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LaWanda: The Book of Hope Recap

Jefferson lies on bed groaning as the news runs a story about Black Lightning being back. Electricity courses through his body, and Jefferson goes to the bathroom and takes some painkillers. Lynn hears him moaning and goes in, and assures him that she's got him. She realizes that he's getting too old to be a superhero, and says that when they were young she thought he was cool when she saw his superpowers. Then it almost destroyed them, and she feels selfish for letting Black Lightning help their daughters. Jefferson says that he did it and that he's done now that the girls are safe. He tells Lynn that he loves her and misses her, and they kiss. After a moment Lynn says that she should go, and Jefferson tells her that it's important for her to be there when their daughters wake up. He kisses Lynn on the cheek and goes to sleep on the couch.

Jefferson sits on the couch and watches a newscast about how they're fighting for the streets against the 100s.

A few days later at a neighborhood gathering in the school gymnasium, Jefferson says that they're fighting for the hopes and minds of their children. One man warns that pretty words won't stop the 100. A woman, Lawanda White, stands up and says that the 100 are holding her daughter Shaquadalyn and the police won't do anything because she's not being held against her will. Jefferson says that she could reconnect because the Seahorse is shut down, and Lawanda says that it's back in business. Henderson is there and tells Jefferson that it's true, and Lawanda asks why Black Lightning rescued Jefferson's girls and no one else's. She says that unless all of them are free, none of them are free.

Tobias tells Lala and Syonide to raise the protection amount 50% on all of the neighborhood businesses. Lala figures that he hates black people, and Tobias tells him that he just hates lazy black people like Lala. Syonide shoves a muzzle into Lala's mouth, and Tobias tells him that they have to convince the people that the man pretending to be Black Lightning can't protect them.

After the meeting, Lawanda shows Jefferson a photo of her husband, Darnell. He died in the military, and after that their lives fell apart. Shaquadalyn got caught up in looking for her father in the wrong men, and Jefferson asks what he can do to help. Lawanda asks him to take Shaquadalyn out of the Seahorse, and says that Jefferson can do whatever he wants in Freedland. When Jefferson says that he can't, Lawanda figures that she has to way to fight for her girl and walks off.

Jefferson meets with Henderson, who says that there's nothing they can do about Lala. Henderson points out that Lala has said he has an alibi, and the girls will say that they weren't forced to do anything. Jefferson asks about Will, and Henderson says that he's disappeared. Henderson wonders how Jefferson knows Will was there, and Jefferson claims that his daughters told him. The inspector says that Will escaped the ambulance on the way to the hospital, and says that he has someone watching the house in case the 100 come for Jefferson's daughter. He figures that if they find Will then they'll get Lala, and Jefferson reluctantly agrees.

Khalil calls from school and asks Jennifer when she's coming back. Meanwhile, Malik comes up to the Jefferson house carrying a package and the police let him through. The boy asks Jennifer if she wants to buy candy, and then takes out a pistol, aims it at Jennifer, says that Lala says hi, and runs off.

When he hears what happened, Jefferson finds Lala at a street party and tells him to stay away from his family. Lala says that things have changed and he's trying to be nice, and advises Jefferson to send his daughters on a long vacation. Two of Lala's men beat, Jefferson, and his eyes flare for a moment. He stands up and tells Lala not to make his patience for weakness. Jefferson walks back to his car and leaves.

Jefferson goes to Gambi's and tells the tailor what happened. He insists that he's trying to protect his family, and Gambi says that Jefferson should get back into his suit. They'll track down Will and get Lala arrested, and get closer to the source of all of it. Jefferson insists that once they take down Lala, he's done.

Anissa has sex with her lover Chenoa Choi, and afterward Anissa asks Chenoa if she's okay. Chenoa says that it's never a good time, and she needs more from Anissa because she feels like just a distraction. Anissa insists that she's busy, and Chenoa apologizes for pressuring her. She asks how Anissa is coping with it, and Anissa says that it feels weird. Anissa wants everything to go back to normal, and describes how she broke the sink in her bathroom the other night. Chenoa offers to get her a therapist, and dismisses it as an old sink that would have broken anyway.

Henderson shows up at Jefferson's door with his dog Monk. He came by to make sure that the Pierces are doing okay, and points out that Lynn is there. Jefferson figures that they're getting close to being back together, and Henderson assures him that they'll get Will and Lala. He warns that Lawanda is outside the Seahorse with a camera recording johns and taking down license plates. Henderson warns that Lawanda is going to get herself killed, and there's nothing he can do about it.

Lala meets with two of his gang and they drag Will out of the trunk. The gang leader draws a gun and says that he'll straighten out what's going on, and shoots Will dead.

The next day, Jefferson goes to the Seahorse and tells Lawanda that she has to stop. When the reporters leave the 100 will kill her. Lawanda asks if Jefferson will die for his daughters, and Jefferson has no answer. She grabs her camera and Jefferson asks for 48 hours to get Shaquadalyn back. She finally agrees to stop taking photos but says that she's going to stay in her car in case they take Shaquadalyn away. Jefferson promises that he won't let her down.

That night, Jennifer goes out on her porch and smokes. Khalil arrives and confirms that she saw Black Lighting. The teenager says that they've been friends for a long time, and he's been wanting to ask her to be his girl. If they had killed her then he never would have had the chance, so he's asking her. Jennifer agrees to be his girlfriend and he gives her a necklace.

Jefferson comes in and finds Lynn working on her laptop. She says that it feels good to be there and they kiss, but she says that she has to take things slow.

Lawanda sees Lala pull up to the Seahorse and takes his picture. Ignoring her promise to Jefferson, she confronts Lawanda and demands her daughter back. Lala's men shoot her and carry her body to her car, unaware that her cellphone camera on the dashboard captured the entire thing.

Later, the police find Lawanda's body in her car where the gangers dropped it. Henderson calls Jefferson and tells him what happened. He turns on the news and tells Lynn what happened, and says that Lawanda was his student but he did nothing for her. Jefferson blames himself, saying that he could save so many, and he's been living a lie hoping they could have a normal life. Lynn tells him that it's the addiction talking, and Jefferson tells her that there's no addiction. He reminds her that she said his powers were a blessing from God, and he insists that it's still a gift and a blessing... and he intends to use it for the people that need him. Lynn says that their close to putting the pieces of their lives back together, and Jefferson says that it's time that people know that Black Lightning is back.

The next day, Jefferson arrives at school and Kara greets him. She asks how he's holding up, and hopes someone is keeping everything together for him. Kara says that she's there for him, and Jefferson thanks her. Gambi calls and tells Jefferson that he found Will but he's dead. He got Will's cell phone, and Jefferson figures that Lala is desperate and will go after Jennifer and Anissa next.

At the school, Jennifer and Kiesha are drinking up in the stands. Jennifer then goes to the exercise room where Khalil is working out. She takes out the bottle of wine and starts drinking, and Khalil yanks it away and says that it's not cool. He tells her that drinking isn't the way to deal with what she went through, and describes how his brother was shot and killed, and his father is in jail. Khalil says that God gave him a gift to run fast, and he's going to run and wants Jennifer to come with him. Jennifer says that she sees the world differently, and he tells her that it's just growing up.

Lynn goes to Gambi's and says that they know how it will end. She says that Jefferson was happy being himself, and tells Gambi to stop Jefferson before he gets addicted again. Gambi insists that Jefferson was never addicted to his powers, and it's Jefferson's choice what he does with his powers. Lynn nods and walks out.

Gambi calls Jefferson and says that Will had Lala's address on his cell phone. Jefferson suits up as Black Jefferson and walks down the street to Lala's address. The doorman tells him that he's at the penthouse, and Black Lightning takes out the guards in the lobby. He fights his way up the stairs to the penthouse and beats Lala, and Henderson and the police arrive and order Black Lightning to surrender. Black Lightning tells Henderson that it's been awhile and jumps over the balcony.

At the station, Henderson tells Lala that they have the video from Lawanda's camera. He claims that Will flipped on him and says that Lala's world is falling apart.

Jefferson returns home and Lynn tells him it's over and the Seahorse has been shut down. She asks about Black Lightning, and Jefferson says that maybe they can find a way to live with it. Lynn walks out without a word.

Anissa and Chenoa go back to their place. After sex, Anissa is unable to sleep and goes to the drugstore to get some pills. A robber is hitting the place, and he orders Anissa down on the floor. She has a panic attack and when he grabs her, she throws him across the store. After a moment, Anissa smiles and walks out.

Jefferson sits in his study and drinks, and looks at photos of Lynn.

Tobias and Syonide go to the police station, and the deputy chief escorts them to Will's cell. They go in and Tobias says that if Lala shot a mother then there's nothing that he's not capable of... including becoming a rat. Tobias chokes Lala to death and walks out.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 24, 2018

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