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The Eighth Witch Recap

Jacinda calls the EMTs and goes to the hospital with the unconscious Lucy.


Henry shows his daughter Lucy to Hook, Jack, and Tiana. Drizella arrives and says that Roni has been "detained", and tells them that she's there to deliver a prophecy. She warns that a curse is coming, and on Lucy's eighth birthday, all of their lives will end. Hook advances on her and Henry points out that Drizella is standing on a rune etched into the dirt. It's blood magic, and Victoria arrives and says that she can't have Drizella casting the curse. The rune transforms Drizella into stone.

Eight Years Later...

On Lucy's birthday, everyone gathers at Queen Tiana's manor to celebrate the girl's birthday. Roni magically lights the candles but before Lucy can blow them out, a storm comes up. Gothel appears and tells them that it won't be a day of celebration. Five other women in robes appears, and Drizella reverts to her human form. Gothel says that together their "family" could break the blood magic spell, and the suffering will begin. The seven women teleport away.


Sabine assures Jacinda that Lucy will be okay, and she goes to call Rogers to see if he can find out where Lucy was.

Victoria watches as Anastasia plays video games. Weaver tells Victoria that he wouldn't have helped her if he had known it was going to harm Lucy, and says that Anastasia is the Guardian. Victoria insists that she isn't, but Weaver says that if Anastasia is the Guardian then she can save Lucy. Victoria needs his help so that he can protect her from Drizella and Gothel.

In San Francisco, Regina examines a message bottle and then asks Henry if he's okay. He says that Jacinda isn't picking up, and figures that something is wrong. Regina assures him that Jacinda will get hold of him and tells him to put on a pair of sweats. They go to an exercise center and Regina tells Henry to play along. Zelena is running the exercise class, believing that she's Kelly.


Lucy is looking at the Storybook when Henry and Ella come out. They assure her that they'll stop Drizella and Lucy is part of their plan. They tell her to start packing and she goes inside. Ell worries if they're doing the right thing, and Henry assures her that it's the only way to keep all of them safe.

Regina goes to Emerald Acres Farm and a young Robin fires two arrows into the gate near Regina's hand. She congratulates her niece on her shooting, and Robin runs over to hug her. Zelena joins them and says that Robin has her father's aim. The sisters hug and then Regina tells Zelena that creatures rescued Drizella. Zelena says that they're witches, members of a dark coven that she was invited to join. They left a coin with their mark off at Zelena's farm, and Regina suggests that they fight witches with witches. Zelena removes her apron and goes to get her wand.


After class, Kelly asks Regina why she's there. Regina apologizes and says that they loved her class, and Henry joins in. Kelly tells him to leave and once he goes, she asks Regina if Henry is her new boyfriend. She says that Regina ruined her daughter's life by giving her a ticket to Amsterdam, and is unhappy that Robin thinks that Regina is cooler than her. Regina suggests that they have a drink for old time's sake and so she can explain, but Kelly refuses. Once she leaves, Henry comes back in and says that he's heading back to Seattle because Lucy is in critical condition. Regina says that Kelly is really important and she has to stay, and tells Henry to help Jacinda after almost blurting out that she and Lucy are his family.


Hook finds Rumplestiltskin weaving and says that they need his help against Gothel. Rumplestiltskin shows him a small token of a white4 elephant and says that nothing can stop the curse. However, the token will keep the most precious relationship intact. It will make sure that Hook and Alice are still father and daughter even with the curse gives them new memories. Rumplestiltskin says that he's doing it for Alice, who is nearby. She figures that their cursed memories might be better, and worries that she will lose her love. Hook insists that true love will win out, and Alice gives him a letter to give to her lover. As Alice leaves, Hook says that he'll do his best to make sure that none of them are parted.


Rogers is canvassing the neighborhood when Tilly shows him the symbol from Eloise's notebook painted on a bridge pillar: the Coven's mark.

Henry arrives at the hospital and Jacinda hugs him, sobbing.

At the gym, Regina pours the water from the bottle into a bottle of scotch. When Kelly comes out, Regina says she'll soon remember and points out that they were like sisters and invites her to have a drink. She pours a glass of scotch and Kelly reluctantly drinks it. Kelly coughs on the scotch but it doesn't return her memory. Regina says that they're sisters, and Regina asks her to come back and help her against Gothel. However, Zelena hesitates and says that Kelly had a life there… and she was getting married.

As Victoria looks on, Weaver takes Anastasia to his storage unit and asks her to tell him which one has magic. The daggers fly into the air and slam into a cabinet. Weaver opens the cabinet and removes the Dark One's Dagger, and tells Anastasia that the power can be used to heal paper. He says that Lucy needs her help and that it's time for Anastasia to show what she can do.

Zelena says that her fiancé is a solid guy and she was happy. Regina tells her sister that after things are done, Zelena can come back and marry him, but Zelena says that she can't lie to him because she has both sets of memories. She says that she loves Regina and they have to save their family and their people, no matter what it means for them personally.

Jacinda tells Henry that it's not right that Lucy is so still. He wishes that he could do more, and Jacinda asks him to read to her from his book. Henry agrees and says that he knows what part to read, and he and Jacinda hold hands.


Henry takes Lucy to the original Enchanted Forest and shows her the tree that took her mother to Storybrooke. Tiger Lily joins them and Henry explains that she helped him find the tree. She has Gepetto's axe, and Henry tells Lucy that they'll make a wardrobe from the tree. If the curse happens then he and Lucy will go to the Land Without Magic before the curse hits, and then find their people with the help of the Storybook. Tiger takes Lucy to her place to sleep, and Henry starts cutting wood from the tree.

That night, a wind springs up and Henry runs to Tiger's home. He wakes up Lucy and says that they found her, and tells his daughter that he'll stay behind to delay them while Lucy keeps the Storybook safe. Lucy runs out the back and the witches break in.

The next day, Lucy returns to Tiana's manor and tells the others that the witches got Henry. Jack and Hook prepare to get Henry back, but Ella figures that Drizella wants to distract them from stopping the curse.

In the coven's mountain lair, Gothel and the others meet. Drizella prepares to cast the curse, and thanks Gothel for everything. Victoria steps out of the shadows and says that Gothel is using Drizella. Drizella explains that in the new land, Victoria will think that she cast the curse to save Anastasia. Then Drizella will rip Anastasia away from Victoria forever. She puts Victoria to sleep with a spell, and Regina and Zelena step out. Regina explains that she brought others, and Hook, Ella, and Jack grab Gothel. Drizella is unimpressed, and Regina pins her with a spell while Zelena teleports the curse scroll to her hand.

The girl says that Regina will cast it, and tells Gothel to show her. Gothel reveals that they have Henry prisoner, and explains that they poisoned her. Regina is unable to cure Henry with magic, and Drizella says that the only thing that can save Henry is a trip to a land without magic. The woman says that she has seven ingredients, and the eight ingredient is a witch crushing the heart of what she loves most. Drizella tells Regina to make her choice: Henry's life or the curse.


Weaver has Anastasia write out a spell and explains that she's the only one who has magic. Anastasia senses that Drizella is there, and the unit starts shaking as Anastasia loses control. Weaver tells her to calm down, just as Gothel walks in. Anastasia blasts them all back and runs out, and finds Drizella waiting for her. She says that she brought vine bracelets to dampen her magic. Anastasia puts them on and says that Gothel is after them, and Drizella promises to keep her safe as she leads her away.


Henry apologizes to Ella, and Regina agrees to cast the curse. Zelena tells her that it isn't what she wants, but Hook points out that Zelena would do it for Robin and he would do it for Alice. After Zelena steps aside, Regina tells Drizella that it's not over. She uses her blood to cast the curse.

Rumplestiltskin gives his teacup to Alice, and tells her that he put Gold in a room in his mind and the teacup is the key. If she gets it to him then the room will open. Robin appears and says that she got lice's letter asking her to come. They kiss and then Robin says that she had to see her face one last time. Alice promises that they will always love one another.

Ella asks Hook how she'll find Lucy, and Hook gives her the token. The curse sweeps out across the land, embracing them all.


Henry reads about how every curse can be broken with belief and the help of one's family. He tells the comatose Lucy that he would do anything to save her, and that he believes that he's her father in some world. Henry kisses her on the forehead but nothing happens.

Regina tells Zelena that Henry tried true love's kiss but nothing happened. She figures that Victoria took Lucy's belief, and the kiss doesn't work if both people don’t' believe. Zelena says that they have to get their magic back to help Lucy, and they can only do that by breaking the curse. But if they do that, Henry dies. If they don't then Lucy dies.

Drizella takes Anastasia to an abandoned house. Gothel is there and says that it's a gathering place for her and her family. Drizella tells Anastasia that she's going to steal her magic, puts on a matching set of vine bracelets, and grabs Anastasia's hands. Anastasia grabs her back and can't let get at first. She finally releases Drizella, and Gothel says that she provided the bracelets to transfer Drizella's magic to Anastasia. Drizella realizes that Gothel betrayed her, and shoves her into a pit in the middle of the floor. Victoria is there, also imprisoned, and tells Drizella not to look at her.

Tilly and Rogers go to the storage unit and find Weaver looking through the debris. He finds the Coven's coin and Rogers tells him about the symbol. It matches the one on the coin, and Weaver says that it means that the Coven is there.

Gothel leads Anastasia to a room where the Coven's robes are on stands. She explains that soon they'll find the women meant to wear them and then the Coven of the Eight will be joined.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 16, 2017

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