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Them's the Breaks Recap

Wray arrives at Half Food Markets and makes his way past the protestors outside. Bobbie is giving massages and working the counter at the same time. Wray approaches her and Bobbie explains that the market kicked her out when she was giving detox colonics close to the soup tureens. He asks if Bobbie has negotiated the commercial deal, and she suggests that Wray make him her TV and movie rep as well as his commercial booker.

As Bobbie has Wray check the samples that she has on a nearby grill, Bobbie explains that the commercial director is also directing Doctor-Cop-Lawyer and she has the script. There's a role for Wray as a gimpy sidekick with a squinty eye and a lisp. Wray wants to play the lead, Blade Slader. Bobbie says that she's submitted herself as the female lead and they'd have to do romantic scenes together if Wray got the lead.

A spotter recognizes Wray from Spectrum, and Wray agrees to let Bobbie rep him for TV and movies. She has Wray sign their contract in blood and presents it to the gods. The shopper is intrigued by Bobbie's Roadside Discovery flavor of hot dogs, and Bobbie says that they're Wray's favorites. Wray and the massage subject, Gary, are less than thrilled with them, especially when they find them that they're made with pony foreskins.

Wray returns home and calls Jack to say that he likes the TV role. Jack wants Wray to hit the convention circuit and get a groundswell made up for the Spectrum movie. They'll then announce it at Shaka-Con, even though they haven't been invited yet. Both of them find letters from Faith saying that it's time they go their separate ways. She's slipping into old habits and figures that if she's going to be a personal assistant, she needs to make changes.

Jack sadly checks his toupee and realizes that it isn't covering his hair loss.

Wray insists that it's not over and he can get Faith back, and breaks into tears. Faith comes out of the back and tells Wray that she had to pick up some stuff and put the letter. When Wray complains that she didn't text, she tells him to read the rest of the letter. Faith turns it over and crosses out the parts about her saying that they have a future together. She isn't interested in make-up sex and leaves, finding Dale at the door. Faith gives him the bra she borrowed from him, and she tells him to keep it.

Dale tells Wray to nut up and then tells Wray that life hurts. He tells Wray to reach higher and then goes higher to towel the salsa off of his scrote. He cuts the cast off of his broken arm and insists that they have to ignore pain... and cuts off his arm.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 26, 2017

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