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Devil's Night Recap

Ricky Ramirez enters the Cortez and signs in at the desk. When Liz comes out, Ricky says that he has a standing invitation and has been dead for three years. Ricky takes him to his room and Ramirez complains that Manson hasn't joined them yet. They go to the room and Ricky tells Liv that he doesn't need a key.

That night, Ramirez breaks into another hotel room and beats the sleeping husband to death. He then grabs the wife and makes her swear to Satan that she won't scream. She does but screams anyway, and Ricky garrotes her with a lamp cord. When the cord breaks, the wife runs out and James grab her, Ricky comes up and James says that the couple are tourists from Arizona. He invites Ricky to finish the woman off and Ricky walks forward.

The next morning, Scarlett calls John and says that she doesn't feel like trick-or-treating. She tells her father that she'd rather stay at her grandmother's a little longer, and John admits that things are getting weird. Distracted, John stares at his pin board and realizes that there's a smear of fresh blood. More blood gushes down from the ceiling,

Mrs. Eves is scrubbing sheets in the bathtub but blood covers them as quickly as she can rinse it off.

Los Angeles, 1925

Mrs. Evers takes her son Albert trick-or-treating, dressing him as a ghost. They meet another mother, Molly Wilkins, and her child. Meanwhile, a man compliments Albert on his costume. The man takes Albert into a car and drives off as Mrs. Evers realizes that the man is abducting her son.


John goes to Mrs. Evers' room and the woman says that she's working on sheets. She cleans off the blood as best she can and then opens the door. He wonders if there was an accident, and Mrs. Evers says that it happens every year and she lost her boy on Halloween. Crying, she says that it's her fault and she didn't make Albert a proper costume, and John says that he knows what it's like especially on anniversaries of a child's disappearance. Getting control of herself, Mrs. Evers invites John in for a sherry. He refuse sot take a drink and Mrs. Evers asks him to pour her one. She admits that talking to him is a comfort to her soul, and explains that Albert's killer took him to his ranch. The housekeeper insists that she loved Albert, and admits that she doesn't know what really happened to him. the police searched the farm eventually but all they found was a bloodstained sheet. The killer disposed of his victims with quicklime and scattered their bones in a mass grave.

Mrs. Evers tells John that she's known for a while that they're kindred spirits, and then giggles and says that the master will be upset if the table for his autumnal banquet isn't perfect. John glances at the bloody sheets in the bathroom and then leaves.

Alex brings Holden home and their dog Jasper barks at the boy until Alex locks him in the bathroom. Holden stares at the photos of the family, and Alex opens the drapes. The boy complains that it's too bright, and Alex hastily closes the drapes and then gives him a brief exam. His body temperature is far below normal but Holden doesn't feel cold, and the boy says that he doesn't remember the house. Alex assures him that he's home and hugs him, and Holden says that he's thirsty. She goes to get Holden some juice, and breaks into tears. When she goes back, she discovers that Holden has pulled the dog out of the bedroom, ripped its throat out, and drank it's blood. He says that he needs his other mommy.

At the station, Hahn tells John that the blood on Gabriel wasn't his. John is looking up the kiddie murders, and Hahn tells him that they changed the name of the town 60 years ago because of the bad publicity. John is shocked to discover that the crimes were committed in the 1920s... making Mrs. Evers 85 years old.

Alex takes Holden to the Cortez and he runs up the stairs. She follows him to the drained pool and watches as he gets in his glass coffin. The Countess comes in and tells Alex that she has answers for her questions. She takes Alex to her suite and says that she and Holden could feel Alex's longing. The Countess insists that she saved Holden and her other children from neglect, and they came to her willingly. Alex insists that she didn't neglect her son, and the Countess asks if John could say the same. Furious, Alex asks what happened to her son. The Countess explains that Holden has contracted a virus that grants everlasting life. Alex takes out a gun and orders the Countess to change Holden back, and the Countess says that there's no going back and no cure. The only way Alex can be with Holden is to become like him. In return the Countess wants Alex's undying loyalty. Alex backs away to get the police and Tristan knocks her down. The Countess tells him to let Alex go, and assures Tristan that Alex would never risk losing her true love.

John goes to the hotel bar and Liz gets him a ginger ale. However, John says that his wife said he was never an alcoholic and orders a double martini. A woman, Aileen Wuornos, enters the bar and she says that it's her thirteenth year at the autumnal banquet. John thinks that she looks familiar, and Liz explains that John is a police officer and a special guest of the hotel. Aileen complains that the police called her a serial killer, and John says that Aileen looks just like the woman who killed seven men in Florida. Aileen says that she was 5 when the world started taking from her, so she gave it away for free so she could pretend it doesn't hurt. She says that she had a deal with the seven men but then they got greedy. Aileen warns that if anyone tries to take everything from her, she'll take everything from them. John says that it's bullshit and points out that none of the men had a history of violence. Aileen tells him that she only knew them for one day and that's what they were on that day. She grabs his collar and asks when he last got laid, and John says that he has a room. s John pays his tab, Liz warns him that he's too drunk to see how ugly Aileen is. John tells him that he's too drunk to care.

As John walks to his room, Aileen knocks him out and ties him to a chair in his room. She talks about how she was put to death for her crimes, and John insists that she isn't Aileen. Aileen tells him to look into his eyes and welcomes him to Devil's Night at the Cortez. John manages to smash the chair and they fight, and John finally knocks Aileen out. He grabs his gun and drags Aileen into the bathroom, takes the key from her, and then handcuffs her to the sink. John then checks her purse and finds a Florida driver's license... saying that Aileen is who she says.

In the lobby, John walks past a hooded man and goes to the front desk. He checks the register and Liz yanks it away. John says that Aileen tries to call him and tries to call his room. Liz says that there won't be anyone in John's room and explains that James is protective of his invited guests. John wonders what Devil's Night is, and Liv says that it's the real holiday when ghouls come out to play. She checks the list of name--all serial killers--and discovers that John's name is on the list. John goes back to his room and discover that Aileen is gone. A suit is laid out on the bed,

Once he puts the suit on, John goes to James' suite. Ricky and Aileen are there, and Aileen apologizes for what happened. He tells Aileen that she's leaving in her custody, and James insists that John sit where his name card is. They all sit down and James serves absinthe and welcomes their newest guest. John points out that the owner died 75 years ago, and James tells him that by now John should know that's what impossible becomes possible there. The hooded killer comes in and everyone introduces themselves. The guests are John Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ricky Ramirez aka the Night Stalker, and the hooded Zodiac Killer.

John points out that they're all dead and wonders what's going on. James says that he invited John there to help him, because he's blind to everything. Gacy explains that they come there every year as a tradition and only the ones who took James' advice get invited. Ricky tells John that he evaded the police when he stumbled into the Cortez. James beat him and taught him to be indiscriminate to avoid capture. James says that they are the Mount Rushmore of murder and have codes of conduct. He boasts of how his hotel is the perfect killing grounds, designed to hide evidence of murder. Gacy found his way there and James showed him his secrets.

Gacy handcuffs John to the chair and says that it's his trick. Aileen comes over and explains that a truck driver drove him to LA and then she stumbled into the Cortez. James was the first man who ever showed her respect. Mrs. Evers arrives with salad and Jeffrey shoves it away, disgusted. Ricky puts on a record and dances with Eileen, and Mrs. Evers brings out the amuse-bouche: a naked young man. They put her in a chair next to Jeffrey, who tells her to never leave her. He gets his drill and explains that he wanted to make his victims a part of him. However, it never works before they die. James says that he told Jeffrey that he had to get into the minds of his victims. John manages to draw his gun and shoots Jeffrey, but Jeffrey shrugs it off and points out that they're already dead. He then drills into his victim's skull.

A man, Craig, finds Sally outside of the Cortez. They talk about Halloween and Craig figures that it's people pretending. He says that he likes his life and doesn't need a costume to have fun, and tells Sally that whatever she's selling is fun.

In James' suite, John realizes that Jeffrey's victim is still alive. Jeffrey pours acid into the hole in the skull and boasts that he's created a zombie who will stay with him. John tries to free himself, and James figures that John isn't yet one of them. They toast James, and James says that his guests represent the definition of American success. He assures them that their stories will live on forever, and invites them to stay for dessert. Everyone cheers, and Sally brings in a drugged-out Craig. James confirms that it will buy her a year of being left alone, as always, and Mrs. Evers brings out a tray of knives. Each guest takes a knife and James offers a toast to themselves: the greatest killers of their time. He stabs Craig and the others join in as Sally calmly watches.

Sally goes to John, who realizes that he's in an empty suite. She says that she heard him crying and came in, and says that he's hallucinating. He wonders if anything is real, and Sally says that she is and she's her protector. When he reminds her that she disappeared on him, Sally assures him that she'll not going anywhere and takes John to his room. Behind them, John watches them go and then returns to his guests.

Alex approaches the Countess and says that she can't lose Holden again. The Countess takes her to her suite and kisses Alex, and then turns her. Alex passes out and the Countess assures her that she will be with Holden for all of eternity.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 29, 2015

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