The Trial of the Flash

While Barry stands trial for Clifford's murder, a new meta threatens Central City and only Flash can stop him.


By Gadfly on Jan 17, 2018

Barry is booked in for Clifford's murder, and he tells the officers questioning him that he's being framed. Singh tells him to tell it again. Joe watches as Marlize buries Clifford. Once Barry is out, the team meets at S.T.A.R. Labs and Barry tells the others that Clifford got what he wanted. Harry figures that Dominic's power let Clifford usurp his mind, and Cisco explains that he hacked the GPS anklet on Barry to make it look like he's still under house arrest. Iris remembers that when h…

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Episode Discussion

gmpugs posted a year ago

It should have been how many times Cecile can say "Barry's a good man" before dropping rating points...

JCuervo_a posted a year ago

Every time someone says "We are The Flash" my episode score instantly drops 2 points.

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