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The Greek Recap

In southeast Asia, the Greek yacht Argosy V sits in the middle of the river. Men offload boxes marked Emergency Medical Supplies into the yacht, as the owner, Socrates Colonnades, looks on. A local man approaches in a boat and Socrates sees him. Socrates' girlfriend Serena asks Socrates come below to sing for the guests, but he tells her to go without her. Once she leaves, a crewman calls Socrates away.

Serena starts singing as Socrates and the crewman spot the local. Socrates fires a flare into the boat, blowing it and the local up.

In San Francisco, Jim goes to a brewery company to pick up his briefing. He's informed that an IMF agent--the local man--was killed while keeping surveillance on Socrates. Socrates uses his yacht to smuggle drugs stolen from internal relief organizations. He has built a network of international dealers to distribute the drugs through the work. Jim and his team are to neutralize Socrates' organization.

Later in Greece, the team meets at catacombs outside of the city and Grant brings up the plans of the Argosy. They figure that Socrates will put to see once his guests arrive, and the four guests are the heads of four syndicates. They're meeting Joseph Salud, a West African who is Socrates' major supplier. Salud has been arrested and Interpol will keep it quite. They have also detained another syndicate member, Denis Smythe. Jim and Grant will take their place.

At the Argosy, Socrates receives a call from Nicholas claiming to be Smythe. He says that the tax authorities are investigating him so he's sending someone to represent him. Grant faxes a photo of Jim and Nicholas says that Jim is his man. Jim gets his fake IDs from Grant and tells him to meet him at the yacht in an hour.

Later, Grant arrives at the Argosy posing as Salud. Socrates greets him and then introduces him to the syndicate heads: Alvarado, Patterson, and Woodward. Woodward refuses to shake Grant's hand, and Socrates introduces Jim as their English connection. When Woodward dismisses Grant as a clown, Grant says that they should get down to business.

Max tests explosive squibs on the wall, and tells Casey that he'll fire three misses and one to kill. Nicholas then goes out as a fisherman and uses a parabolic mic to listen in as Socrates entertains his guests. Max swims underneath the yacht and entangles a net into the propeller. Meanwhile, Woodward complains to Socrates that no one knew his face, and Socrates says that they should meet their new supplier after the demise of Grant's predecessor.

The yacht prepares to head out, while Max rejoins Nicholas aboard the dinghy. The propeller jams and notices the crewmen going to investigate the propeller. Grant tells the syndicate heads that he wants more money. Woodward objects and Grant invites him to pull out if he doesn't like the terms. Jim agrees that he might pay a little more, and Woodward figures that Jim and Grant have already talked. Socrates says that he'll look after his interests and make sure that they get their fair shares. Grant tells them that there's plenty for everyone, and Woodward warns him that it could make him very dead.

That night, Max, Casey, and Nicholas set up a fake room and Max cover weights over with a cloth.

At the Argosy, divers clear the net. Socrates tells the syndicate heads that they can't sail until morning, and Woodward tells him that he wants to complete his business and leave. When Jim points out that no one is listening, Socrates turns on a parabolic mic and picks up a nearby singer. He explains that once they're at sea, the captain will be able to jam any eavesdropping techniques. Until morning they will be his guests at a local tavern and Serena will sing for them. Woodward tries to bow out but Socrates insists that he accompany them.

In town, Serena serenades the crowd. Casey poses as a flower girl and works the audience, recording Serena as she sings. Everyone applauds and Serena goes to Socrates. Meanwhile, Casey goes back to the catacombs and plays their recordings of Serena's voice. She then records new lines to Woodward in Serena's voice, saying that she longs for a real man like Woodward. Nicholas then alters her voice to match Serena's and records it.

Jim tells Woodward that Socrates isn't fond of him, but Serena feels differently. Serena smiles at Woodward, while Grant asks Socrates to show them some traditional dancing. The two of them go up and start a line, while Jim asks Serena to join him and Woodward. Meanwhile, Grant points out to Socrates that Serena is with Woodward.

Max and Casey approach the yacht by dinghy and sneak aboard.

Socrates continues watching as Serena and Woodward drink together. Once the dance is over, Socrates reminds Woodward that he has an obligation to his host. Meanwhile, Jim secretly slips a drug into Woodward's drink. Woodward snaps at Socrates, and Jim hauls him his drink and tells him to calm down. They all go back to the yacht together after Woodward finishes his drink.

Max breaks into Woodward's cabin and Casey goes inside, closing the door behind her.

The men return to the yacht and Woodward starts to pass out from the drug. The captain informs Socrates that the propeller has been cleared, and Socrates orders Serena to go to her cabin. Jim suggests that he, Alvarado, and Patterson talk privately and they agree.

Woodward goes to his cabin and passes out. Casey emerges from the closet and signals Max, who hauls the man out. Meanwhile, Casey places the recording device in a vase and leaves with Max.

Grant goes to cabin and uses a sonic detector to find a hidden lockbox in the safe with Socrates' business ledger. He hears Socrates coming, and the tycoon reaches in and turns off the light without coming in. Grant puts everything but the ledger back, and then slips by Socrates as he soaks in his tub.

Jim tells Alvarado and Patterson that they should stick together. He leads them to Woodward's cabin and activates the player. It plays the recording that Casey made of Serena with Woodward, and Patterson and Alvarado agree to keep it a secret... for now.

The next morning, the Argosy heads out to sea. A cabin boy discovers that Woodward is gone and his cabin is torn up. The men gather and Jim suggests that Woodward is dead. Grant insists that he didn't kill any of them, while Socrates smells Serena's perfume. He says that they'll discuss it in the main salon in ten minutes. Once he leaves, Jim suggests to the others that Socrates knew Serena was there and disposed of Woodward.

In the catacombs, Max hides a player in the hallway. Casey activates a remote triggering the player, which plays Serena singing.

Socrates confronts Serena, who admits that she flirts but insists that she never went with another man. He figures that someone wanted to make it look like he got rid of Woodward, and that one of his distributors is becoming ambitious. they both agree that Patterson is the likely suspect, and Socrates tells the captain to return to harbor.

Woodward wakes up in the fake room and hears "Serena" singing. Nicholas is there as his fellow prisoner, and claims that he's the real Patterson. He says that someone drugged him as well, and Woodward explains that Serena is singing. Nicholas figures that Socrates knows that he saw the ledger and claims that Socrates is ripping them off. He shows Woodward the weights and says that they're meant for them.

In his cabin, Grant scans the ledger pages and uses his computer to alter them so that it looks like Socrates is giving his partners phony sales figures.

On the bridge, the captain notices interferences with the radar and tells Socrates that someone is using electronic equipment. Socrates orders the crew to find whoever is doing it.

Grant prints out the altered page and adds it to the ledger in place of the real page. The crewmen knock on his door and Grant hides the computer and then leaves.

Nicholas and Woodward hoisted the weights up on a chain and then use them to smash open the door. Max comes up dressed in a stolen crewman's uniform, stages a fake conversation, and walks off. The two prisoners smash open the door and Woodward shoves Nicholas forward. Max shoots and "kills" Nicholas, while Casey triggers the squibs to simulate three misses. Woodward gets out and runs away, and Nicholas figures that Woodward is going to Socrates.

On the Argosy, Jim receives word via radio from Nicholas that Woodward is on his way. Meanwhile, Grant returns the ledger to the lockbox, but hides when Socrates and Serena come in and Serena complains about how Socrates treats her. She threatens to leave and goes into the bathroom, where Grant is hiding in the full tub. Socrates tells Serena to go, and Grant emerges from the water when he runs out of breath.

The crewmen put Serena into a cab and send her away. Meanwhile, Woodward calls Jim and says that he thinks he can trust him, and tells him to bring Grant to the tavern. Jim agrees and tells Grant that Woodward trusts him, and the two of them leave. When they arrive, Grant agrees to sell directly to Jim and Woodward. He assures them that he'll only deal with them, and Woodward and Jim agree. Woodward tells them that Patterson is an imposter.

Later on the yacht, Woodward trains a gun on Socrates, Patterson, and Alvarado. He talks about the "real" Patterson and demands to see the books.

Nicholas, Max, and Casey arrive on the docks and wait.

Woodward checks the books and points out the altered figures show that Patterson and Socrates are getting more than agreed. Socrates figures that someone is trying to destroy them, but the others don't believe him. Grant offers to get his books and check out the papers properly, and Jim insists on going with him to make sure that he comes back. Once they leave, Alvarado and Patterson draw their guns. Socrates draws his gun as well.

Jim and Grant leave the Argosy, and Max calls the police. Gunshots ring out from the yacht and a crewman dives overboard. Socrates staggers out and prepares to shoot Jim, but Woodward shoots him and Socrates kills him before he dies.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 23, 2017

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