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The Hood Maker Recap

Ross and his father are fishing at a forest stream, while a woman, Honor, stands in the stream and watches them.

A group of Normals protest about Teeps "stealing" their minds. Honor is among those waiting at the protestors approach. She telepathically picks out the people who she considers harmless and gives advice to the officers taking notes. Honor notes that the Normals are aware that they're being watched, and Agent Ross warns that she can't linger too long. The man Honor spot yells to the other Normals that they're being scanned, and the riot squad charge forward to block the protestors. The Normals keep yelling "Teeps Out!', and a man charges forward wearing a hood and green mask. He throws a Molotov cocktail, and Ross pulls Honor out of the way.

The hooded figure runs off and Ross chases him through the streets. he finally catches up to the figure and rips his hood off, revealing the Normal wearing it. The police arrive and take the Normal away, and Honor gives Ross his hat that he lost in the chase.

Honor and Ross return to the police and a senior officer, Okhile, tells Ross that the Free Union is banning street protests for fear of starting a war in the streets. Ross asks her what they thought would happen when they let Teeps read Normals' minds, and shows her the mask. Honor comes over and says that she's been requested, while Okhile orders Ross into her office.

Honor informs the receptionist that she's been requested by Okhile.

In her office, Okhile tells Ross that the new Anti-Immunity Bill lets them use Teeps in Clearance investigations. She asks how he likes his new partner, Honor, and he warns that she caused a riot earlier. Okhile says that he has total access to a civilian's thoughts if he deems it necessary, Ross contemplates Honor out in the waiting room and tells Okhile that making a Teep a cop makes him nervous.

Honor assures passing agents that she's been forbidden to read agents under any circumstances, and they ignore her. Ross goes and collects Honor, and questions the masked man, John Rathbone, Rathbone insists that they're going to be slaves to the Teeps, while Honor watches through the observation window. Ross insists that the Teeps work for the Normals. He asks why Rathbone wore the mask, and Rathbone invites him to put it on. Ross calls Honor in to read Rathbone's mind. She finds out that he had an older brother and Rathbone wishes he was there to see that he's finally good at something. Honor echoes what Rathbone's mother told him to do when he was a child, and realizes that he finds his mother sexually attractive. Rathbone begs her to stop, and Honor tells him that he's scared of the world and how his mother makes him feel. She says that he can't hide anything from her, and Rathbone tries to resist her. Honor "reads" the room where Rathbone meets with his co-conspirators.

Afterward, Honor says that Rathbone was resisting so she went in hard. Ross points out that she raped Rathbone pretty good, and assures him that she would never read an agent. He says that he'll just have to trust her on that, and they lead a squad to the co-conspirators' house. They arrest the men and Honor realizes that they're hiding something. She points out a cabinet and Ross finds another of the hoods. There's a note from the Hood Maker says that hopes that he'll find it useful. Honor looks around and a man in a hood confronts her but she can't read him. Ross comes over and orders the man to surrender. he tries to run and Ross shoots him.

Later, Ross goes to a brothel and sees a prostitute telling her client that he's thinking of her having sex with another woman. The man smiles as she recites his fantasies back to him. A man, Franklyn, goes out to his car and finds a hood in his car and a note from the Hood Maker.

In a hostel, all the Teeps share the prostitute's reading of her client via their telepathic link. Honor is among them and goes to comfort another Teep, Mary. Mary asks if Honor is one of them now.

Ross drives through the city to the hostel to pick up Honor. She tells him that he shouldn't come there, and they discover that someone keyed Ross' car. Ross shrugs it off, but Honor says that they don't like her working for Clearance but she doesn't have a choice. He figures that trouble with start in the ghettoes if anywhere, and Honor says that none of the Teeps want trouble.

At the station, Ross reads the forensic report that the hood is treated with chemicals that blocks telepathy. He tells the officer to find out more, and one officer says that it might be a good thing that they work. Ross says that it's a way for the Normals to fight back against them. Honor asks how she can be of assistance, and Ross tells her to find information on the unwaxed linen used to make the masks. She checks the trough Teep network, reading the thoughts of all the Teeps looking for a lead and information on the mask. Honor then tells the officer that there are eight fabric outlets, and Ross says that he loves a partner who gets things done.

A woman finds a box full of hoods and a note from the Hood Maker saying to share with her friends. She does so and soon dozens of Normals are wearing the Hoods.

Hood joins Ross outside and points out that they're not making friends. He figures that they're influencing people, and sees two kids below acting out for her and thinking thoughts at her. Honor says that it's "noisy" in the city but she filters out most of it, but she'd like to get away sometime. The Teep says that it's different with Ross, just as two kids brush past them. One of them is wearing a hood. Honor gets a telepathic message from Mary asking her for help.

Ross and Honor drive to where Mary is sending her telepathic message. They find a hooded Franklyn holding a gun to Mary's head. Franklyn tells Honor that she has to read the playing card he's thinking of, and if she does then he'll let Mary go. He says that he's the Director of Federal Resources and they can't keep him. Ross yanks off Franklyn's hood as the man laughs.

Once Ross, arrests Franklyn, Franklyn insists that they can't keep him. He insists that they use the hoods to protect themselves. Franklyn warns Ross that there's a Teep Underground ready to rise up, and Ross can't trust any of them. He says that he got a request for funding for the linen for the masks.

Honor puts on Franklyn's hood and it cuts off the telepathic voices. Ross calls that they're leaving, and Honor quickly yanks off the hood.

Back at the station, Ross shows Honor footage of a science department researching Teep prevention. The footage shows experiments on Teeps, and Honor recognizes one man: Dr. Thaddeus Cutter. Cutter resigned 13 years ago, supposedly because he had a breakdown. Honor suggests that a Teep might have read his mind and helped him. She says that Ross is different because she doesn't get any stray thoughts when she's around him.

Mary is walking down the streets when Franklyn pulls up in his car and apologizes. He tells her not to be such a prude, and she hesitantly gets in with him. However, she paralyzes him with his telepathy and other Teeps run up and stroke the car as they combine their telepathy on Franklyn.

Later, Ross joins Honor and tells them that some Teeps ambushed Franklyn and launched a mass attack on his mind, destroying it. He says that Mary was involved, just as Mary sends a telepathic message warning Honor that it's started and Honor has to rise up and fight back. Outside the car, Normals and Teeps start rioting. Honor finally focuses on Ross and says that she has nowhere to go. As they drive through the streets, Honor stares at the Normals in the streets beating the Teeps and feels the Teeps' pain.

Ross takes honor to his apartment and warns that the city is going to explode. Honor says that Normals want an excuse to wipe them out. Ross pours her a drink and jokingly points out that agents can't date because they're too busy probing each other for weaknesses. Honor explains that Teeps hate dating because they get too close. She wonders if he'd tell her what the Normals were planning against them, and Ross invites her to read him. Honor says that she doesn't want to, and her telepathy drives people away.

Honor looks at a photo of Ross and his father fishing. Ross explains that his father was comfortable around Teeps because he had nothing to hide, and that's why Ross loved him. He says that fishing with his father was the best time of his life, and it's zen-like. Honor tells him that's what her mind is like when she's with him, and Ross kisses her. After a moment, she kisses him back.

After sex, Honor looks at the sleeping Ross. he dreams of fishing with his father, and Honor sees his dreams. She backs away and looks around Ross' apartment, and Ross wakes up. Honor warns that he's stuffed now that he's slept with a Teep. Ross half-jokingly suggests that they elope and go far away. Honor returns to the case and says that if Cutter is making the hoods then he needed to get the linen. The linen is also used in books, and the Union Book Depository closed down 13 years ago at the same time that Cutter resigned. Ross agrees and tells Honor that she can't go with him because it's too dangerous on the streets for Teeps.

Once Ross leaves, Honor goes out and tries to find the Hood Maker through the Teep network. Mary senses her and warns that she can't interfere with them.

Ross drives to the depository and goes to the upper floor, drawing his gun. He hears piano music and carefully advances.

Honor takes a rickshaw to the depository.

Ross finds the gramophone playing the piano music and turns it off. Moving on, he finds a desk with old photos of him.

Honor moves through the depository.

Ross finds the Hood Maker's workbench, and Cutter turns on the lights and steps out. Cutter says that he's always had an interest in him since he first met him. the doctor says that in the old world they used to worry about the Internet. The Union wanted a safeguard against Teeps for them, but Cutter insists that protection should be democratic. He insists that their minds are the only free independent states in existence, and that people can evolve to resist the Teeps. Cutter says that Ross is special, and says that they both know what he can do. He insists that Ross is their new weapon against the Teeps.

Honor arrives and Cutter realizes that she's reading him. He puts on a hood to block her, and Honor asks Ross why he's a weapon. Ross claims that Cutter is stalling, but Cutter says that Ross is a weapon and tells her to read Ross and find out. She does and realizes that he's using his childhood memories to block her. Honor starts chanting and Ross hears more Teeps entering the building. He warns Cutter that they'll tear him to pieces, and Cutter tells Reed to go on because he has to be protected.

Ross tells Honor that he was going to tell her when it was safe. She runs off and Ross goes after her, but she slams a door shut between them and bolts it. Meanwhile, Mary and the other Teeps confront Cutter. He says that they can make their own hoods, and the Teeps tear through his mind.

Ross tells Honor that he has a talent and they made him train. He hears Cutter scream and draws his gun, then goes back to the workshop. The Teeps are pouring gasoline around the room, and Mary sets it on fire. The flames close in on Ross, and Honor starts to unlock the door but then stops as Mary contacts her telepathically. Honor says that Ross lied to him, and he says that she lied to him and brought the Teeps. He insists that it wasn't his choice to block her, and Mary telepathically tells Honor that she can't trust him. Honor tells Ross to let her read him so she'll know the truth, and he drops his blocks and asks her to forgive him.

Honor wades into the river past Young Reed and his father, and sees Ross' memories of Okhile telling Ross that he's the only one they can risk sending in undercover. Okhile tells him to play partners and keep Honor close, and find out what the Teeps are planning. Disgusted, Ross says that he'll have "it" eating out of the palm of his hand.

As they both cry, Mary tells Honor that she's sorry. Ross says that he fell for Honor and they can get out of the city and go to the mountains. He begs Honor to believe him, insisting that he's an open book like his father. Honor looks out at the burning streets as Ross insists that she has to trust him.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 20, 2018

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