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The Devils Recap

In the catacombs beneath a British manor, robed figures lead a drugged woman in a white dress to an altar. They take her to an altar and their leader, a figure in a goat mask, pours a chalice of blood on the woman's chest. He then picks up a dagger and kills her.

One of the robed men, Russell, wakes up from his nightmare, screaming.

Jim gets his briefing from a fisherman and is informed that in the past year, two high-ranking Western diplomat based in London have committed suicide. A third one, an American, has been committed to an insane asylum. They were all regular guests of Lord Holman. The IMF believes that Holman is a traitor, involving his guests in a disreputable activity and then blackmails them into selling top secrets. The team must establish if Holman is guilty and bring him to justice.

At Jim's apartment, Grant reveals a crystal ball to the others. Nicholas triggers a display inside of it of Holman's estate, Shannon will be going in as a gypsy. The corpses of three women were found in a lake near Holman's estate, Cogden Manor. Devil worshippers offered sacrifices there in the earlier day, and Druidic megaliths can still be found there. Travelers gather there every year to celebrate the solstice, and Holman has invited some of his peers there to watch the festivities. They figure Holman has more devious plans.

At the Bellingham Psychiatric Hospital in England, Jim and Grant visit the American, Russell. Russell is catatonic, and Grant gives him a hypnogentic injection. He then puts a headpiece of Russell and explains that they get can record the telepathic emanations and translate them. The two agents step into the next room and Grant tells Russell to overcome the fear and think about what frightens him. Grant then picks up images from Russell's mind of the sacrificed girl and the goat-headed figure killing her. Jim realizes that Russell has been involved in Satanic rites.

Nicholas and Shannon go in as gypsies, and the team uses their wagon as a base camp. Grant provides Jim with shoes with metal plates that will leave a brand mark. They can also release gas on command that will cause anyone breathing it to suffer a brief lapse in consciousness. Grant provides Jim and Max with contact lenses and a remote control that will turn them red. Jim says that by the time they're done with Holman, he'll be a true believer in Satan.

The celebrants gather on the estate grounds and Holman tells them that they're free to stay. However, if his gamekeeper Challis sees any of them taking anything, he'll drive them off of Holman's land. Nicholas and Shannon pull up in their wagon and Holman tells Challis to let them stay but give them a warning. Challis goes over and tells Shannon to mind things. Shannon offers to tell Challis' fortune.

Grant and Chief Constable Egerton check the lake where the girls' bodies were found, and Grant claims to be an American agent. Egerton promises to find the killer and insists that all three girls are important, not just the American.

Shannon reads Challis' fortune and uses the rigged crystal ball. It reveals Cogden Manor and Shannon says that there is great evil. She says that the Great One is coming, just as Jim and Max pull up in a limo. Jim opens the window and looks at the trio, smiling.

At the manor, Jim and Max go to the door. Meanwhile, Holman and another of his guests, Dunston, are in the catacombs Holman checks a drugged girl Lucy who will be the next sacrifice. Holman says that once Dunston is initiated, he can be part of their offering. Challis calls Holman upstairs where Jim and Max are waiting. Jim says that he thought Holman wanted to see him, and both men flash their "red eyes".

As night falls, Grant sneaks into the manor and checks the fuse box.

Holman dismisses the red eyes as contact lenses, and Max chuckles. Jim recites the list of guests that Holman has, pointing out that Holman introduced them to him. He's there to collect payment for Holman using his face. Holman hits a button to summon Challis, and Jim notices. Max signals Grant, who throws the breaker. When Challis comes in, Grant puts out the lights. Holman lights a candle and sends Challis to investigate, then tells Jim that he's wasting his time if he plans to blackmail him. Jim says that he's talking about eternity and Man's soul, and Max goes into a trance and recites a Devil's prayer. Holman tells him to stop, saying that it's dangerous. Jim waves his hand and Grant restores the power on Max's signal. As Jim goes, he tells Holman to think about eternity and triggers his shoots, leaving "hoof prints" burned into the carpet. When Holman sniffs at the gas coming from the prints, he briefly blacks out and Jim and Max "vanish".

The next day, Nicholas uses a sonar device to find underground wire leading to a nearby gazebo. He and Shannon investigate and finds a tunnel. Shannon realizes that the nearby water is fed by an underground stream, while Nicholas finds the tunnel entrance.

Grant comes back from the village and tells the others that someone is pressuring the villagers to not say anything. He figures that Egerton is really concerned about what's going on, and Jim says that they may need his help.

Holman and his guests watch the celebrants, and one man Fordley complains that they're a ragtag mob. His host tells Fordley to explain why he comes, and chuckles.

Grant, Nicholas, and Shannon go to the pond and Grant sets a dye release canister to release dye so that they can track the stream's flow. The dye comes up in Holman's catacombs. Meanwhile, Challis and Holman check Lucy. Holman gives Lucy a sedative and says that the next night they'll sacrifice her. He tells Challis not to drug her again so she'll feel when he kills her.

Later, the team minus Jim enter the tunnel and hear the worshippers chanting in Latin. They see the masked Holman initiating Dunston, who curses all religions and recognizes Lord Satan as his only master. Once the worshippers leave, the team enters the chamber through a grate and spot the dye in the pool. Grant spots a hydraulic platform behind the altar as the group leaves.

The next day, Grant and Egerton go to the pond and Grant points out the dye. He explains about the ritual sacrifices and says that Holman plans to sacrifice a fourth victim for the solstice.

Later, Grant and Nicholas break into the estate and go to Holman's study. Grant plants a bug and changes the hinges on the door for ones of his own.

At the wagon, Jim tells Shannon to approach the house, find where they're keeping the girl, and tell Max if she finds Lucy. Meanwhile, Max will go in through the gazebo entrance. Shannon goes to the manor and reads the cook's fortune. Challis interrupts them to get a meal and tells Shannon that she's not allowed near the house. Once he goes, Shannon calls Max to say that Challis is taking food to Lucy.

Challis goes to Lucy's cell and Max secretly follows him.

In his study, Holman takes a call from Egerton. Egerton warns that he can't ignore what Grant told him, and Holman orders him to kill Grant and make it look like an accident. The officer refuses and Holman tells him to do what he's told , but Egerton refuses. He takes out a handgun and kills himself while Holman listens over the phone.

Challis goes, leaving the key in the cell's padlock. Max goes in and carries Lucy out.

Holman tells Challis about Egerton's death. Jim is listening from his limo, and Holman tells Challis that they won't stop until he gets Dunston under his control so he can access the War Department. Challis says that Shannon called Jim "The Evil One", and Holman says that he'll get Jim and Max back there.

Max takes Lucy to the wagon, and Shannon says that Jim is on his way. Nicholas puts on a Holman mask, startling Lucy, and Shannon says that she'll explain.

Max joins Jim in the limo, and they put in the contact lenses and drive to the manor after dark.

Holman and Challis go to the chapel and discover that Lucy is gone. The lord tells Challis to find Lucy or replace her by midnight when the ceremony is scheduled. once Challis leaves, Grant rigs the chapel with lights and fire projectors.

As Holman removes the goat mask from its cabinet in his study, Jim and Max "appear" and Jim says that he already has Holman's soul. he shows Holman of "Holman" out on the lawn: Nicholas in the mask. There's an explosion of flames, apparently consuming "Holman". Shannon is watching through binoculars, and Challis finds her and knocks her unconscious.

Jim tells Holman that he'll require a gift for the solstice, and warns that he will be unhappy if he's robbed of his proper rites. The door opens on command thanks to Grant's hinges, and Jim and Max leave.

Challis takes Shannon to Lucy's cell and gives her an injection to keep her unconscious.

At the pond, Grant pours kerosene into the water feeding into the chapel pool.

Nicholas returns to the wagon and tells the others that Lucy is safe. Jim and Max figure that Holman and Challis captured Shannon, but she's safe until midnight. Meanwhile, Jim needs Nicholas' help with some makeup.

Holman paces nervously and tells Challis that Satan has his soul. He hopes that sacrificing Shannon will please Satan enough to give him back his soul.

Fordley and Dunston put the drugged Shannon in a white dress. The celebrants enter the chapel, and Max and Nicholas knock out the three in the rear. The others put Shannon on the altar, and her teammates enter wearing robes to conceal their features. The masked Holman arrives via the hydraulic platform and prepares to kill Shannon. Max removes his mask and reddens his eye, and Nicholas removes his hood to reveal that he's disguised himself as Holman again. Grant turns on the planted red lights and ignites the kerosene in the pool. Jim steps out and Holman begs him to return his soul.

The other celebrants run off as Jim tells Holman that it's too late. Holman cowers back in fear and falls into the pool, and dies in the flaming waters. The next day, the police pull Holman's body out of the pond. The team is watching, and drives off.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 14, 2018

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