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The Fortune Recap

At an estate in the Florida Keys, Emelia Berezan is monitoring the surveillance feed and spots Casey running through the grounds. Guards chase her and Emelia turns on the searchlights, cutting off Casey's escape and revealing her location to the guards. They finally catch her and take her inside.

Emilie's husband Luis is watching an old movie. Emilia brings Casey in and explains that they had an intruder. She then injects Casey with a drug, killing her.

Jim picks up his briefing at a BART station and is informed that Luis ruled Alcante with an iron fist. Emilia was the power behind the throne, and a revolution drove her and Luis out of the country of Alcante when Luis fell ill. They emptied Alcante's treasury and sought asylum in the U.S. While their attorney Carl Crothers holds their money, the Berezans live in luxury while their former country is bankrupt. Emilia wants to return to Alcante and take control back, and the IMF is to recover the treasury money and steal it.

At Jim's apartment, Jim tells the others that Casey went on ahead to do research and she'll meet them there. They're taking along Shannon Reed, who has been an agent for the Secret Service and has a background in broadcast journalism. Emilie has affairs with young and rugged man, and Max will become her new fling. The estate is protected by mercenaries and its vulnerable spot is the satellite dishes, and Grant demonstrates a pair of sunglasses that he can feed typed words into. The sunglasses are the same model that Luis wears, and once they have the codes to the Berazon investments, "Luis" will transfer them back into the national treasury.

Later, Max is fishing at the dock where the Berezan yacht is kept. Emilie returns from a shopping trip and Max comes over to flirt with Emilie. She flirts back and Max excuses himself.

In a surveillance semi near the estate, Nicholas sees Emilie drive in through the gates. Jim and Grant are there, watching a movie with Luis. Emilie has a mercenary take Luis to his bedroom, and Jim says that they're there on business. He offers to help the Berezans get Alcante back, and Grant tells Emilie that he's the chief geologist for Jim's company. They've found rich oil deposits and Grant shows Emilie the topographical studies. Jim suggests that if she was back in power then she'd grant his company exclusive oil-drilling rights. He tells her that they'll give her people back a way to present a strong, virile Luis and it will rally the people around him. As Jim and Grant leave, Grant studies the satellite dishes.

Later, Jane arrives at the docks and meets with Jim and Grant. Grant is attaching a harmless explosive device and gives her a fake hand grenade to throw.

That night, Grant parachutes into the estate and attaches his own miniature dish to the Berezans' satellite dishes. He radios the others, who are in the semi going over a speech for "Luis" to give. Jim sees a TV news report about Casey's body watching up on a beach. Shannon and Nicholas are filming a fake riot using a green screen, and Shannon notices that Jim is distracted. He tells them that nothing is the matter.

Soon, the team feeds the fake broadcast into the estate. Shannon claims that the people believe that Luis is dead. Jim calls and says that he can guarantee his man will have Luis give a dynamic speech. He says that he'll be there in thirty minutes and hangs up.

Grant climbs down from the roof, slips into Jim's car as Jim drives into the estate, and hides in a secret compartment in the back. Jim shows Emilie video of Nicholas and explains that he's a master of disguise. He shows Nicholas donning a Luis mask and assures Emilie that with some coaching from Luis, Nicholas will be able to pose as Emilie's husband. Emilie promises to make the people suffer for what they put her through.

The next morning, Jim identifies Casey's body and then tells the team that their friend is dead. Max says that he can't play his part with the woman who killed Casey, Jim points out that he's the only one who can move freely around the house, and Grant explains that he can access the video recordings that hopefully show Emilie capturing Casey. Max reluctantly agrees and Jim promises that they'll nail whoever killed Casey.

Emilie meets with Jim, Grand, and the disguised Nicholas in Luis' theater. Luis arrives and complains that Nicholas doesn't sound like him. Emilia says that Luis will help them, and Jim gives Nicholas the rigged sunglasses. Nicholas then removes the mask and wig.

Later, Emilie returns from another shopping trip and sees Max. he goes to his boom box and signals Shannon, who drives a boat up to the pier She throws the grenade and triggers the fake explosion, and Max "saves" Emilia. Shannon makes her escape, and Emilia figures that the Alcante people sent the assassin.

Back at the estate, Emilia joins Max in the pool and offers him a bottle of champagne for her hero. She jumps into Max's arms and says that she had him checked out. Emilia knows that he likes to live well and older wealthy women help him do that. She suggests that Max become her personal bodyguard, and Max asks what Luis would think. Emilia says that Luis isn't interested in anything but his movies and investments. Luis looks out the window at them and then leaves.

In the semi, Nicholas puts on the Luis mask and Jim enters the speech into the computer to put on the teleprompter. While they're recording the video, Nicholas will go to Crothers' office and transfers everything they have using the codes that Grant sends him. Shannon makes an appointment with Crothers and says that she wants the exact financial status of the Berezan investments. They then tape Nicholas giving the speech.

Grant has the bodyguards take the filming equipment in, including the one monitoring the surveillance feeds. Max then goes in to get the tapes of Casey's murder.

Jim introduces Shannon to Emilia, who takes offense when Shannon says that she was surprised at so many people calling for Luis' return. Meanwhile, Max goes outside and slips Grant the tape, and tells him where the computer with the financial records are.

Jim tells Emilia that they will send a signal that will jam any other transmissions. Luis complains about Nicholas' performance, and Nicholas demands his money up front. Emilia gets his bank account card and says the money will be transferred.

Shannon gets into the TV van with Grant, who analyzes the tape to bring out previous infrared images. he gets the image of Casey being captured.

Nicholas redisguises himself as Luis and complains about his "audience" of Emilie and Luis. Shannon suggests that they watch it from the security room, and Emilie agrees. Once they leave, Nicholas gets out a pair of crutches hidden in the IMF-supplied podium while Grant unloads a laptop. Shannon goes to the van and introduces the tape of the earlier speech that Nicholas gave.

Grant breaks into Luis' office and starts hacking the office.

Walking with the crutches, Nicholas goes to his car and has his bodyguards drive him to Crothers' office.

Grant tries to guess Luis' password.

Emilie and Luis watch the tape, believing that it's live.

Grant tells Nicholas to stall. Nicholas arrives at Crothers' office and goes inside.

Shannon and Max radio Grant to warn him that there are only fifteen minutes left until the end of the tape.

Nicholas tells Crothers to transfer all of the funds so that he can rebuild the army. Max and Shannon listen via a secret mike hidden in one of Nicholas' buttons. Crothers suggests that he check with Emilie, and Grant works out that the password is the name of Luis' favorite movie. He sends the account contents to Nicholas, who recites them to Crothers to prove his facilities are intact. Crothers quickly apologizes and Nicholas tells him to make the transfer.

The taped speech ends and the transmission goes dead. Emilie wonders where the regular program is and goes to the theater. Jim and Luis follow her, and Grant arrives. Emilie demands to know where Nicholas is, and Jim says that he's transferring the funds. Shannon and Max joint hem and say that there's nothing Emilie can do to stop it. Grant plays the recovered tape and Jim tells Emilie that they're sending a copy to the FBI. It's enough evidence to have Emilie convicted for Casey's murder. When Emilie tries to walk off, Jim grabs her and says that she's going to jail. Delusional, Emilie insists that no one can touch her and her people will protect her. She goes to the podium and tells her people that she's coming home. Luis watches and smiles vaguely, and the IMF leaves as Luis turns on his movie.

Later, Casey Randall's file is closed as Deceased and Disavowed.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 6, 2018

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