back at Phoenix, Riley is analyzing the surveillance footage to see if Elwood is lying. Sam comes in and sys that the software is flawed, and Riley claims that it's a stranger. The agent knows that she's lying, and agrees to help determine if Elwood is honest. They run the footage again, and Sam says that he appears to be telling the truth. As she goes, Riley asks her not to tell Jack about Elwood.

Mac and Jack are in Matty's office arguing what Mac would take for a single weapon in a zombie apocalypse. Sam comes in and claims that she couldn't find Riley, and they don’t' believe her. Matty and Riley come in, and Matty shows them a blacked-out photo of Enzo Lemaire. She explains that Enzo is a black market art deal who funds the profits to groups on the terrorist watch list. He's paranoid and careful, and does all of his business through The Pawn. The Pawn verifies each piece of art and selects what he sends to Enzo. They've recently acquired a way to contact Enzo, and a wish list of what Enzo wants for his private collection. Phoenix figures that if they approach Enzo with one of the items, he'll step out of hiding. The painting they have is painted by Franz Marc and purchased by Todor Janssen for $25 million. He won't sell it to Phoenix, so they have to steal it. Mac and Jack will post as art thieves, deliver the painting to The Pawn, and lure Enzo out of hiding.

At the training facility, Cassandra Glover introduces herself to the class and says that they will all hate her and she doesn't care. She has them look at the people on her left and right, and says that at least one of the people they saw will wash out. Wil glances over at Leanna at the next desk.

Wilt and the others continue through training, and Wilt doesn't do well.

The students live off-campus under a cover identity.

In Brussels, Riley and Sam are in the command van talking Mac and Jack through the security system at Todor's estate. They're using a sheet to foil the sensors, and riley has loped the security fields. Once Mac and Jack are in, Riley warns that all of the pieces are wired. Mac borrows his shoelace and his boot, and uses them as a weight to hold down the sensor attached to the painting. Jack sits down on a chair and an alarm goes off, and Mac explains that it's art. Armed guards head their way and pound on the door that Jack has barricaded, and the two agents slip out. Guards are blocking their exit, and the only way they can go is the way that Riley hasn't mapped to the cameras. As they prepare to move, Jack points out that Riley is acting weird and mac says that they'll discuss it after they escape.

Wilt is out jogging with Leanna and the others, and Wilt is in the lead. He figures that Leanna ran track in town, and she runs ahead to the next checkpoint. A man with a dog passes them and removes something from a stop sign, and then dumps it in a nearby garbage can. Wilt goes after the man and follows him to his home. He lets himself into the garage that contains filled with high-end surveillance equipment, and Wilt takes a photo of it. The dog barks at him, and the man draws a gun and goes to investigate. By the time he gets there, Wilt is gone.

Jack and Mac enter a room and Mac has Jack barricade the door. There's a two-story drop to the pool below, and Mac finds a stapler in the desk. He then pulls down the drape while Jack says that something is wrong with Riley. Mac concedes that it might be right but Riley doesn't want Jack to know. A guard busts in and Jack knocks him out. Meanwhile, Mac cuts the drape into a rope and tells Jack to leap into the pool using it for support to get far enough there. They do so and then get to the van.

As the team stops at a gas station so Jack and Mac can dry off, Wilt calls them to say what he saw. They figured that he's imagining things and tell him to stay out of trouble. Sam tells her teammates that they have a meeting with the Pawn in Barcelona. Before he hangs up, Wilt asks Mac how to get into the garage but Mac refuses to help him.

As Wilt goes to the garage with a pair of bolt cutters, Leanna comes up and asks him what he's doing. She claims that she was practicing her shadow skills, and Wilt tells her what he saw. He says that he needs proof and is there to get it, and Leanna agrees to help Wilt. They go in and discover that the garage is cleaned out. He shows Leanna the photo he took to prove that there was something there.

When Elwood comes home, he finds Matty waiting for him. She says that he might be in the wrong town and tells him to sit down so that they can chat. Once he does, Matty explains that he's Riley employer and Riley is family. She tells Elwood that she's willing to do a lot to protect her family, and Elwood isn't a part of Riley's life. Elwood says that he wants to be, and he'll do whatever he can to earn her trust. Matty isn't convinced that he's telling the truth, and promises Elwood that if he's there for any other reason, he'll see her again.

In Barcelona, Mac and Jack go to the Pawn's shop and security checks them for weapons. They then take them to the Pawn's lab and he confirms that the painting is authentic. Once he's satisfied, the Pawn says that his employer will be very happy and offers them $7 million. Mac offers to hand it over for free if they get a face-to-face meeting with Enzo. The Pawn points out that none of his contact have heard of them until they acquired the painting, and Mac says that they have a small clientele base and want to add Enzo to their base. The Pawn says that he'll pass their offer on to Enzo and they should wait. Back in the van, Mac realizes that the Pawn switched the painting during the verification. They go in and discover that the workshop is gone.

The team calls to Matty to tell her what happened. She asks them how they plan on getting it back, and Riley says that she found a single call placed by a burner phone to a nearby cell tower. She pinpoints the call to a mall closed for renovations in Hungary.

In class, Cassandra discovers that Wilt is gone. Leanna says that she doesn't know where Wilt is.

The man makes a pickup from the same stop sign, and Wilt gets the package that he's left off. Inside is a flash drive, and Wilt carefully removes it and plugs it into his laptop, then stares at the photos.

The team arrives at the mall and discovers that Enzo is holding an auction. Jack suggests that they split up, and he and Riley go one way while Sam and mac go the other. As they sneak in, Jack asks Riley if he did something to upset her. Riley insists that he didn't, and Sam and Mac listen in via open comms. Mac figures that they might as well listen in because Jack will just tell him anyway. Meanwhile, Riley says that she can handle her own personal situations. Jack says that he's there for her, just as a guard comes up. Jack draws his gun and tells the man that they're having a moment, while more armed guards arrive.

Inside, the Pawn has his men beat Jack for information. The Pawn tells his men to find Mac, and says that Jack will get to meet Enzo. Enzo comes in with a cattle prod, and tells Jack that he knows that he's no art thieves. He demands Jack's real name and who he works for, and tortures Jack when he doesn't talk.

Wilt comes into class and Leanna tells him that he's about to be kicked out. He explains what he did and shows her the flash drive contents. There is photos of the school and the students, and they realize he's identifying spies before they take to the field. The man, Wiessler, comes in with a gun and demands his flash drive. Wilt hits him with his laptop, and he and Leanna run.

Wilt and Leanna run for the fence, and Wilt tells Leanna that they'll be safer if they split up, and warns that if they don't then they'll both die. Wiessler chases after them, shooting.

Enzo continues torturing Jack, but when he doesn't talk he threatens to torture Riley. Mac and Sam sneak in, and Mac gets an idea. He makes a gas bomb out of a gasoline can and puts it in a box of packing peanuts.

As Wiessler moves toward Wilt, Leanna calls him over. She punches him, and he head-butts her. Wilt knocks Wiessler out with a branch, and he and Leanna hug.

The box of packing peanuts explodes, and Sam takes on the guards while Sam knocks over the scaffolding onto Enzo, freeing Jack and Riley. Jack goes over to Enzo and tells him that he's the guy who broke his nose, and the breaks his nose. He then asks if Riley is okay, and she assures him that she's fine.

When the team gets back to Phoenix, they tell Matty that their team was a work of art. Matty tells them that Wilt uncovered a massive spy ring. Wiessler was hired to identify government operatives while they were in training. Wilt is still in class completing his training, and Riley privately tells Sam that she'll tell Jack eventually.

Later, Riley meets Elwood in the park and tells him that Elwood hasn't been his father for a long time and she has someone who fills the role better than Elwood ever did or could. Elwood says that he's happy that she found the person, and sad that it isn't his. Riley tells him that he can't get back what he threw away or take the place of anyone in her life, and Elwood says that he just wants to be a part of her world. She stares at him and then says a knock-knock joke. Elwood admits that it's pretty good, and tells his own joke.

Jack and Mac break into Todor's manor to return the painting. Jack leans against a wall mural and sets off an alarm, and Mac explains that it's a fresco before heading off to the pool.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 18, 2017

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