Wake Up

The DEO rescues Mon-El from a spaceship buried in 12,000 years of rock, but Mon-El remains strangely silent about how he got there. Meanwhile, Hank takes M'yrnn to the park, and Sam goes to her mother Patricia for answers about her birth.


By Gadfly on Nov 23, 2017

A government submersible patrols the harbor for damage after the waterfront explosion, and the crew spot a glowing object. It shines a beam of light at the submersible, knocking it back. Ruby asks Sam if she's okay, and Sam tells her that she's fine. As Ruby sets the table and when she's sure her daughter isn't looking, Sam dips her hand in a pot of boiling water and discovers that she's unharmed. She then tells Ruby to go to Tess's house that night. M'yrnn is walking through the halls of…

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Episode Discussion

JCuervo_a posted a year ago

Very mysterious and revealing episode at the same time. So glad Mon-El is back.

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