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Beyond Redemption Recap

Some drug dealers are preparing to make a delivery when the SCPD bursts in and shoots them down. Once the dealers are down, the cops grab the bag of drugs just as two police detectives come in. when they wonder what the cops are doing there, the crooked cops shoot them down and leaves.

Back in Central City, Laurel and Thea go to Sebastian Blood's old campaign office at Oliver's invitation. Thea wonders why they can't tell Oliver about Sara's resurrection, and Laurel says that she doesn't want Oliver's judgement. Diggle comes in and says that Oliver told him that he has a big announcement to make. Oliver and Felicity arrive and Oliver says that he's running for mayor. The others are stricken speechless, and Diggle finally points out that Oliver isn't a politician. Felicity has provided enough money to fund the campaign, and Oliver wonders why they're not supportive.

Oliver then shows them a hidden elevator. They take it down to Blood's old lair, which Oliver has redesigned with help from Cisco and STAR Labs. They each have a case for their costume, and there's much more space. A computer goes off and Felicity picks up a report of the two dead police detectives. Oliver figures that they were ambushed, and Diggle and Thea do recon while Oliver goes to talk to Quentin. Once they're gone, Laurel asks Felicity why Thea thought she'd be wearing something, and Felicity claims that she has no idea.

At the station, Quentin learns that they don’t have the manpower to do an investigation of the shootings. Oliver arrives and they talk in private. Quentin says that he doesn't have the budget to conduct an investigation, and Oliver says that he's running for mayor. He asks Quentin for his endorsement, and Quentin jokingly agrees and gives him the sim card they found at the crime scene so he can have Felicity analyze it.

Five Years Ago

Oliver takes the female prisoner to the cave and explains where the food and water are. She wonders why he's risking his life to save her, and Oliver says that it's complicated. The woman warns that the mercenaries at the camp have a bond, and Oliver says that she's going to have to do something for him... and she's not going to like it.


Felicity returns to Palmer Tech and Curtis says that he's still trying to figure out who Green Arrow is. She refuses to tell him, and says that she's been receiving more mysterious messages. Curtis denies doing it, and Felicity points out that the transmission is coming from a terminal in his lab. Looking at it, Curtis says that the code looks familiar and brings up Ray's prototype with identical code. The computer has uploaded a crash log and recorded the user's voice right before a fatal malfunction. The message is password protected, and Felicity says that she didn't want to reopen the wound. Felicity gets a text message from Oliver saying that they found something. She excuses herself and goes to the new lair. Laurel is off, and Oliver says that they've got something from the sim card. Felicity realizes that it came from a GPS tracker, checks its log, and the others gear up.

The trio searches the place and Diggle finds something on the third floor. There is one locked door, and they burst in. There's no one there, but there are weapon-grade armor and guns there, all SCPD issue, and they realize that the killers are crooked cops.

Laurel takes Quentin to the basement of her apartment and shows him Sara, chained to a pillar and still in a feral state. As Quentin stares in shock, Laurel explains how they brought Sara back using the Lazarus Pit. She insists that Sara will eventually go back to normal and shows her a photo of the three of them. Sara asks who she is, and then tries to strangle Laurel. Quentin pulls Laurel free, and Laurel insists that Sara needs more time.

At the lair, the team tells Felicity what they found. The power goes out because of spikes in the generator, and Felicity explains that there has been a recent increase in gangs stealing drug shipments from other cops. She figures that the crooked cops are taking down big drug scores and then selling it to other gangs. Oliver suggests that they give the crooked cops a drug sale to attack, and asks Thea to set them up with one of her former drug dealers. Felicity realizes that Oliver will need more money.

Later, Thea goes to a club and takes Diggle as a bodyguard. She meets with one of her dealers and says that she recently came into her inheritance. Thea claims that she wants to throw a party and asks to buy 80k, and the dealer says that he'll make a call.

Oliver visits Quentin in his office and tells him what they've learned. He explains their plan and asks Quentin to get the word out. Quentin agrees but wants to be there to bust the bad cops.

Five Years Ago

Oliver returns to the camp and claims that the woman tried to run. He says that he caught her and made her memorable, and admits that the other mercenary Richards died in a minefield. Conklin points out that two guys have died since they found Oliver, and demands to see the woman's body. Oliver agrees and walks out.


Diggle and Thea wait with the drugs in an alleyway. Felicity spots an ESU strike vehicle moving in, and Green Arrow and Speedy move into position. The cops aboard it open fire and Quentin opens fire. Another cop grabs Laurel, and another one shoots Black Canary in the throat, taking out her Canary Crime. All of the cops are specially equipped and one of them snares Diggle with a net gun while two others take out Thea. The crooked cops take off in the drug van and Quentin gets a good look at their leader, Liza Warner. He joins the others and says that he's not okay.

The team takes Quentin to the lair and Quentin explains that the gear they were using was specialized weaponry for the anti-vigilante task force. He admits that he reinstated it a year ago and there were 40 officers on the task force. The power flickers again and Quentin offers Felicity unrestricted access to the department's computer network before leaving.

The cops stop off to check the drugs, and they figure that Quentin knows who they are. Liza says that they don't kill cops in cold blood, and draws her gun when they want to vote. She insists that they're not criminals and they need to provide to their families. When they warn that Quentin is a problem, Liza says that he's a solution.

Felicity returns to Palmer Tech and Curtis asks for her help breaking the password on the crash log. There's a programming note that says Felicity knows the password. She does but refuses to listen to a recording of her ex-boyfriend. Curtis realizes that they were close, and says that his brother died six years ago of pancreatic cancer. He'd give anything to hear something from his brother he'd never heard before, and hands Felicity the flash drive.

Quentin sets up a meeting with Damian and asks for his help with Sara. He explains about how she was brought back by the Lazarus Pit, and asks Damian if there's anything he can do. Damian tells him that if Sara was his daughter, he'd put her down. He warns that Sara's body does not possess her soul, and the best thing that Quentin can do is return Sara to her final rest.

Oliver is exercising at the lair when Felicity comes in. She has a file on Liza and has learned that she put a quarter million dollars in offshore accounts in the last three months. Felicity has used the SCPD computer to access every police camera and run facial-recognition software on Liza. Oliver spots footage of Quentin meeting with Damian and realizes that they're working together.

Quentin returns home and finds Oliver waiting for him. Oliver reveals that he knows about Quentin's connection with Damian, and says that Damian has killed a lot of people. He reminds Quentin that he also considered himself more righteous than Oliver, and Quentin says that he's been working with Damian for two months. Damian had people and resources, and claimed that he wanted to help Starling City. By the time Quentin figured out who Damian really was, Damian threatened Laurel. Oliver tells him to stop hiding behind his daughters, and admits that he's running for mayors so that he could show Quentin what kind of man he really is. Instead he found out what kind of man Quentin really is. Quentin asks what he's going to do, and Oliver says that he doesn't know as he leaves.

Five Years Ago

Oliver takes Conklin out and says that he strangled the woman. Conklin figures that Oliver is either a liar or a stone-cold killer, and says that he can see something cold inside of Oliver and Oliver is terrified of it. Oliver asks if Conklin is afraid of him, and Conklin says that he's the exact same way.


Thea finds Oliver in the campaign office. He remembers how they used to go to baseball games and saw all of the people united, and wanted to be mayor of that city. However, now Oliver isn't so sure.

Quentin goes back to Sara and draws his gun. He prepares to kill her, saying that he's sorry, and Laurel comes in. She asks what her father is doing, and he saysthat the woman in front of him isn't his daughter. Sobbing, Quentin drops the gun and Laurel tells him that it's okay as he walks out. He goes home and finds Liza and her men waiting for him. They subdue him after a brief struggle and drag him out. Laurel arrives and tries to fight them, but they taser her unconscious.

The crooked cops take Quentin to the SCPD contraband disposal facility. It requires a precinct captain to gain access, and Quentin insists that he's not a criminal. Liza says that she isn't either, and Quentin opens the security door.

At the lair, Laurel tells the others what happened. The power keeps glitching but not before Felicity detects Quentin's ID at the disposal facility. The others don their costumes and take off.

Liza's men load the drugs, and Quentin warns Liza that he's coming after them. She says that they'll be long gone by the time that they find him. Black Canary stops out and uses her Canary Cry on a different frequency that the protective gear doesn't affect. Green Arrow fires a shot but she deflects it, but he snares her with another arrow. He then frees Quentin with a third shot.

Diggle, Black Canary, and Speedy take out the other cops.

Green Arrow tells Quentin to leave, and Liza throws a knife into Green Arrow's back. She garrotes him and threatens to push the knife the rest of the way into his spine. Quentin reminds her that she said she's not a criminal, and Liza says that she's desperate. The captain says that they're all desperate and made to do terrible things. However, he insists that he still has to believe Starling City can be saved. If he doesn't then the city really dies, and they have to save themselves first... by facing justice. Quentin tells Liza to ask herself if she still believes in justice. After a moment, she releases Green Arrow and tells Quentin to do what he has to do. He takes her away as Green Arrow recovers.

Later, Quentin returns home and finds Oliver waiting for him. Oliver thanks him for saving his life and asks if Quentin believes what he said. Quentin says that he will turn himself in the next morning, but Oliver says that they need Quentin to stick around and stay on the inside. He tells Quentin that he trusts the man who said they could save the city and they shake hands.

Five Years Ago

Oliver leads Conklin into the cave. The woman is lying dead on a pallet, and Conklin confirms that she has no pulse. He tells Oliver to get rid of the body and says that the cave might be useful. Once Conklin leaves, Oliver applies acupressure to the woman and brings her out. He explains that he learned the technique on the island.

As Conklin goes back to the cave, he finds Oliver's communication gear hidden in the grass.


Oliver returns to his office and discovers that it's filled with staffers. They applaud him and he thanks them all for showing up. Thea and Felicity are waiting, and Thea explains that she used her club's Facebook page to tell them that Oliver is going to save the city. She gives him a speech announcing his candidacy and admits that she wrote it, using what he said earlier.

Later, Oliver gives the speech about how the city was united, and can be again. He admits that he's no politician, but after five years in hell, he returned to save Star City.

Damian receives a wooden box and looks at the contents.

Laurel goes to see Liza in the interrogation room.

Felicity brings up Ray's last message. She cries as she listens to it.

Quentin comes to Damian.

Oliver says that the only way they will restore Star City is by acting together.

Laurel visits Sara and discovers that she's escaped.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 29, 2015

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