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Mardi Gras Beads + Chair Recap

In Micronesia in the middle of a Force 5 hurricane, Mac and Jack are in a portable toilet that bounces through the hurricane, and Mac points out that they found evidence of a coup d'état. He finally admits that getting into the portable toilet was a bad idea.

Later back at Phoenix, Jack tells Mac about his date and how it went fine until Bruce Willis came up. Mac tells his friend to stop coming up with ridiculous reasons to dump dates. He points out that a year ago Sarah got married, and Jack won't move on. Mac warns that no one will be Sarah and it's unfair to compare other women to her. Jack points out that Wilt and Mac don't have girlfriends, and go into Matty's office as Wilt joins them. Riley is already there, and Matty tells them that Duke Jacoby is back. Only Jack knows who Duke is, and Matty explains that "Duke" was one of Jack's old cover identities. After Katrina, Duke was sent in to keep an eye on all of the sinister activities going on in New Orleans. Jack broke up a hundred operations but went over budget, and someone has stated reactivating Duke's bank accounts. Matty is taking Jack and Mac to New Orleans to find out, while Riley combs through the intelligence networks. Wilt will stay there to work on another assignment and then help Riley.

The trio arrives in New Orleans and Jack nervously glances over his shoulder. He says that Duke made lots of enemy, and takes them to a voodoo shop. The owner, Willy, is throwing fake fireballs to impress the tourists. Jack tells him to drop it and Willy puts a knife to his throat. After a moment they both laugh and hug, and Jack explains that Willy is king of the New Orleans underworld. Mac checks the butane tubes and flash powder, and Jack introduces him and Matty. He wants to know who is pretending to be him, and Willy wants his $5,000 paid back from an early caper. Once Jack pays, Willy says that he hasn’t seen anyone pretending to be Jack. However, he has seen Jack's "wife", Dixie Lee. Jack plays along and asks where she is, and Willy says that Dixie is at Jack's old address. He offers to give him the address for money, and Jack asks Matty to loan him some money.

Jack, Mac, and Matty arrive at the address and find a laptop. They give Riley access to it, and she finds a hidden folder of Duke's electronic information. There are also folders on sixteen other CIA cover identities, and some of them are still active. They figure they have to find Dixie before she gets CIA operatives killed.

The trio searches the house and Jack admires Dixie's taste. He suggests Dixie lured them in to find out who Jack is, and Riley discovers that Dixie has covered her tracks and taken $50,000. Mac figures that Dixie has money hidden in the house and asks Jack for his cell phone and a broom. He breaks open Jack's phone and attacks the sensor in the phone to a stereo speaker and the broom to make a metal detector to find the metallic ink in the bills. Mac finally locates the money in a hidden drawer, along with photos of Dixie. He sends a copy to Riley, and she learns the woman has seven fake IDs. Dixie isn't on any law database, but she went into a jazz club 30 minutes ago.

Wilt is working in the lab when Riley comes in and that she checked both the CIA network and the Phoenix databases. She found a group of small daily bursts going out from an unauthorized user, and figures that they have another mole in Phoenix. Wilt finally admits that he's been texting with Leanna even though he's under orders not to. He says that he's in love with Leanna, and asks Riley not to tell Matty. Riley warns that if Matty finds out then she'll be in trouble, but Wilt insists that Leanna is special

Jack and Mac arrive at the jazz club and spot Dixie. Jack goes over and points out that she's drinking on his dime, and Dixie recognizes him. He suggests that they drink to her last days as a free woman, and Dixie starts flirting with him. She wonders what he wants, and says that she's a woman of many talents. Dixie slaps down a hundred-dollar bill to pay for her drinks, and Jack admits that she's a cute con artist. He warns that she's in over her head, and says that he needs to know how she got the cover identities for her own safety. Dixie figures that Jack is more than a criminal and "Duke" is a cover identity.

Four thugs come into the bar and flash around a photo of Jack. Dixie knees Jack in the groin and runs out the back, and Jack and Mac go after her. The four thugs come out after them, shooting. Mac sends Jack after her and tosses a chain up on a power line, shorting out a power line and cutting off the thugs.

Jack catches up to Dixie, and one man grabs Dixie while another one knocks out Jack. Mac runs up just in time to see them toss Jack and Dixie into the back of their car and drive away. He calls Matty and says that they have a problem.

In the trunk, Jack finally wakes up and Dixie asks him who their abductors or. Jack admits that it could be any of the enemies he made, and says that who he is is complicated. Dixie apologizes for stealing the identity and explains that she got access to the computer of a government IT contractor she was conning. Jack promises to get her out of the situation, just as the thugs open the trunk and Jack feigns being unconscious.

Mac grabs one enforcer who was let behind and takes him to Dixie's house. He and Matty figure that eventually Dixie will figure out she can sell the cover IDs for millions on the black market. Riley discovers that the enforcer doesn't have a criminal record or a driver's license, and Matty slaps him awake. Wilt offers interrogation advice, but Matty stomps on the enforcer's foot and he curses in Albania. There's nothing about Jack having any Albanian enemies, and Mac figures that he can show them where Jack is.

The thugs take Jack into a bar and "Little" Raymond punches him in the face. Jack points out that the last time they met, Raymond lost a drug shipment. Raymond says that Jack lost the shipment and blamed him, and his father went down for racketeering while Jack skipped town. Jack points out that Raymond is running things fine, and Raymond punches him and talks about how he's been dreaming of killing Jack. He aims a gun at Dixie, and Jack says that she's not his real wife. Raymond tells them that he doesn't care, and Jack offers to give him $500,000 he stole from Raymond's father if Raymond puts the gun on him. Raymond does so and demands to know what Jack is talking about. Dixie plays along and complains that Jack is giving away their money,

Mac covers coats with a chemical mixture that emits IR rays so it can be seen on a satellite. He figures that if they let the enforcer "escape" then he'll lead them to Dixie and Jack. The enforcer gets free and runs for the door, and Mac tackles him and tries to handcuff him. He gets one cuff on, but the enforcer throws him through a window and runs.

Raymond steps away and Jack tells Dixie that he's working on the ropes. He needs to get one thug over to them so he can grab his weapon, and Dixie offers to call one thug over and offer him a cigarette. Jack wonders why Dixie became a con artist, and she says that she loves her work and life on the wrong side of the law. Dixie admits that it makes it hard to meet the right guy, and Jack says that they might have had a second date or even a third.

Jack almost gets his hands free, but Raymond comes in and says that none of his associate can confirm the $500,000 existed. He found mutual acquaintances Gustavo and Matheus Barbosa, and they'll pay Raymond $1 million so that they can kill him. Raymond's thugs take Jack off.

Riley and Wilt track the handcuffs until the chemical tag wears off as they get an address. The enforcer enters the bar where Raymond was keeping Jack. A SWAT team arrives there and takes out the thugs with a flash grenade, and Dixie says that she might be able to help them figure out where Raymond took Jack.

Once they have the Barbosas' names, Riley checks Jack's files and discovers that they're buying up properties all over the city. One of the properties is a cemetery, and mac figures the Barbosas would have taken them there.

That night, Mac goes in as a mourner and spots Raymond. The police arrest Raymond but jack isn't in the vehicle. Riley reports that a heat plume came up in a corner of a cemetery, and Mac realizes that it's a crematorium.

At the crematorium, the Barbosas and their men put Jack in a coffin and shove him into the incinerator.

Mac drives Raymond's car to the crematorium and tells Matty over the radio that all gas valves in New Orleans were rigged with cutoff valves in case of a disaster.

As the coffin b urns, Jack yells for Mac to rescue him. Mac drives the car into the front of the building, and the valve cuts off. As the Barbosas drag Mac out, the SWAT officers arrive and shoot them down. Mac runs in and pulls the flaming coffin out of the incinerator, and then knocks it on the floor. Jack is okay, but Mac's hands aren't burned.

The next day, the EMTs treat both men and Jack thanks Mac for rescuing him. Mac explains that he drove the car into the building, and Matty comes over and says that they're lucky to be alive. "Duke" died in the coffin and is now officially KIA. Jack asks what's going to happen to Dixie, and Matty says that "Dixie" will be buried with "Duke". She has negotiated a deal for Dixie to have her charges dropped in return for her helping the CIA make better cover identities. Jack thanks Matty, who insists that she did it for national security. She warns that she's going to order a review of his after-action reports when they get back.

Dixie comes over and thanks them for helping her. She apologizes for everything she put Jack through, and Mac quickly leads Matty off. Dixie tells Jack that her real name is Dawn and Jack gives his real name, and they walk off together.

In the war room, Riley and Wilt close out the "Duke" file. Wilt asks Riley what she's going to say about Leanna, and Riley says that she decrypted and read a few of his messages. She admits that they're sweet and builds them an undetectable app. Wilt hugs her in thanks.

Jack and Dawn go to Jack's apartment and she admires his décor. He confirms that she likes Bruce Willis, and Jack suggests that they have a Die Hard marathon in his bedroom. The next morning, Jack wakes up and discovers that Dawn is gone. He finds a note from her saying that she loves her work, and he realizes that she stole everything he has except his father's dog tags. She left him a note saying that she learned his last name, and Jack discovers that she took his TV as well. Despite that, he can't resist a smile.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 20, 2018

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