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Fifteen Recap

The Past

Nico goes to check on her sister Amy and finds her dead, apparently of a drug overdose. She yells, and Tina and Robert come in and confirm that their daughter is head. Tina orders Wizey to seal the house, and Nico runs out of the bedroom and calls 911. Tina follows her and uses the staff to short out the phone and knock Nico unconscious.

Later, Nico wakes up in her bedroom and discovers that the door is locked from the other side. She hears Tina talking to an officer, Detective Flores, and has Wizey check Tina's office. Tina tells Flores that Robert knows that he's there and gives him an envelope. Flores tells her that he'll handle it and leaves.


Nico looks at Amy's diary when the other teens call her. They tell her that Destiny turned up dead on the beach, not in the box. Chase says that Gert checked out his junk with Victor's x-ray goggles, and Alex says that he couldn't get into the catacombs. Nico tells them that she has been reading Amy's diary, and it shows that she was happy and wouldn't have killed herself. She points out that Amy died the night after a PRIDE meeting, Alex doesn't believe his parents would kill anyone, and Chase points out that Geoffrey went to prison for killing a man. When Alex points out that the charges were dropped, Chase reminds him that the catacombs are in Alex's basement. He says that they need to protect themselves, and Molly tells them that she can be their muscle but admits that it only works when she's scared. Chase tells them to all make sure that they're protected and hangs up, and goes to work on the cybernetic gloves that he's creating.

Alex goes to the study and discovers that the door switch has been replaced. He checks Geoffrey's desk and finds a hidden compartment containing money, travel papers, and a gun. Alex takes out the gun and aims it at his reflection in a nearby mirror.

Victor drives a van across town. In the back, a gagged and tied streetwalker yells for help. He turns up the radio to drown out her screams.

Dale and Stacey realize that Old Lace has escaped and they argue about who left the door unlocked. Gert secretly listens from the next room and then comes in and asks what they're talking about. Dale claims that a rare hedgehog escaped. Molly comes in and says that she doesn't remember a hedgehog in the basement, and whispers "monster" to Gert. Their parents go out with a drone to find it, and Stacey gets a text saying that PRIDE has called an emergency meeting. She says that they can suck it because Old Lace is more important, and Dale agrees as they send out the drone.

Victor meets Robert and Geoffrey and opens the back of the van. The woman has escaped, and Geoffrey and Robert walk off in disgust.

Alex arrives at the Academy and approaches Nico. She says that she's going to the police after school and asks Alex to come with her. He points out that they have no evidence of anything, and that it will tell their parents that they saw what happened. Nico insists on going ahead with her plan and walks off.

When Leslie, Tina, and Janet arrive, Victor admits that he screwed up. Janet claims that she talked Victor out of saying that the box wasn't working, and Victor says that it was him. Geoffrey has his people covering on Destiny's body, and Leslie says that the figure is sicker than he's ever been. She says that they need a replacement sacrifice, and she can't take a second girl from the Church in the same week without raising suspicions. When Geoffrey complains that they'll take someone who doesn't count, Leslie says that they all count and that it's hard for her as well. Victor insists on taking care of it because it was his screw-up, and Tina tells Robert to go with him. Leslie points out that Dale and Stacey aren't there, and says that everyone should consider the promise they made years ago.

At the academy, Gert approaches Chase and says that she tried to get his attention earlier. He admits that he ignored her because it would have been weird if they started talking like they were friends. Gert thanks him for not saying anything ab out the lab, and she doesn't want her parents to get in trouble. Brandon and Lucas come over and say that everyone was wasted at the party and shit happens. They say that Chase can just say he's sorry and they can move on, and Chase asks if they're going to say they're sorry to Karolina. When they refuse, Chase attacks them until the other students pull him away. Coach Alphona runs up and orders all three boys to his office. One girl, Eiffel, blames Karolina for getting wasted. Now they're state lacrosse title is in jeopardy. Karolina doesn't remember any of it, and after Eiffel leaves, Gert comes over Karolina tells her that she would know what happened. She wonders why Chase didn't tell her, and Gert suggests that he's trying to protect Karolina.

Leslie sits with the figure and asks what she can do. He tells her to warm him, and Leslie removes her clothing and gets into bed with him, passing a glowing light from her body to his. Later, Leslie comes out and finds Frank waiting for her. He asks what's going on in the meditation room, and asks if she's having an affair. Leslie dismisses his concerns and says that she's been praying on whether he's ready for Ultra. She tells him that he has to cleanse himself of his insecurity but thinks that he can, and kisses him. As she hugs him, Leslie tells Frank that he did it all on his own.

Karolina texts Chase saying that she needs to talk to him. Chase is on the bus to the lacrosse game, and Alphona tells him to focus. He then says that whatever has come between three boys isn't worth risking the title.

Three students find Gert and remind her about her Undermining the Patriarchy club. Gert says that it feels like a lifetime ago that she passed out the flyers, and Karolina comes over and asks to talk to her privately. The club members tell her to get lost, and Gert tells them that the patriarchy will have to remain and goes off after Karolina.

As Nico leaves school, she sees Alex watching her. She glares at him for a moment and then goes.

Karolina points out that Gert is the only one other herself who thinks their parents are innocent. They see Alex and invite him to come along, and Karolina suggests that they saw a higher-level Gibborum ceremony for Ultras. She plans to go through her mother's papers about the Church, and Alex says that they have each other but he doesn't have anyone and walks off.

Victor and Robert drive through the slums and Robert spots an old man passed out in his wheelchair. As Victor prepares to knock the man out with a tire iron, he wakes up and attacks Victor. A police car pulls up and Robert tells Victor that Tina will never know because he's calling Flores.

At Karolina's house, Karolina and Gert go through the Church papers and Gert admits that a lot of it is beautiful. She points out that the other kids think that they're crazy for believing in their parents, and Karolina insists that it's faith. They find Leslie's laptop with an encrypted Ultra file, and Gert gets a keychain with a flash drive on it that Alex gave her. They copy the file to the flash drive so that Alex can figure it out, and hear someone at the door. It's Chase, who asks to talk to Karolina privately. Gert takes the flash drive to Alex, and as she goes Karolina thanks her for being a friend.

Alex goes to the police station and finds Nico, and says that he came there so she wouldn't have to do it alone. They take each other's hands and tell the desk sergeant that they want to report two murders.

Chase tells Karolina that he quit the team and says that some things are more important. Karolina asks him to tell her what happened at the party, and he says that he walked in before anything happened. She thanks him and Chase says that he can't be a part of Brandon and Lucas. Karolina takes him inside to her bedroom and says that something else happened that night. She tells Chase to help her if she passes out, and takes off her bracelet. When she does, she starts glowing and says that it feels good. Karolina figures that it's okay, and she and Chase touch hands.

As Nico and Alex wait to file a report, the desk sergeant says that the detective on Destiny's case got a call. When Nico sees Victor and Robert come in and meet with Flores, she tells Alex that they have to go. They duck out of sight before the parents can see them, and outside Nico tells Alex that Flores was the man her parents called when Amy died. Alex figures that it's all true and shows Nico Geoffrey's gun. He says that he took it to protect himself and figures that Chase was right.

Tina meets with a man, Kincaid, who gives her a report on Dale and Stacey. He says that once he put it together, he wanted to go with them. Tina pays him off and thanks him for his services. As he goes, Kincaid says that the Yorkes don't seem like bad people, and Tina tells him that they never do.

Dale and Stacey continue searching for Old Lace, but Stacey figures the dinosaur is gone and say that they should go away as well. She figures that if someone does find Old Lace then they won't get the blame for whatever she does. Dale points out that the money from the serum sales hasn't gone through yet, but Stacey figures that they have enough money. After a moment, Dale agrees and they drive home to get their things.

Chase suggests that the bracelet is an inhibitor, and wonders if other people in the Church glow. Karolina wants to talk to Leslie, and Chase assures her that she's the most beautiful thing she's ever seen.

Molly is preparing an email for Catherine asking about her parents, including whether they did strange experiments on her and what happened the night that they died. Something moves downstairs and Molly goes to investigate. Old Lace attacks her and Molly's super strength kicks in. She kicks it into the ceiling and tries to run, but it cuts her off. As Molly prepares to hit it, Gert comes in and tells her to stop. She tells Old Lace to get away from Molly, and the dinosaur obeys her. It follows her commands to sit and Gert gently strokes it. Dale and Stacey come in and realize that they've found their dinosaur.

After the Yorkes lock Old Stacey back up in her habitat, Gert explains that Old Lace listens to her. Stacey says that they created it for their protection, and Dale tells them that everything they do, they do for the girls. He says that he'll explain more in the car on the way. Tina calls and Stacey tells the girls to stay there and keep Old Lace quiet. Gert is happy to learn that the dinosaur is a female.

The Yorkes meet with Tina, who points out that they missed the emergency meeting. Dale claims that they were mushroom hunting and had no cell service, and Tina says that she knows about the Hernandez's ranch in the Yucatan. She also knows that they've been transferring money there, and tells the Yorkes to focus on PRIDE's job. Once Tina leaves, Stacey figures that it's over and they're never getting out. Gert comes in and asks what's going on. Dale objects to her attitude and Gert walks out.

Alex and Nico to a coffee shop and Alex works on the Ultra file. He finally decrypts it and discovers that has intake information on runaways.

Chase goes to Victor's workshop and works on his glove, his "Fistigon". Victor comes in and examines the glove, and then tosses it on the floor in disgust. He then has Chase tell him what the idea is of what he's creating and how it makes him feel while they build it together.

Destiny's name is among the runaways, with no next of kin. They're all "per led", but there's no record on the Internet of any of them being dead. Nico figures that no one cared about them enough to file a missing persons report. She realizes that they were all part of the Church, and Alex wonders if they tell Karolina. The barista tells Alex that the alarm on his car is going off.

Karolina is reading The Book of Ellerh when she hears Leslie pull up. Before she can find her mother, Karolina's phone rings. It's Nico, who tells her what they found on the Ultra files. She says that Leslie is choosing the victims and it's been going on for fifteen years. Karolina looks out and sees Leslie and Frank together, laughing and drinking, and they wave Karolina over to celebrate with them.

Nico goes outside to check on Alex, and sees someone abduct him and drive off in a car.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 11, 2017

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