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Two Dead Men Recap

In the past, Frank tells his son Frank Jr. a story about two dead men who fought and killed each other. He says that the story is nonsense but it's not stupid. They're on the ferry and see the Statue of Liberty, and Frank's daughter Lisa asks if he to go away to fight for liberty. When Frank Jr. says that Frank is going away to kill lots of hajjis, Frank slaps him and tells him to never say that again.

Frank sits on the ferry and remembers when he was there with his children. When the ferry arrives, Frank goes to a diner and sits at a booth that gives him a view of an autoshopacross the streets. He reads an article by Karen Page about a murder-suicide in Little Italy. The payphone rings and the waitress answers it. She then calls Frank over, saying that the caller described Frank in perfect detail. Frank takes the phone and the caller, Micro, says that he knows who Frank is. Micro asks if Frank got the disc that he left for him at his house, and Frank confirms that he did. Frank invites Micro come down to talk to it, but Micro figures that it wouldn't work so well and tells him that he has to understand why he can't kill him and then they'll meet.

Frank leaves the diner and runs into a nearby alley. He enters the neighboring building and draws a gun, and runs up to the roof. There's no sign of Micro but a phone is hanging from the AC vent with a mirror, and a flashlight is trained on it. There's also note, telling Frank not to disappoint him. Micro waves to him from the diner roof and walks off.

Later, Frank dreams of Maria kissing him and then being shot in front of his eyes. He wakes up in his apartment and looks at the photo of his family, and then plays Micro's disc. It shows a man questioning Ahmad while masked men in uniforms surround them. Ahmad insists that he's not a terrorist, and the interrogator tells one of the soldiers to kill Ahmad.

Frank goes out, unaware that Micro is watching him on the nearby surveillance cameras. He goes to the support group room and tells Curtis that Micro is coming after him. Curtis insists that he would never give Frank up, and Frank wonders if he let anything slip to anyone hanging out there. He describes what Schoonover told him, that Frank's family was killed because of something he did in Kandahar. Curtis wonders what Frank was into, and Frank finally tells him that there was a group of soldiers that the CIA used for interrogation and assassination. Maria and the kids realized what Frank was doing, and Frank worries that he got his family killed.

Dinah and Sam are walking down the street and Dinah talks about how people choose to forget. She says that the easiest thing would be for her to forget what happened to Ahmad, and tells Sam that she got a tape showing that American soldiers killed Ahmad. She figures that Frank and Schoonover were among the soldiers but masked, and someone stole the tape from her. Dinah figures that Carson was ordered to keep her away from the case, and says that she found Billy Russo who was in Frank's old unit. Sam warns her that Carson won't let her talk to Billy, but Dinah isn't impressed.

Later at ICE, Dinah approaches Carson and confirms that he was in the field. She asks to get some physical training with the unit, and suggests that they organize something in NYC with a private contractor. Carson agrees and tells her to send him a proposal.

Karen is walking down the street when a homeless man asks her for change. It's Frank, who calls her by her name. She realizes who it is and asks why he's there, and Frank asks to talk to her in private. Karen takes him to her apartment and Frank says that he had business that he finished. He tells her that someone knows that he's still alive, and Karen insists that she'd never tell anyone. Frank asks for her help to find Micro, and that he said that they're both dead men. He gives Karen a bundle of flowers and tells her to put them in the window when she has something, and he'll call her. As Frank starts to go, Karen hugs him and says that it's good to see him. He tells her that it's good to see her and leaves.

At the Bulletin, Karen tells Ellison that she's looking for an unpublished article about a computer hacker named Micro. Ellison demands to know who the source is, and Karen avoids his question. The editor says that a conspiracy theorist and stringer brought in a story about an NRA analyst who was leaking stories. He decided not to run the story because the stringer had no evidence, and then Carson came by and told Ellison not to pursue it. He warned that if they ran the story then it would interfere with his story. He offers to give Karen the story as long as she doesn't think he's a sell-out, and leaves.

Micro is in his workshop watching video of his wife and two children. When his son Zach talks about their father David and how he would have let him go to a movie, his mother Sarah, says that he doesn't get to use the memory of David, who has been gone for a year.

Dinah trains with the private contractor, Anvil, on a mock exercise with Sam, and afterward Billy Russo comes over and introduces himself. He explains that it's his operation and offers to give the ICE agents more training. Dinah asks where they are now, and Billy says that they're mostly in Iraq and Afghanistan. Carson watches on the surveillance cameras as Dinah says that she was in Afghanistan recently. Bilyl says that he was there as well. As Dinah asks what unit he was in, Carson comes in and interrupts them. He reminds Dinah that she's out of Kandahar and leaves, and Billy invites Dinah out for a drink to talk more about her time in Afghanistan.

Frank meets Karen next to the river, and she asks what he's going to do if he finds Micro. She says that she wants to help Frank as long as it doesn't get someone killed. Frank insists that if Micro isn't dangerous, he has nothing to worry about from him. He threatens to walk, and Karen gives him the unconfirmed story about Micro leaking covert information. His real name is David Lieberman, and officially he was shot and killed by Homeland Security trying to escape arrest. Carson shut down the story so it never ran. Frank admits that Micro is scaring him, and thanks Karen for the story. Karen asks when she'll see him again, and Frank wonders if she wants to. She says that she cares what happens to Frank, even if he doesn't, and tells him to be careful before he walks away.

Sarah is pulling into her driveway when Frank "accidentally" walks in front of her car and gets hit, spilling his coffee. As Sarah gets out to help him out, Micro watches on his surveillance cameras. He realizes who Frank is, gets a gun, and and gets into car to drive to his former home.

As Frank goes inside and washes up, he gets a call. He removes the battery from the phone Micro left him and goes out, and thanks Sarah for inviting him in. He notices a photo of David with his family, and Sarah says that David passed away a year ago. Frank offers to leave, but she tells him to finish the coffee she gave him. Sarah breaks into tears and says that sometimes things just bring back her loss. Frank looks at the photos of David with his family and then says that he lost his family and understands how she feels. Sarah says that David died doing something very brave and very stupid, and she goes between being proud of him and figuring that he was selfish.

Micro pulls up outside and tries to call Frank. There's no answer, and Micro cocks his gun and starts to get out. Sarah escorts Frank out and she opens her garage door to pull in. The door jams and Frank offers to take a look at it. After a moment, Sarah agrees.

Back at his base, Micro watches Frank on his surveillance cameras as he gets the garage door open.

That night back at his apartment, Frank cuts off his beard and looks at his family photo. He then tosses h is things in a garbage bag and leaves. Micro is watching him on the surveillance camera and tracks him via his gait. Frank walks with a lip, and soon drops it, evading his watcher.

Carson returns home and pours himself a drink. A masked Frank attacks him and the two men fight until Frank knocks Carson out. He ties Carson to a chair and demands answers about David. Carson works at his bonds, and Frank beats him until he says that David was a traitor and killed arresting resistance. Frank shoots him in the knee and figures that Carson had David killed and was working with Schoonover. Carson gets free, grabs Frank's gun, and tells him to put his hands behind his neck. He rips off Frank's mask and realizes who he is, and says that tonight is the night Frank is going to die. Carson says that they knew exactly where to go to get Frank in the park, and they created enough dead bodies that no one would look too carefully at a single one. He pulls the trigger only to realize the gun is unloaded. Frank grabs him and breaks his neck.

Billy takes Dinah to a cheap bar for drinks, and she talks about how she had unfinished business in Afghanistan. She asks him again who he was with, and then admits that she knows he was with Marine Force Recon in Iraq. Billy figures that she came to Anvil so he could help her with her unfinished business, and says that soldiers can't question legality in the moment. Billy invites her to ask her questions, and she asks him about Frank. He says that Frank was his friend, and a lot of his kills were with Frank at his side. Dinah asks if Frank got involved with drugs, and Billy tells her that he didn't and the system let him down. Billy admits that he doesn't have any family because he likes to travel light, and figures that Dinah is single. She assures Billy that she isn't lonely , and he says that he isn't at the moment. Dinah gets a call and excuses herself, but says that she'd like to meet Billy again.

The DHS is securing Carson's house, and Sam greets Dinah when she arrives. They realize that Carson was the victim, and Sam points out that Dinah is the ranking agent now.

The next day, Frank goes to the diner and Micro calls him on the phone he left. Micro says that he knows where Frank is, and Frank says that he changed his gait to avoid detection. The hacker says that he wiped the feeds of the shooting clean after he identified Frank's gait, and asks why Frank went to his home. Micro says that his family has nothing to do with it, and that Sarah is only safe if she thinks that he's dead. Frank tells him that Carson told him everything and admits that he killed him, and says that Micro is to call him in one hour on a cell phone that he can reach him on.

An hour later, Frank tells Micro to meet him at a nearby bridge. When Micro pulls up, Frank calls him and gives him directions to a dock. Frank continues leading him around the city to make sure that no one is following Micro. He finally sends him to a cemetery, and Curtis watches Micro and reports that the man isn't being followed.

Micro realizes that it's the cemetery where he's supposedly buried, and goes to his tombstone. Curtis steps out and says that Frank has Micro in his crosshairs. He tells Micro that Frank's in the wind, and if Micro tries to find him again then he'll visit Sarah. Curtis walks off and Micro yells to Frank, saying that he needs him. There's no response, and Micro goes back to his car and drives back to his base in a warehouse marked hazardous. He pulls into his base and pours himself a drink, and Frank gets out of the trunk of Micros car. He then walks into Micro's command center and Micro bursts into laughter, realizing the whole thing was a set-up. Frank punches him unconscious and peers at his prisoner.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 18, 2017