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Front Toward Enemy Recap

After Sam's murder, Dinah lies in bed. Farah brings her cinnamon coffee and tells her daughter to talk to her. Dinah describes the shootout, and tells her mother that Sam's mother asked her to speak at his funeral. She doesn't see the point and figures that Sam died for the truth. Farah asks her what she needs to tell them and leaves.

Frank watches Dinah via a sniper scope, and Micro figures that she didn't have anything to do with Sam's death. His partner says that they have to treat her like a high-value target, and an explosion rocks the street.

The news runs video of a birthday party at the ATFfield office that is interrupted by one of three explosions. Other explosions occurred at a precinct house and a Federal courthouse. At home, Lewis is writing out a statement to the press taking credit for the bombings and saying that he is striking back at the government prosecuting its citizens. He then sends his statement to the Bulletin, and Karen shows it to Ellison. It's addressed specifically to Karen, and mentions how she's defended the "common hero" before. If she doesn't print the letter then the bomber will know that she's one of "them". Karen feels sick that the bomber feels that she'd approve of what he's doing. Ellison tells her to let the authorities handle it, but Karen insists on writing an editorial if the FBI approves it. Her editor agrees if the FBI agrees.

At the warehouse, Frank watches the video of the ATF office. He says that bombers are cowards and they're in for a world of shit. Even if they bring in Dinah, Frank would rather do nothing than something stupid.

Hernandez comes to see Dinah and Farah refuses to let him talk to her. Dinah comes out and insists on talking to her mentor, and he says that she left her office unprepared for the bombings. Hernandez asks for an explanation of why she filed a false tactical plan, and Dinah describes how Sam died looking surprised. He wants to know that Sam and the others didn't die chasing her ghosts, and Dinah tells him that the truth brought them there and no one wanted to hear it.

Karen writes an editorial saying that she isn't scared and the city will pull together. Frank reads it to Micro and worries that Karen is going after the bomber by calling him a coward and a terrorist. Karen is on The Rick Langtry Show on the radio, along with Senator Stan Ori who is a proponent of gun control. Rick describes what Karen said, and she says that she has no sympathy for the bomber's point of view. Ori says that the bomber is using violence to defend the Second Amendment, and Rick points out that the bomber used bombs, not guns. The senator asks for Karen's support, and Karen talks about how the willingness to use a gun is the only difference between life and death. Ori brings up Frank, explaining that Frank was put on trial for killing 37 people.

Rick goes to a commercial and the bomber calls in. They put Lewis on, and he says that only his actions are the only thing important about him. Karen tells him that he despises everything that he's done, and calls him a coward for killing secretaries and janitors. Lewis dismisses her as a pawn and Ori as a joke, and says "Sic semper tyrannis." Frank, listening to the broadcast, remembers Lewis saying it in Curtis' support group. He gives Micro a description and tells him to try and find him before he goes after killer. Micro wonders what's going on between Frank and Karen, and Frank says that he'll take Lewis out before he kills her. After a moment, Micro starts searching the databases.

Curtis leaves a voice message for Lewis asking him to call him. He goes to O'Connor's house and knocks at the door, but gets no answer. Curtis breaks in and finds O'Connor's corpse wrapped in a shower curtain and sitting in a chair. The bomb components are on a desk, and Lewis comes in behind Curtis. He says that Curtis shouldn't have come there, and insists that he's doing the right thing. Curtis refuses to leave without Lewis, and Lewis draws a gun on him. The older man grabs Lewis' arm and the two men struggle for the gun. They fight and Lewis finally yanks off Curtis' artificial leg and beats him unconscious with it.

Micro finds Lewis' address and says that they should call an anonymous tip line or Curtis. Frank figures that Curtis will just try to fix Lewis and says that he's doing it his way.

A FBI agent questions Karen about the bomber, and her phone rings. It's Frank, who wonders why she got involved. He tells Karen to stay put and let the FBI guard her, and she asks what Frank knows about the bomber. Frank is parked outside of Clay's house, and says that it's faster his way. She wants to do it the right way, and says that if Frank kills the bomber then he's no different. Frank tells her to stay put and hangs up.

Billy visits Dinah and she starts kissing him. He says that sex won't make her problems go away, and she sits on her bed and tells him that she just wanted to feel something good. Billy describes the funerals that he's been, and says that people like them just have to go back to work. Dinah describes how she used Frank's name as bait to lure the enemy out, and when people figure that out she's finished as an agent.

Micro calls Frank and says that he should do something about Lewis if he can. He explains that he got a trace on Lewis' phone, and his trace on Curtis puts him at the same address. Frank drives off for O'Connor's apartment.

Billy visits Ory, who is planning a fund-raiser for the bombing victims. A "friend" told him that Billy was the best to provide security, and Billy says that the bomber is a murdering coward he'd be glad to kill. He tells Ory to consider him insurance. Ory points out that someone attacking him wouldn't look good, and Billy asks if his principles are worth dying for. The senator agrees to hire Anvil for security, and Billy says that his people will try to subdue the bomber if possible.

Frank breaks into O'Connor's apartment and finds an unconscious Curtis in a chair, a claymore strapped to his chest. He wakes Curtis up and tells him what the situation is, and spots a cell phone hooked up to the claymore. Curtis tells Frank to get out and call the cops, but Frank cleans him up and looks around... unaware that Lewis is watching from across the street through a sniper scope.

Lewis calls on Curtis' cell phone and Frank answers it. When Lewis says that Frank was on his side so they took him out, he insists that he had to take matters into his own hands. Lewis tells Frank that Curtis chose the wrong side, and Frank insists that Curtis has never been on the wrong side of anything. He warns that they'll find and kill Lewis before he makes a dent, and advises him to turn himself in. Lewis says that he's doing the same thing that Frank did, and Frank tells him that he's a coward hiding behind bombs and a Marine.

Dinah prepares to go to Sam's service, and tells Farah that she owes it to Sam. She's going to tell all of the truth even though it will end her career, but at least someone will have to act on her words. Farah warns that it's a dangerous time, and asks if Dinah wants to burn her bridges because she's scared to go back.

Frank can't defuse the claymore, and Curtis wonders if he wants to die. His friend points out that he helps other, but Curtis tells him that he wakes up screaming thinking about what happened to him. He wishes that the last bomb had killed him rather than be strapped to a bomb now. Lewis calls from outside the window and says that he called the cops, and figures that Frank isn't his enemy. He says that they should be working together, and Frank agrees as long as he tells him how to defuse the claymore. Lewis wonders if he can trust him, and Frank says that it has nothing to do with trust. He describes how Curtis lost his leg because Frank froze up when a pregnant woman with a bomb approached them and he saw her as Maria and froze. Curtis says that it wasn't like that, but Frank tells him that he cost him his leg.

Lewis tells Frank to come to the back window. Sirens sound in the distance, and Frank says that he's going to stay there. Curtis begs him to go, saying Frank doesn't owe him anything, and Frank asks Lewis why he joined up. He figures that Lewis wanted a taste of fighting, just like he did, and now he's using the flag. Lewis insists that there is no home as long as journalists and politicians attack real patriots. Frank tells him that he's going to cut one of the wires, and tells Lewis that it's up to him whether they live or die. Lewis tells him to try the white wire, hangs up, and walks away.

Frank goes to the claymore and cuts the white wire despite Curtis telling him to go. Nothing happens, and Frank goes out the back and runs as the police arrive out front and spot him. A car cuts him off and Frank knocks out the officers, takes their car, and drives off.

Dinah is drinking at a bar before the service, and Micro sits down next to her. He admits that he sent her the video, and Dinah figures that he and Frank are partners. Micro offers to give her the names of everyone involved in Kandahar, including Rawlins. She figures that Frank doesn't know that Micro is there.

Ellison asks Karen if she knew and turns on the TV. The news reports that Frank was spotted at O'Connor's house, revealing that he's still alive.

Dinah and Micro see the same newscast at the bar.

Frank returns to the warehouse and sees the newscast proclaiming that he's the bomber.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 27, 2017

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