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Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3 Recap

On Earth-X at the concentration camp, Barry, Oliver, Alex, Sara, Martin, and Jax look at their fellow prisoners. The prisoners are wearing badges used to indicate what crimes they committed. One prisoner, Ray Terrill, explains that a pink triangle is used to indicate homosexuals. They realize the collars dampen their powers.

On Earth-1, Cisco wakes up in a pipeline cell. The others tell him what happened.

Kara finds herself on an operating table, bathed in red sunlight. Eobard comes in and tells her that her friends are on Earth-X and won't be alive much longer. Overgirl joins him and dismisses all the innocent people they killed to save their lives. Eobard tells Kara that soon the red sunlight will weaken her enough that he can remove her heart.

Iris and Felicity are in the building's air vents, and figure that Kara only has a few hours. Felicity wonders how they're going to stop people with superpowers, and Iris suggest that they go to the pipeline and free Cisco, and then he'll turn off the power.

In the concentration camp, whistles go off and Ray says that it's roundup time. Sturmbannfuehrer Quentin Lance comes out and looks over the heroes. He admires Sara's Nordic perfection and wonders why she aligns herself with the unpure. Sara tells him that she's bisexual, and Quentin says that he had a daughter just like her with similar compulsions, and he expunged her from his family line forever. He tells his guards to bring them all along with Ray. As the guards led them off, the team signals among themselves. When they try and fight, Quentin activates the collars, driving them to their knees in pain, and tells them to continue to a mass grave. He says that he knows Olive isn't dark Arrow and says that he can't stomach the sight, and puts a hood over his head. He then orders his men to open fire. As they aim, a figure arrives and freezes their guns.

The newcomer is Leo Snart, but goes by the name Citizen Cold. As the others take cover in the grave, Citizen cold knocks out a guard and uses his keys to free the others. Ray greets his friend and then turns into a light form and soars into the air, blasting the Nazis. Once he drives them back, Ray ells them that he's taking them to their base and they leave as more guards arrive.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Overgirl tells Kara that she's looking inferior. She says that they're everything that the humans want to be, and tells Kara that she's a god to the humans and could have been living like one. Overgirl insists that humans want someone to rule them, and dismisses them as ants. She dismisses Kara as pathetic and says that she was alone at the wedding. Overgirl figures that Kara is miserable of taking care of everyone else, and Kara says that Overgirl won't get what she wants. Her doppelganger tells her that she's not using her heart, and says that they're almost ready.

Iris and Felicity reach the she works on the controls, Felicity points out that she'll never see Oliver again. Two guards arrive, but Iris grabs a steam pipe and fires it in their face, and then they both disarm the guards. Iris discovers that she can't open the blast door, and Felicity sends an SOS to the Legends. With no idea how long it'll take, they figure they have to save Kara.

At the rebellion's secret lair in Star city, the heroes tell Ray and Leo who they are. Leo flirts with Sara, and Ray says that he's from Earth-1 as well. He figures that they came through the rebellion's temporal gateway. It's not too far from there, but Ray explains that they can't take them there because it's guarded by an army of Nazis. Barry insists, but Freedom Fighter General Schott says that they're going to blow it up. Ray and Leo explain who the heroes are, and they explain why they have to get back. Schott tells them that it's their only opportunity to strand Fuehrer Queen in the other world, and Oliver points out that it will leave Dark Arrow, Overgirl, and Reverse-Flash on the other side. Schott insists on destroying it and walks off, and Alex tells Ray that on their world, her Winn would do anything to help Kara. Leo tells Ray to let her try.

Alex approaches Schott and says that he can't do it. Schott says that they have been are war for generations, and Alex asks them to let them go home before they destroy it. The general says that the Nazis have a doomsday device powerful enough to eliminate other worlds, but Alex explains that on her Earth, Kara is her Winn's closest friend. Winn would do anything to help Kara no matter the risk, sand all Alex is asking for is a chance. Schott says that he's sorry about Kara and Earth-1, but his decision stands.

Martin apologizes to Jax about not considering Jax's feelings. He says that Jax is his family, and he considers Jax his son and a better one then he could have helped for. Jax accepts his apology and they hug.

Sara finds Alex looking for a weapon so she can save Kara. When Sara says that she's scared for her sister, Alex insists that she should have done more but she was distracted. Sara understands and explains that she lost her sister, and her guilt took her down a dark path. She says that she protects her team and Alex is on her team. Sara promises that they won't let what happened to Laurel happened to her. Alex mentions Maggie, and Sara tells Alex to trust her instincts for why she left Maggie.

Leo tells Ray that they should talk to Schott, and points out that if they destroy the gate then Ray will lose the chance to see his family on Earth-1. Citizen Cold says that the heroes would risk everything they love just like he would, and kisses Ray. Ray gives in

Later, Leo and ray tell the heroes that they talked to Schott and convinced him to let them help the heroes out. They go over a model of the facility and confirm that the entire facility has power dampener. Oliver says that he knows how to get in. Schott gives them one hour, and Alex thanks him. Once she leaves, Schott tells Ray that he won't give them more time.

Once the red sunlight saturation is complete, Eobard prepares to operate as Dark Arrows look on. Kara says that her cousin will find them, and Eobard tells her that he fought her cousin in the future and defeated him.

In the time vault, Felicity and Iris cut the power. Eobard speeds to the time vault and finds no one there.

Iris and Felicity drop into the medbay and knock out the guards. Kara tells them to get her to the sun, and they take her to the elevator. Metallo-X is there and blasts Kara unconscious.

A truck pulls up to the facility and Leo tells the guard that it's a special visit. Oliver, posing as Fuehrer Queen, tells the guards to let them through and they quickly do. Once inside, Quentin comes up and says that he wasn't expecting them. He admits that Oliver and the others escape execution, and asks if they should delay deployment of the doomsday device aboard Wellenreiter. Oliver tells him to continue as scheduled, and the scientists open the portal. Wellenreiter goes through to Earth-1 and cloaks.

Eobard tells Queen that Wellenreiter has reached Earth-1. He warns that soon Kara's cells will regain their power, and says that the system has been encrypted by Felicity so he can't turn it back on.

Oliver dismisses Quentin, who looks at him suspiciously and then says that he has a gift to celebrate his return. The guards bring in the Earth-X Felicity, and Quentin explains that she was giving rations to the camp children. He hands a gun to Oliver and Oliver prepares to shoot her... and then fires the gun on Quentin, only to discover that it's unloaded. Oliver attacks hi, grabs gun, and shoots down the guards. Once he finishes them off, Oliver tells Smoak to take the gun and go. He says that it's the strong's duty to protect the weak and sends her out.

Oliver turns off the dampeners, and Flash speeds. They confirm that the gateway control has been damaged, and Oliver figures that there's a manual override at the platform.

Schott tells Leo that he's changed his mind and is sending the bomb through. He tells the others that a weapon is heading for the facility: Red Tornado

Queen orders Felicity to turn the power back on, and Eobard grabs her by the throat. He says that in his era, no one has ever heard of Felicity. Eobard vibrates his hand and prepares to kill her, but Kara comes in and tells them to take her and not hurt anyone else. She tells Felicity to kill the code, and assures Felicity that no one else will die because of her. Felicity gives them the code, and Eobard goes to enter it and restore the power. The guards take Iris and Felicity off,

Leo warns the others that they have ten minutes until Red Tornado arrives. Barry and Ray go to stop it, while the others fight their way to the platform. Once they leave, Leo gives Oliver their costumes.

Quentin orders his soldiers to secure the platform. They aim their guns at the door... and Firestorm blasts his way in. The other heroes storm in and attack, and Alex and White Canary take out soldiers from the shadows.

Flash and Ray intercept Red Tornado and Flash manages to tackle it.

Firestorm finds an automated power cell, and they have to split up so Jax can hotwire it while Martin works the portal controls. The two men go their separate ways, but Nazis open fire on Jax.

Red Tornado soars back into the sky with Flash hanging onto it. Ray flies after them as the android knocks Flash off, and hits Ray with a wind blast. Both heroes go down and Red Tornado continues for the facility.

Nazis pin down Arrow and Citizen Cold, and Martin makes a run for the control lever. A bullet takes him in the back and he goes down. Jax, still pinned down, can only watch.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 29, 2017

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