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Wake Up Recap

A government submersible patrols the harbor for damage after the waterfront explosion, and the crew spot a glowing object. It shines a beam of light at the submersible, knocking it back.

Ruby asks Sam if she's okay, and Sam tells her that she's fine. As Ruby sets the table and when she's sure her daughter isn't looking, Sam dips her hand in a pot of boiling water and discovers that she's unharmed. She then tells Ruby to go to Tess's house that night.

M'yrnn is walking through the halls of the DEO when Winn comes out. The Martian asks Winn for the bathroom, and Winn gives him directions. In the control room, Winn tells Hank that his father asked him for permission to use the bathroom, and points out that M'yrnn is acting like he's still a prisoner. Supergirl arrives in response to Winn's message, and Winn shows them footage of the submersible incident. The submersible made it to the systems, and the USGS geothermal scans confirm that the ship has been there for 12,000 years and is made of an unknown metal.

Winn, Hank, and Supergirl head to the street that the ship is beneath. They step into an alleyway and Hank phases them downward through the bedrock into the ship. The trio looks around and finds five cylinders with people inside. There is one empty container, and a figure steps out, speaks briefly in an alien language, and opens fire with a gun. Supergirl blocks the shot, and the figure steps out of the shadows... revealing that it's Mon-El. He says Kara's name, and Kara hugs him.

The trio takes Mon-El to the DEO med bay, and the sensors confirm that the atmosphere is still filled with lead. Mon-El explains that he was speaking Saturnian, and the ship's defense system fire at the submersible. He tells them that there are passengers in the other cylinders, but he was in hypersleep and everything is hazy. Kara tells her friends that Mon-El needs to rest. Once they leave, Kara tells Mon-El that she missed him and that it's been tough without him. When she says that it's been seven months, Mon-El explains that he tried to send a message but couldn't. He starts to speak more, but Kara tells him to sleep.

Sam drives to the home of her estranged mother, Patricia, and hesitantly knocks at the door. Patricia stares at her in surprise and lets her in. She asks if Sam brought Ruby, and points out that she's never met the girl. Sam reminds her that Patricia let her leave when she was pregnant, and says that it was hard for her to come there. She then asks if growing up, she ever displayed signs of superstrength or invulnerability. Patricia tells her that she didn't, and Sam asks her to help her find out about her birth mother. When Patricia questions her about why she wants to know, Sam starts to go but then says that she wasn't harmed by a gunshot. Patricia leads her to the cellar where a Kryptonian escape is covered over, and shows it to Sam. She says that she didn't adopt Sam: she found her in the pod. Patricia had no idea where Sam was, and she took Sam home. She planned to tell Sam, but she was gone by then and she thought it was better off if Sam didn't know. When Sam touches the pod, it activates and a crystal emerges, and Sam removes it.

At the DEO, Kara looks at the sleeping Mon-El James joins her and says that he's happy for her, and Kara admits that Mon-El has been a little distant. Her friend suggests that she should give Mon-El a little time, and insists that Mon-El would never do anything to hurt her.

When Sam returns home, she tells Ruby that she's leaving her with a sitter and doesn't know where she's going. Sam tells her daughter that she found something out about herself and it's a good thing, but she has to take the trip to get answers. She has Ruby hold her hand and says that she is her heart, and asks if she'll trust her. Ruby makes her promise to tell her about it when she comes back, and they hug.

Winn suggests that Hank go out with M'yrnn, but Hank wants to focus on the five other passengers/. Alex assures him that they're monitoring the spaceship, and Hank takes his father to the park. M'yrnn drinks coffee and Hank says that he can come there anytime. Two men are playing chess, and Hank explains about the game. When M'yrnn suggests that they should play the Martian equivalent, Hank tells him that he doesn't have a lot of time for games and again says that M'yrnn can come there any time. M'yrnn figures that Hank is the one who is imprisoned at the DEO and he has nothing outside of it. When Hank objects, M'yrnn says that he would like to return to his room and walks off.

Once everyone has left the med bay, Mon-El slips out and sneaks into the storeroom for alien artifacts. When two agents approach him, Mo-el knocks them out but Supergirl arrives and punches him unconscious. When he wakes up, he finds himself in the brig. Kara is there and demands an explanation. Mon-El assures it that it's him, and Kara asks him to make her believe it. She explains that she doesn't sleep because she dreams of him disappearing when she does, and all she wanted was Mon-El back. Mon-El only says that he's sorry,

Sam drives across the desert following the crystal's glowing pulses. Her radiator finally gives out, and Sam wonders what she's doing.

Winn goes to Mon-El's cell and figures that his friend won't tell him anything. He knows that something is going on and Mon-el tells him that there's a lot that he doesn't understand. Mon-El says that he needs Winn to help him get back to that ship, warning that Kara and others will get hurt if he doesn't.

Later, Supergirl returns to the brig and discovers that Mon-El is gone

On the spaceship, Mon-El activates the ship's computer using a ring from the DEO storeroom. He instructs Winn on how to reset the circuits, and Supergirl comes in. Winn explains that Mon-El didn't kidnap him and they have Supergirl's best interests at heart. When Mon-El tries to stop her, Supergirl finds her necklace around his neck. He says that she's not their problem anymore, and it's been seven years for him since he entered the pod. The pod went through a wormhole that took him to the future, and he's been in the 31st century for the last seven years. L-Corp discovers a cure for lead poisoning in 400 years, which is why Mon-El affected by the lead in the atmosphere.

The power to the chambers fails, and Mon-El warns that they will all die. The woman in one cylinder starts drowning, and Mon-El can't break it. Supergirl shatters it and Mon-El catches the woman Imra inside as she falls out. He confirms that she's breathing.

Sam walks out into the desert following the crystal's directions. The ground shakes and rock pillars shout out of the ground, forming a crude structure.

Back at the DEO, the medics monitor Imra and confirm that she's okay. Mon-El says that she's from Titan, and asks Winn to let him know when Imra's condition changes

Hank takes M'yrnn to an empty apartment and says that it's to live in. He explains that he never thought that he'd see M'yrnn again after the invasion, and he's gotten used to living on Earth alone. Hank admits that he's isolated himself in his work, and has lost sight of the beauty of life. M'yrnn assures him that there is beauty to find on Earth, and is there for Hank. Hank explains that the apartment would be a better fit than the DEO for both of them, and they could make it their home. M'yrnn says that he would like that very much.

Kara joins Mon-El on the balcony and he apologizes for everything. He explains that he never thought he'd see Kara again and had to keep living, and kept the necklace as a reminder of everything Kara did for him. Mon-El assures her that he would never forget her, and jokes with her. He smiles for the first time since they've found him, and tells Kara that it's good to see her. As Mon-El starts to tell Kara something, Imra comes out and Mon-El kisses her. He introduces her to Kara as his wife.

Sam enters the rock structure and finds a control panel shaped like Supergirl's' crest. She inserts the crystal and the panel activates. A hologram of a woman appears and tells Sam that it has answers. Sam remembers the woman from her dreams, and the hologram says that she is information and Sam's friend. It explains that it's the Fortress of Sanctuary, a piece of the dead planet Krypton. Sam realizes that she is like Supergirl, and the hologram tells her that she is a being designed for one purpose: to execute justice. It warns that they will call Sam Worldkiller and try to confine her power, and her justice will burn the world of man. When Sam objects, the hologram tells her that Ruby was an unfortunate accident and Sam will soon forget Ruby and all of her mortal trappings. It says that it is time for Sam to become Reign, and Sam screams in agony, and then straightens and speaks in an alien language, saying that she has awakened.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 23, 2017

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