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The Trial of the Flash Recap

Barry is booked in for Clifford's murder, and he tells the officers questioning him that he's being framed. Singh tells him to tell it again.

Joe watches as Marlize buries Clifford.

Once Barry is out, the team meets at S.T.A.R. Labs and Barry tells the others that Clifford got what he wanted. Harry figures that Dominic's power let Clifford usurp his mind, and Cisco explains that he hacked the GPS anklet on Barry to make it look like he's still under house arrest. Iris remembers that when he came out of the speed force, Barry said that he didn't kill anyone. Cisco has scrubbed that video as well to keep it from incriminating Barry, and Harrison suggests that they review everything else Barry said when he came out of the Speed Force. Barry figures that the trial won't take long with all of the evidence against him, even though Cecile has taken a leave of absence to represent him. He says that he won't be a fugitive, and if he's convicted then he'll go to prison.

As they head for the courthouse, Barry asks Iris how she's doing. He assures her that they'll get through it, but Iris isn't convinced. Barry reminds her that they're the Flash. Meanwhile, Joe asks Ralph to help him investigate the case.

Dominic/Clifford tells the Mechanic that he's both he was and who he desires to become. He strokes her cheek and realizes that she doesn't care for it. Clifford has Dominic's ability to read thoughts, and tells her not to lie to him when she claims that his touch doesn't bother him. He asks her to see past his body and see who he is, assuring her that he's nothing without her. After a moment, Marlize kisses him.

At the courthouse, prosecuting attorney Anton Slater makes his opening statements saying that Barry is the killer even though he's a crime-scene technician. He tells the jury that Barry used his profession to stalk a beloved professor and kill him in cold blood.

At the bank, Neil Borman is setting up his first savings account. He glows briefly and the teller wavers for a moment. As Neil walks away, the employees and customers collapse to the floor.

Anton shows the jury the restraining order filed against Barry by Marlize. He continues with his case, describing how Clifford fought against Barry based on Barry's skin cells beneath his fingernails. Anton concludes with showing them the wedding knife that was used as the murder weapon. Joe gets an alert of a meta attack downtown, and Joe and Cisco head there.

At the bank, Singh tells Joe and Cisco that nothing was stolen and everyone just collapsed. Cisco detects dark matter and figures that they're dealing with a meta. Singh asks Joe if he's okay to run the case with Barry on trial, and Joe says that he's fine. The captain says that the prosecution called him to testify against Barry, and Joe tells him that he understands.

Later, Anton questions Singh and Singh confirms that Barry was standing over Clifford's body. Cecile asks Singh to testify as to why he hired Barry and Singh says that Barry said that he wanted to protect the innocent. The captain says that Barry is one of the good ones. Anton redirects and asks if Singh would cover for Barry. Singh says that he wouldn't, and Anton notes that Barry asked for and received a six-month sabbatical for personal reasons. The record shows that Barry has been late 72 times in the last two years, and Anton suggests that Barry has a second life. He suggests that Singh has been covering the ugly truth, and has Singh testify that Barry was harassing Clifford. Anton asks if Singh still thinks that Barry is one of the good ones, and Singh doesn't have an answer.

Ralph and Joe go to Marlize's home and sit outside. They see Marlize kissing Clifford in Derrick's body, and Ralph takes photo.

Cecile tells Barry and Iris that she could ask for a plea deal or use an insanity defense. Barry refuses to admit that he's guilty, and Cecile says that Barry has to testify. He won't, and Cecile warns that if he doesn't then it's an impossible case. Barry warns that if he testifies then he has to lie. Cecile suggests that he tells the truth and admits that he's Flash, and says that she needs his answer today.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco and Harry are going over the bank's security footage and discover that it has interference. Caitlin comes in and says that everyone at the bank passed out because of radiation poisoning. The radiation caused the camera interference as well, and Harry warns that the meta has a similar makeup to a radiation bomb. The fallout could be catastrophic, and Cisco suggests that they nickname the meta "Fallout" before going to check the satellites for a radiation signature.

Anton calls Marlize to the stand and she describes how Barry harassed her husband until she filed a restraining order. Ralph and Joe come in and give Cecile the photo, while Marlize says that she last saw her husband on Clifford. She testifies that Clifford went to confront Barry at his apartment, and he went despite Marlize begging him not to go. Marlize breaks into tears as she says that she let Clifford go.

Cecile enters the photo into evidence and Judge Hankerson allows it. She explains that the photos were earlier today and asks who the man that Marlize is kissing in the photos. Marlize says that she's known Dominic a few months ago, and Cecile suggests that she was ready to be with another man. Marlize claims that she and Clifford met Dominic at an ALS gala a few months ago, and Clifford urged her to turn to Dominic for the comforts and needs he could no longer fulfill. She insists that Clifford saw Dominic as a tool to bring the two of them together, and that her heart will always belong to Clifford. Cecile warns Barry that it didn't go well and asks what he's decided, and Barry says that he's not going to do it.

Iris follows Marlize out of the courtroom and tells her to drop the act. She asks why Marlize is doing what she's doing, and Marlize says that the world has bigger problems than Barry. Marlize refuses to explain, and Iris warns her that it will come to an end. The woman says that she and Clifford also had passion, and that she's doing what she has to do for her husband. She asks Iris what she's willing to do for Barry and walks away.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco locates Neil downtown on Main Street. Vice and Harry breach there and stop a nuclear waste tanker. They tell the driver to move along, unaware that it's Neil.

Iris goes back into the courtyard and says that there's something Hankerson needs to know. She starts to announce that Barry is Flash, and Barry superspeeds over and accelerates the two of them so that everyone is apparently standing still. He says that he already decided not to reveal his secret identity, and says that if everyone knew his secret then they'd never stop running and criminals would target their friends as well. Barry tells Iris that Henry went through it as well, and figures that the trial is over and he'll be convicted. Iris agrees not to tell them and they kiss, and then Barry speeds back to his chair. Hankerson asks Iris to finish, and Iris merely says that Barry is innocent.

Ralph and Joe go back to the DeVoe house and Joe asks him to open the door using his powers. Ralph realizes that Joe plans to plant evidence to frame Marlize, and Ralph tells him that it's a solid plan. However, he warns that eventually they'll catch Joe and take his badge, and will eventually fall into self-pit. Ralph describes from personal experience how one night Joe will realize that he did the wrong thing and it will ruin his life. He opens the door, wishes Joe luck, and walks away.

The prosecution rests and Cecile doesn't present a case.

Neil gets off a bus and the driver collapses behind him. As he walks down the street, he bumps into a woman. She collapses and everyone on the street does as well as Neil starts glowing.

Caitlin picks up the spike in radiation, and Harry warns that if Neil hits 10,000 rads then he'll explode.

Cecile makes her closing statement and says that Barry has dedicated his life to Central City. She insists that Barry is a good man and an innocent man, just as Joe and Barry's cellphones go off. Barry stands up and says that he has to go, claiming that it's an emergency. Cecile points out that Barry is free on bail and doesn't have to be there for closing sentences, and Hankerson reminds Barry that he does have to be there for sentencing.

The police cordon off a confused Fallout, and the officers collapse from radiation poisoning. Flash gets them away then tells Fallout that radiation is dangerous... and then starts suffering from radiation poisoning. The others warn that Fallout is at 7,500 rads and it's too much for Flash to self-heal. Fallout blasts Flash back, and Cisco tells Caitlin to transform into Killer Frost and cool Fallout down. Cisco and Harry yell at her until she transforms, and Vibe breaches her to Fallout. She freezes Fallout but he soon melts through the ice and blasts her back.

Flash confirms that Frost is okay, and Flash suggests that he creates a vacuum around Fallout to contain the blast. Harry agrees and Flash speeds around the meta. Despite the radiation, Flash keeps running as Fallout reaches critical mass. Harry tells Vibe to breach the energy to a dead earth, Earth-15. Vibe does so and the energy goes through the breach. Flash collapses and Vibe tells him that he saved the day.

At the courthouse, the jury read the verdict. They find Barry guilty of murder in the first degree.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin tends to Barry's radiation burns and says that Tracy is going to analyze Neil's DNA and figure out a way to neutralize him. Cisco and Harry are watching a newscast about Barry's verdict, and Anton plans to ask for a life sentence. Joe and Iris arrive, and Barry points out that they knew he wouldn't be found innocent but they'll keep fighting. Barry goes with them back to the courthouse for sentencing, and Iris tells Barry that she got her strength from being a rock. She promises to be strong for him.

At the courthouse, Barry sees Clifford go into a room and follows him in. Clifford is expecting him and says that no matter what path Barry chose, all paths led to his training. Barry asks what he's planning, and Clifford tells him that he has no chance of understanding his plan. He reveals that he has Dominic's mind-reading ability, and Barry says that he'll figure a way out of it and then come for Clifford. Clifford wishes him a nice life and walks to a waiting Marlize.

In the courtroom, Barry insists that he's innocent and one day the truth will come out. Hankerson says that Barry is unique.

Singh holds a press conference acknowledging Flash's heroism, and presents the hero with the Award of Valor.

Hankerson says that the city trusted Barry, and he used that trust to murder a vulnerable man. He sentences Barry to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, remanded to Iron Heights.

Later at Iron Heights, Warden Wolfe and his guards take Barry to his cell. Wolfe tells Barry to be comfortable and leaves, and Barry looks at the "Henry Allen Was Here" graffiti on the wall.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 17, 2018

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