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Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3

While Flash, Arrow, White Canary, Firestorm, and Alex attempt to return to Earth-1, Felicity and Iris team up to free Kara before Eobard and Fuehrer Queen remove her heart and transplant it into Overgirl.

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By Gadfly on Nov 29, 2017

On Earth-X at the concentration camp, Barry, Oliver, Alex, Sara, Martin, and Jax look at their fellow prisoners. The prisoners are wearing badges used to indicate what crimes they committed. One prisoner, Ray Terrill, explains that a pink triangle is used to indicate homosexuals. They realize the collars dampen their powers. On Earth-1, Cisco wakes up in a pipeline cell. The others tell him what happened. Kara finds herself on an operating table, bathed in red sunlight. Eobard comes in and…

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Episode Discussion

SilverSurfer posted 4 years ago

Part 3 of the massive four part Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow crossover event. I very much enjoyed this part as well as the 4 episodes as a whole. I would very much love to see WB try an experiment with this Crisis on Earth-X, namely editing this into a single, stand alone movie. A little trimming here or there, addition of perhaps some deleted scenes or even a reshoot or two and then try it out in a limited release in theatres then off to Bluray/DVD. I think it would be a minor money maker but more importantly a great way to try to attract new fans to all four series. I assume the film side would not like the TV side encroaching in their territory but imagine the geek buzz over a movie with Supergirl, Green Arrow, The Flash, Kid Flash, The Atom, Vixen, Captain Cold, Killer Frost, Firestorm, Citizen Steel, et al.

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