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Best Laid Plans Recap

The Kree soldiers move through the Lighthouse, ready to shoot anyone that they find. Two humans run across the hallway ahead and the soldiers open fire and give chase. More humans are waiting and gun them down, and Mack tells them to hold their fire once they've taken down their enemy. Flint arrives and says that it's their floor now, but Mack warns that they have a long way to go. He figures that now that Kasius knows that they're alive, he'll be back.

Hek-Sel tells Kasius that the humans are alive and have killed eight of his soldiers. Ava and the other servitors are moving Kasius' belongings to his home, and Kasius berates them. He then tells Hek-Sel to have the doctor awaken his newest acquisition.

On the surface, Coulson and the others wait out a gravity storm. Enoch asks Coulson how Flint will restore the monolith, while the other agents determine that Zephyr One is in bad shape after decades of neglect. Coulson says that they're going to pull anchor and fly to the Lighthouse to help their friends; The avionics overload, and Fitz and Jemma go to go to check the circuits.

Melinda is going through Robin's sketches when Coulson offers his condolences and asks if Melinda wants to talk about it. She finds it hard to believe that she was a mother, and Coulson assures her that he can see it in her. He says that they have to make sure the future they're in never comes to pass, and that he let Deke decide what to do with Samuel.

Deke enters Samuel's cell holding a gun. Samuel tells him to think about what he's doing, and admits that he and Owen never agreed on what to do once they brought the team from the future. Owen came at him with a knife, they struggled, and Samuel killed Owen. Samuel says that he did what he had to, and they could finish it if they kill the agents. After a moment, Deke lowers the gun and Samuel tells him to play the long game. He suggests that they let Kasius have Daisy so that she doesn't go back and destroy earth.

In the foundry, Elena teaches Flint how to shoot. Flint tells him that they'll deal with the Kree, not flint, and flint storms off. Elena tells Mack that Flint can handle himself, and Mack warns that none of the humans are soldiers. He figures that they need a plan, not a mob. Gunner tells them that Kasius sent a messenger. Mack and Elena go out, and a resurrected Tess is waiting. Flint hugs her and says that he thought she was dead, and Tess tells him that he was.

Mack, Elena, and Flint talk to Tess alone. She explains that they ragged her to the Exchange and stabbed her to death, and now she doesn't free the same. Mack and Elena says that they've seen Kree technology blood used to bring back the dead, and Elena admits that she took Flint from the ceremony. Flint wants to kill them all, particularly Kasius. Mack refuses but Elena agrees with Flint and says that she'll kill Kasius as often as it takes. Tess warns that if she doesn't bring Kasius Flint and the other children then he'll end the human race with the push of a button. If he gets Flint then it will provide Daisy with motivation to come back.

On the Zephyr, Coulson is checking his artificial hand when Daisy comes into the lab. She explains that they should be able to make contact with Zack and Elena, and worries that if she gets her powers back then she might destroy the world. Daisy figures that if she's not Quake then she won't be the Destroyer. Once she leaves, Coulson goes back to work.

Fitz and Jemma are trying to repair the avionics and Jemma shows him a tablet. It's Fitz's design for the next-gen Zephyr, and Fitz realizes that the ship runs on Gravitonium. He wonders if the Gravitonium is holding together the Lighthouse, and figures that they did it in the past even though they've lived the moment in the present. Fitz warns that it's proof that nothing they do maters and they're caught in a time loop. Jemma says that it's proof that they made it back.

The storm shakes the Zephyr, and Deke returns and tells Coulson that he left Samuel alive because he knows things that they need. They try to lift off but the engines blow out. Enoch says that they should evacuate to the caves as the ship shakes.

Elena and flint want to find Kasius and kill him, but Mack refuses and checks the circuitry to determine how Kasius will kill them. He checks a circuit box and finds an incendiary bomb inside wired to the O2 lines. They realize that Kasius could incinerate them all.

Daisy talks to Deke as he gathers supplies to move out. She points out that he let Samuel live and killing is never the better option, and Deke says that it is if it's better than pain. He tells Daisy that his father could be violent when he needed to be, and wonders if he could pull the trigger to stop someone from causing harm. Daisy assumes that he's talking about Samuel, and Deke walks off.

Coulson releases Samuel and handcuffs him, and tells him that he's going into the caves with the others. Samuel says that he was just doing what he had to, and SHIELD tried to stop an alien invasion and failed, and then Daisy destroyed Earth. As Deke arrives and leads Samuel off, Samuel says that he'll kill Daisy and do what's right. Deke tells Coulson that he's going with them because he has to see it through.

Mack tells the floor leaders that the incendiary can't be disabled, and Kasius' demands must be met. Gunner and the others refuse, and Mack says that he and Elena will turn themselves over to him in the hopes that they can get close enough to kill him. Meanwhile, the humans will have to keep working together.

Tess warns Flint that if Elena and Mack fail then Kasius will find a new way to kill the humans. Flint tells her that he can't lose anyone else, and Tess hugs him. Mack and Elena arrive, and Tess tells him that he has others and leaves. Flint wants to go with the agents, but they tell him that there other ways to fight and the other humans need him.

On Zephyr One, time slows for a moment, Jemma tells the others to cut the ship's anchors and let the gravity storm take them. They don’t have engines but if they get high enough they have reaction jets and could fly to the Lighthouse. The others agree, even Deke.

As the roughnecks head out of Zephyr One, a hooded figure arrives. They assume that it's a human and head for the caves, and Sinara removes her hood.

Tess returns to Kasius and he realizes that they didn't come with her. She shows him vials of blood and says that they insisted on sending them back.

Mack and Elena reach the research floor.

Tess tells Kasius that if they can't reach him then they'll burn his ability to breed another Inhuman.

The agents gather the vials containing the results of Kasius' Inhuman research.

Kasius chokes Tess for a moment, and tells his soldiers to bring her as he walks off.

A loose panel hits Coulson in the head, and everyone straps in. Melinda discovers that the anchors are stuck, and Daisy goes out to free them. After a moment, Deke goes after her.

As Mack and Elena move a cart into place, he reminds her to keep her head. She figures that Flint will be fine, just as the door to the level opens. Kasius arrives with Tess and his men, and Kasius recognizes Elena. Mack threatens to blow up the card, and Kasius tells him that he might bring them back after killing them if they surrender. Elena calls him a coward, and Kasius says that he's learned that humans will always turn on one another.

Daisy goes to the manual controls for the anchors and Deke follows her. She releases the anchors and Sinara attacks her. As she prepares to fight, the ship shakes around them and bags fall on Deke. It lifts off into the gravity storm and both women float into the air. They attack each other in zero-g.

Once they reach outer space, Melinda cuts in the gravity jets. Everyone drops to the floor, and Daisy and Sinara continue fighting and fall to the floor below.

Melinda tries to control Zephyr One, and Fitz wars that they're not high enough yet.

Kasius says that once Sinara secures Daisy, they will have to surrender.

Sinara manages to knock Daisy unconscious, and Deke opens a suitcase he's been looking for.

Kasius tells the agents that humans beg to be ruled and he's a god. When Mack tells him that he's a devil, Elena says that they should just skip to the part where she ends it.

Daisy manages to break free and starts climbing up out of the hold. Sinara drives her knife and says that she isn't supposed to kill her, but Deke throws a gravity storm anchor on her arm and pulls her down.

Kasius figures that Elena won't sacrifice the humans. Flint arrives and tells Mack that it's done, and Kasius holds up the remote to trigger the bombs and tells them to make their play. Elena speeds forward and bounces off of the force field Kasius has prepared for her, and he prepares to trigger the bombs.

Deke and Sinara fight, and she easily dispatches him.

Zephyr One shoots up into outer space, and Melinda activates the thrusters.

As zero-g reasserts itself, Sinara floats up into the air toward Daisy. Daisy impales her with a metal pipe, and nods to Deke in satisfaction.

Melinda nods to Coulson in satisfaction.

Kasius tells the agents that they'll set him back but they won't stop him. He triggers the bombs.

Gunner and the others get all of the bombs into a corridor, get out, and close the doors. The bombs go off and the Lighthouse shakes. Everyone is okay, and Tess runs to join Flint. Mack says that they moved all of the explosives to Level 25 and all of the people up.

Gunner goes to his wife and baby child.

Elena tells Kasius that all of the humans worked together and now they're free. Kasius yells that it's over for the four of them, and Mack triggers an explosive to cover their escape. The force field protects Kasius and his men, but the agents escape with Tess and Flint.

Melinda pilots Zephyr One to the Lighthouse, and Daisy contacts Mack and Elena. Meanwhile, Deke prepares to shatter the monolith piece so they can have it in two places at once. Mack responds and asks if they have a plan.

Kasius knows that Daisy and her team are heading toward the Lighthouse, and tells Hek-Sel to ready a squad so they can receive them. When Hek-Sel wonders how Kasius knew they were coming, Kasius says that he has a Seer of his own.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 27, 2018

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