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Rewind Recap

The teenagers run off and Molly apologizes for setting off the flash.

In the basement, Tina says that the light might have been a reflection from the staff's sound barrier. The parents remove their robes and get dressed.

The teens reach the door at the top of the staircase, and they all try to push it together. Molly hears footsteps and pushes on the door with her super strength, and everyone falls through the door. Alex tells the others to go into the guest house and he has an idea.

Geoffrey and Catherine run up the stairs.

Chase and the others enter the guest house, and Karolina figures that it was a Church ceremony. Gert points out that her parents are Jewish, but are scientist and might have been conducting an experiment. Molly starts yawning, and Nico says that she thinks their parents killed the girl. All of the lights on the estate go off.

Earlier That Day

After Alex leaves, Catherine tells Geoffrey that what happened to Amy was a tragedy but Alex can't let it define him. Geoffrey assures her that Alex is a Wilder and they don't let the past define their future. Catherine kisses him and asks him to help her set up for the PRIDE meeting.

Chase tells Janet that when he leaves for college, he won't have to put up with Victor anymore. Janet admits that Victor is difficult but explains that it's the price of his genius. Chase doesn't believe it and notices that Janet is receiving a call. He leaves and Janet takes the call and can't wait to see them that night.

Victor is in his workshop working on the cocoon. He puts a rat inside and activates the cocoon. When he reopens it, the rat is still there and unharmed. Janet comes in as Victor has a sudden headache. Victor tells Janet that the box is having dematerialization process, and as she recovers the rat she suggests that Victor ask for help. Her husband angrily says that no one could help him, and then apologizes for snapping at her. He tells Janet to get rid of the rat and walks off.

At the church, Karolina walks away. France and Aura tell Leslie that Destiny wasn't in chapel and isn't in her room. Leslie tells them to find her.

As Karolina goes, she sees Frank talking with his agent Phil. She leaves and Phil asks to talk somewhere privately. Frank insists that there are no secrets in the light, and Phil tells him that he's letting him go. He says that they had a hell of a run when Frank was popular with teenage girls. Now Frank spends most of his time with the Church. Phil wonders why Frank is interested in acting when he has the Church, and Frank explains that Leslie owns the entire property. The agent reminds Frank that it was his popularity that made the Church popular and tells him to talk to Leslie.

Robert tells Tina that she needs to fix the situation and reminds her what day it is. Tina goes to a room and takes her staff out of a cabinet. She then goes back to Amy's room and tells Robert to get out because she's sealing the room. Robert turns and sees that his wife is holding the staff, and Tina seals the doorway with a magical barrier. He says that he knows that Tina misses her and asks why she can't say it out loud. Tina says nothing, and Robert warns that if things don't change then they'll lose Nico as well. His wife agrees to start with a padlock, drops the barrier, and walks off.

After dropping Molly and Gert off, Dale and Stacy come to a school crossing, and they stop as the man behind them honks. When Kevin gripes about Victor, Stacey tells him to behave and reminds her husband of the PRIDE meeting that night. He suggests that she go and cover for him, and Stacey points out that she stayed up the whole night with "her". She's watching video on a tablet of the creature in their basement.

At the site where the new PRIDE-sponsored school is going up, a group of street thugs drive up, get out, and draw guns on the workers. The thugs' leader, Darius Davis, tells the foreman Howard that they're being given the day off. Darius says that he's the foreman now, and Howard points out that some powerful people are bankrolling the construction. Unimpressed, Darius says that's the point and tells him to tell Geoffrey that he says hello.

Catherine and Geoffrey are setting up for the meeting when Howard calls and tells him what happened. Geoffrey tells him not to call the cops, hangs up, and tells Catherine what happened. He figures that if he pays Darius then Darius will just keep coming back for more, and Catherine warns that if the PRIDE finds out then there'll be trouble. Her husband says that he has it.

Darius is at the bus station when Leslie finds her. The girl shows her a photo of her little girl and explains that her birthday is that day, and Destiny swore she wouldn't mean another one. Leslie tells Destiny that it was going to be a surprise and says that Destiny was moving up the spectrum to Ultra that night. Touched and pleased, Destiny goes with her back to the Church.

Come sunset, Geoffrey arrives at the construction site carrying a case. Darius greets him and tells his gang members that Geoffrey used to run the town. He has one of his gangers, Andre, pat Geoffrey down and take his phone to make sure that there's no recording of their "negotiation". Darius demands his "taxes" for Geoffrey building in his neighbor, and takes the case. He draws a gun and tells Geoffrey to open it. Geoffrey does so, revealing a tablet running live footage of Darius' mother's house.

Geoffrey makes it clear that he'll kill the woman if Darius keeps messing with him. Geoffrey reminds Darius that he got what he did because Geoffrey let him have it, and if he wants it back then he'll take it. Darius figures that Geoffrey got to the top because of him, and has no memory of his people. He says that Geoffrey is building something great for himself, and Geoffrey tells Darius to go or he'll destroy his world. Geoffrey takes his phone back and calls the workers in, and Darius leaves with his gang. In their car, Darius confirms that Andre downloaded all of the data from Geoffrey's phone.

Frank goes into his family's manor and calls to Leslie. She's in her room meditating at a shrine to her father. Frank comes in and kneels as well, and asks her to let him help lighten her load. He asks her to take him Ultra, and says that the Church drove her father to an early grave. Leslie points out that her father died of testicular cancer, and Frank says that he's giving up on acting to dedicate himself to the church. She knows that Phil came by, but Frank tells her that it doesn't matter. Unimpressed, Leslie says that she has to go the PRIDE meeting. Frank suggests that she take him with her, and says that they legitimatize the Church in the eyes of the city. She tells him that they'll talk about him going Ultra later and leaves.

That night, Leslie shows the other members the file on Destiny. Geoffrey hesitates and Victor asks if he's getting cold feet. The other man says that the girl is the same age as their children, and asks if it bothers anyone else. Catherine wonders what has gotten into Geoffrey, and Leslie tells the others that she gives them six months of safety and shelter in return for the gift they provide. Janet and Stacey point out that it will be the last time they have to be there, and Geoffrey opens the secret panel to the chambers below.

The parents remove their clothing and don their robes, and then go to the box. Leslie then makes a call to the Church and says that they're ready at their end where another box is. She then goes to where Destiny is sitting and says that it's time.

Tina seals the area with a sound barrier, and Victor assures Geoffrey that the box is working. Leslie brings Destiny in and she wonders what's going on. Stacey brings her a goblet and tells Destiny to drink it to purify herself. When Leslie does so, she collapses and Leslie guides her to the box as she removes Destiny's robe. Destiny begs her not to do it, but Leslie ignores her and Geoffrey and Dale put her in the box. Leslie tells her that it's okay, and Geoffrey says that he's sorry. He then pulls away and Leslie assures a sobbing Destiny that it will be okay. Catherine tells Victor to do it, and he activates the box. It closes and there's a flash. The parents look up but see no one.


Alex goes to the master fuse box and turns off all of the lights. He then goes to the guest house and tells the others that he was covering the flash. Karolina says that she has an idea of what to do next, and Alex points out that Molly is unconscious.

When Catherine and Geoffrey arrive, they find the teens playing Twister. Catherine says that the parents are leaving soon if they need rides. As she and Geoffrey leave, Geoffrey figures that they're good. Meanwhile, the teens drop their positions in relief.

Back in the study, Geoffrey and Catherine tell the others that their teens are there and don't seem to have a clue. They figure that the box blew the circuits, and Catherine asks a hesitant Janet if she's okay. Janet says that it was a hard one, and Tina tells the others that she has to be in the office early. First her and then the others leave, except for Victor who stays behind to pack up the box.

The teens discuss what happened, and Karolina point out that she talked to Destiny earlier. Nico suggests that they ask their parents what was going on, but Gert doesn't believe that Dale and Stacey would kill someone. Alex checks the photo that Molly took.

At the Church, Frank goes to Leslie's office and checks her private schedule.

As Victor wraps up the box, Destiny pounds on the inside lid. Victor opens it and then holds Destiny inside when she tries to get out. Staring, he says that she shouldn't be there.

The parents collect their children and everyone greets each other. The teens then step aside and Alex tells them that they have to act normal. Nico goes to the bathroom, and Dale offers leftover Brie to the kids. Gert nervously says that they're going with her parents, and Karolina hugs Chase and thanks him for what he did earlier. She goes with Leslie, and Janet tells Chase that Victor is waiting in the car for them. Alex tells Tina and Robert that Nico is freshening up and goes to get her.

Alex goes to the bathroom and warns Nico that her parents are getting suspicious. She says that she can't go home now that she knows what her parents are doing, and says that she used to have someone who would take her side. Alex promises her that she's not alone. He then leads Nico out and she goes with her parents. Geoffrey says that he thought he saw some sparks between Alex and Nico, and offers him any advice. Alex quickly excuses himself.

Frank goes to Leslie's private meditation suite and discovers that he's barred from entering. Inside, the withered figure lies in the second box and hears Frank trying the door. One of the Church acolytes, Vaughn, comes up and tells Leslie that the area is off-limits. Vaughn insists that Frank doesn't have access to the suite, and Frank reminds Vaughn of who got him promoted. Unimpressed, Vaughn says that he was promoted because of his devotion to the rules and leads Frank away.

Nico secretly watches as Tina puts the staff back in its case. Tina hears someone moving and calls to Nico, but finds no one there.

Molly goes to Gert's room and asks to sleep in her bed. Gert agrees and Molly says that something weird is going on with her. She asks Gert to sing the song she used to sing when she was younger, and as Gert sings Molly takes her hand.

Nico sneaks into her room and stares at the ceiling. Alex texts her and the others and says that they'll meet the next morning to figure everything out.

Karolina is at the pool looking at her bracelet. Leslie tells her not to stay out too late and goes inside. Karolina texts Destiny and gets no response.

In the Yorkes' basement, the dinosaur hears Gert singing.

Catherine finds Geoffrey drinking in his study. He tells her that they'll break ground on time, but his meeting with Darius reminded him of the old days. Geoffrey figures that he traded his old crew for rich white people, but killing is still killing. Catherine reminds him of all of his community connections he brought to PRIDE, and Geoffrey says that it's much more than that. They kiss and go to bed. As Geoffrey leaves, he finds Molly's kitty hairpin on the floor next to the hidden door.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 9, 2017

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