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Col. Jack's Brother Recap

Colonel Jack is in his office preparing for a trip to Africa and tells his assistant Meeker that he's off for a big-game hunt. Meeker confirms that Jack's twin brother Jonathan will be in as soon as he takes his pills. Jonathan comes in and warns Jack that he has a weak heart. Jack tells him that he wants him to take over while he's gone and he starts right away. Before Jack goes, he tells Jonathan not to bother the circus about the money they owe them. Once Jack leaves, Jonathan tells Meeker to find out where the circus is playing.

At the circus, Corky is training with the acrobats. Jonathan arrives and explains who he is, and tells Joey to take his bags. Joey leads him to Tim, who is working on a tour schedule with Pete. Jonathan arrives and Joey explains that Jonathan is Joey's twin. After Peter and the others leave, Jonathan tells Tim that he's there to discuss the money the circus owes. Tim points out that Jack has said he has all of the time he needs, but Jonathan says that the board of directors wants the debt cleared up in the next few weeks. They figure that if the circus is run in an efficient manner, it can show a profit. Jonathan plans to take over and sell the circus if it doesn't make money. He pauses to take a pill for his dyspepsia and then looks at the books.

Later, Joey and Corky are working on clown masks. Corky wonders what brought Jonathan there, and Pete comes in and mistakes Jojo for Corky. He wonders what Jonathan is doing there, just as Tim comes in and tells them that Jonathan is taking over the circus. Jonathan is going to share Pete's wagon, and Tim sends Corky to send Jonathan to the wagon. Tim explains that Jonathan isn't a well man and needs a lot of rest, and Pete snores. They bet on how soon Jonathan will leave.

Corky takes Jonathan to the wagon and Jonathan takes more medicine. He then tells Corky that he was busy taking care of the business instead of touring the world, and he's the run who runs the business. Corky says that they've had fun together, and Jonathan tells him that one day he'll realize more to life than fun.

Later, Corky finds Joey working with an ice cream maker he bought. As Corky cranks, he says that Jonathan doesn't like fun and doesn't like him much. Joey figures that Jonathan won't be there long.

The next morning, Joey and Tim check on Pete in the mess tent. Pete says that he stayed awake all night to snore, making sure that Jonathan didn't get any sleep. Jonathan comes in and gets a light breakfast, and complains that Pete snored. Tim suggests that he go back to St. Louis, but Jonathan insists on staying. He points out that Pete didn't clean his plate, and takes notes when Pete says that it's his third helping.

Jonathan monitors the circus and tells Corky not to bother him. He continues taking notes on everything, and after three days gives Tim his recommendations. Jonathan says that they should get the food in half and wants some of the roustabouts dismissed. Tim warns that they need them in case of an emergency, but Jonathan says that they'll handle it if the need arises.

A storm comes up and Tm cancels the performance and tells Pee to pack everything up. The circus heads to the next town and the next morning, they set up at the new site. Tim tells Joey that maybe they shouldn't go too far driving Jonathan off. Corky comes by with mustard for Jonathan's hot-mustard foot bath, and he takes it to the wagon where Jonathan has Pete soak his feet and take medicine. Tim and Corky look on, and Jonathan says that Pete was out all night in the rain. Once Jonathan and Corky leave, Pete says that he hasn't had any sleep in two weeks and is half-starved. Tim points out that they've made money since Jonathan has been there, but Pete figures that something bad will happen.

At the mess tent, Corky tells Jonathan that he's a swell doctor. Jonathan realizes that he's forgotten to take his pills in the last few days and decides not to take one now. He then starts eating some of the regular food. Corky says that sometimes Jonathan reminds him of Jack.

Gambino is mauled by a hungry lion, and refuses to work until the cats are fed. Tim orders the lions back on a regular diet, and Corky tells them that Bimbo and Princess got loose and ran away. Tim and the others set off after them, and a crying Corky tells Jonathan what happened. Jonathan awkwardly reassures the boy.

The circus workers find the elephants tearing up a barn for food. Tim tells the farmer to make out a bill and bring it to the circus. Later, Tim tells Jonathan that they've lost all the money they saved on food. Pete warns that a cyclone is coming, and they tie things down. Jonathan helps as best he can, but they don't have enough men. They get all of the gear out of the big top before it's blown down, and Tim tells Jonathan that his efficiency has ruined them. Jonathan admits that he messed up, and Jack arrives. He knows that Jonathan did what he told him not to do, but he wanted Jonathan to have some fun. Corky has been writing to Jack telling him what happened, and Jack says that Bixby Enterprises will take care of everything Jonathan cost them. Jonathan says that he'll take care of the expenses himself because he's never had such fun in his life. He tells Jack to go back to the office while he goes to Africa, and Jack figures that they'll both go.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 1, 2018

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