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Beyond Redemption

Team Arrow discover that a gang of crooked cops is robbing drug dealers and selling their product. Oliver turns to Quentin for help, but soon learns that he is working with Damian. Meanwhile, Laurel brings Sara to Star City and reunites her with Quentin, but his reaction isn't what she had hoped.

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By Gadfly on Oct 29, 2015

Some drug dealers are preparing to make a delivery when the SCPD bursts in and shoots them down. Once the dealers are down, the cops grab the bag of drugs just as two police detectives come in. when they wonder what the cops are doing there, the crooked cops shoot them down and leaves. Back in Central City, Laurel and Thea go to Sebastian Blood's old campaign office at Oliver's invitation. Thea wonders why they can't tell Oliver about Sara's resurrection, and Laurel says that she doesn't want…

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Episode Discussion

JuanArango posted 7 years ago

Yes, I agree this was the best one so far, hope they are keeping up the pace :)

sammy_hunt posted 7 years ago

Oh wow. This is the best episode yet of the best Arrow season yet! I just love the whole reboot feel of the show, with it becoming lighter and more fun, which makes the super angsty dramatic scene between Captain Lance and Oliver that much more dramatic. I was literally tearing up when Oliver confronted him.

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