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Til Death Do Us Part Recap

Marcus walks into Lux after hours and calls to Lucifer. Lucifer steps out with a chainsaw, and Marcus says that he would have killed himself that way a long time ago. Marcus rattles off all of the times he's used to try and kill himself, and wonders why Lucifer cares so much. Lucifer explains that he's doing it to get revenge on God, and throws a demon steel blade into Marcus' back. Marcus pulls it out and says that he should have figured Lucifer couldn't figure it out, and leaves.

People gather at a crime scene, and Chloe arrives. Dan is there and points out that they lived there after Trixie was born. The victim, a local chemistry teacher named June Lee, was tossed into a forestry service wood chipper left there overnight. Chloe canvasses the neighbors and none of them know anything. They say that everyone loved June.

Maze brings Lucifer some killing instruments from her basements, and she describes how she plans to use some of them to kill angels and demons. The demon suggests that Lucifer figure out if what Chloe's presence makes Lucifer vulnerable works on Marcus as well. Lucifer figures that he needs to figure out Marcus' vulnerability.

Later, Marcus goes into his office and finds Lucifer there. Lucifer wants to psychoanalyze Marcus to figure out his vulnerabilities, and Marcus orders him out of his office. Marcus says that he's not a sharer and orders Lucifer out. He goes out and asks Chloe about her case, and she's surprised that he's still there. Marcus says that he's planning on staying for now. Chloe explains that it turns out the victim's real name is Sandra Jang and she died three years ago. Lucifer overhears them and says that Marcus has a lot of experience on fake deaths, and Marcus tells Chloe to pull the original death certificate. Once she goes, Lucifer figures that if the two of them work on the case then it will help him figure out how to kill Marcus.

Chloe, Lucifer, and Marcus go over the files on Sandra, and Marcus suggests that she was running from someone that scared them. Lucifer asks if Marcus is afraid of something, and Chloe discovers that Sandra was arrested for running drags for a gang, the Korean Power. Dan comes in and says that the techs found Sandra's laptop with files for synthetic KPOP drugs. Lucifer confirms that the drug is still on the streets, and offers to find a dealer.

Maze meets with a bondsman to get cases, and smells something. She follows the odor to charlotte and calls her friend. Charlotte doesn't know her because they met when Lucifer's mother possessed her, and Maze realizes that there's something different about her and it's wonderful. The demon figures that she needs a distraction and continues sniffing her. Charlotte wonders what their relationship was, and Maze tells her not to talk and says that she'll be back.

At Lux, Chloe arrives and tells Lucifer that Marcus is sticking around LA for a while. Lucifer says that Marcus is sticking around for him, and takes Chloe over to the bar where the bartender serves up drinks. He says that he used to get KPOP from Korean Power, but their chemist Sandra tried to rip them off. However, she died in a freak lab explosion before the gang got to her. The bartender says that they need to find the gang leader, Brandon Hong, over at a karaoke bar. Lucifer tells Chloe that they should go there, but Chloe insists that they should make plans for a gang take a gang takedown first.

Lucifer walks into the club and calls for drug dealers to come out. One ganger draws a gun on him, and Lucifer assures them that the police raid won't come for a few more hours. He attacks the gangers, including a bodyguard armed with blades. Lucifer easily disarms her and takes out anyone else in her way, and finds Brandon. He explains that he's just trying to help, and now Brandon is going to help him.

Later, Brandon comes into the station and doesn't mention that Lucifer sent him. He admits that he runs Korean Power and Sandra used to cook their KPOP. Brandon says that Sandra's death wasn't their doing, and Sandra called to pay back the money with interest. He figures that she felt guilty and begged her to come back. Sandra refused, and Brandon admits that Sandra was worth more to him alive than dead. Chloe points out that Brandon has convinced to criminal felonies and he glances at Lucifer and says that he'd do anything to bring Sandra's killer to justice.

Outside, Chloe figures that Lucifer convinced Brandon to confess. Lucifer says that he made a deal: he gave Brandon the formula they found on Sandra's killer in return for Brandon's testimony and a couple of years in prison. Chloe still doesn't want to involve Marcus, much to Lucifer's disappointment, and goes through Sandra's files to figure out how she got the money to pay back Korean Power. Sandra's laptop doesn't break, and Lucifer finds a piece of paper in the hard drive. The writer tells Sandra to stop selling drugs or she's dead.

Chloe and Lucifer take their information to Marcus. They figure that someone in the neighborhood didn't want the drugs there, and sent Sandra the death threat. The owner of the only house on Sandra's block will only sell to couples. Since the neighbors know Chloe from when she questioned, they need somebody else to go undercover with Lucifer.

Soon, neighbors Brian and Anya greet their new neighbors: Lucifer and Marcus. Lucifer goes to make supper for their guess, and Marcus asks him if he knows it isn't real. His new "husband" says that it's an opportunity to learn more about him, and he's taking it seriously. They eat and Anya asks them how they met. Lucifer claims that they met through his father, and his father would disapprove of them. He takes Marcus' hand, and Marcus quickly removes it.

Dan meets with Charlotte for dinner and talks about Trixie. She says that he's a nice normal guy, and says that she needs normal. Maze sits down, calls Charlotte "Sexy", and tells her that she and Dan killed a guy together once. Dan assures Charlotte that she's joking, and Maze suggests that the three of them have sex. Charlotte wonders if they did, and Dan hastily assures her that they didn't but he's glad to do it if Charlotte is into it. Maze agrees, and Dan grabs another drink.

Brian says that he has allergies, and Lucifer wonders if Marcus has any. Marcus tells him that he doesn't, and they ask about Sandra's death. Anya says that some of the neighbors can be a little uptight, and says that someone has been writing notes and terrorizing the neighbors. Lucifer offers to tell Brian and Anya some secrets, and pours more wine.

Charlotte goes to the bar to get a drink, and Maze comes over to confront her. The lawyer says that she's been through hell lately, and Maze realizes that she can smell the pain and torment of Hell on her. Charlotte explains that she almost died recently, and she's been trying to get her job back to normal. Maze says that she's not God or normal and she's out, explaining that she was attracted to her old life and she doesn't want to go back to it. However, she says that Dan is probably into it.

As Brian and Anya leave, Chloe watches them from her car. She then calls Lucifer says that the "Neighborhood Watchdog" sounds like a likely suspect. The next day, Lucifer calls girls in bikinis in and plays loud music. The neighbors are less than thrilled. At 4 am, Lucifer is sharpening blades in his open garage when Marcus comes out and turns off the grinder. Chloe spots someone approaching the house and radios, but Lucifer and Marcus are too busy arguing to hear her. She approaches the man, who runs. Lucifer and Marcus hear her and run out, and discover that the running man is Brian.

The next day at the station, Chloe interrogates Brian and he admits that he's Watchdog. He says that he's busy helping the police, but insists that he didn't kill Sandra. Brian explains that he and half the block were burying from Sandra. He points out the note handwriting isn't his, and Chloe goes out to where Lucifer and Chloe are arguing about their fake marriage. She says that she has a new plan and asks if they're ready to go back to suburbia.

Back at the neighborhood, Lucifer sets up a camera so Chloe can watch them as they set up a get-together for the neighborhood. Everyone signs in as they arrive, and Lucifer reminds Marcus that he's doing it all for him. They argue loudly as the neighbors and Chloe watch, and Lucifer storms off. Chloe goes after him and asks what they're doing, and Lucifer says that she can't be around Marcus anymore. She warns him that he can't change his partner, and says that she needs him to stick it out until the job is done. Chloe insists that Marcus cares about things that matter like solving the case, and he can't do it without Lucifer. Lucifer reluctantly goes back and discovers that Marcus moved the snacks the way Lucifer prefers. Marcus admits that he overreacted and apologizes, and Lucifer says that he doesn't have all the answers and they can find them together. Everyone awws, and Lucifer kisses a shocked Marcus. Chloe tells them over the radio that their cover is officially restored.

Lucifer makes sure that everyone signs the guest book. When he asks Anya to sign, Brian tells her that it's time to go and knocks the book out of her hands. He grabs a pair of hedge clippers and yells at everyone to get back, Chloe comes out and orders Brian to put the clippers down. She figures that he's protecting Sandra's killer, and he recognizes Anya's handwriting. Anya says that she knew Brian and Sandra were having an affair, because Brian kept sneaking out. She confronted Sandra, who kept denying it, and Anya accidentally shoved Sandra into the wood chipper. Lucifer says that Sandra was Brian's drug dealer, and he was taking them to lose weight so Anya wouldn't leave him. The couple hug, and Chloe arrests them both. Marcus admits to Lucifer that at least the couple has each other and walks off.

That night, Charlotte goes to the station and apologizes to Dan. Dan blames Maze, and Charlotte says that Maze made her realize that she's a mess. She figures that she has a long road ahead, and Dan says that he has decided to own whatever it is they have. He tells Charlotte that he can wait until she sorts things out.

Chloe invites Marcus to join the rest of them for beers. He says that he shouldn't, and tells her that the two of them together isn't a good idea. Marcus tells her that someday she'll die, and Chloe figures that he's talking about his dead brother. Chloe says that she understands and starts to go, and then asks if they had a moment when she asked him to stay in LA. Marcus admits that they did and that's why he told her that he's not relationship material. Chloe says that it was a nice moment and goes.

That night, Lucifer calls Marcus to Lux and figures that he's terrified of someone getting close to him. If they're going to kill him, then they have to do it together. Marcus figures that Lucifer is the one who doesn't want to be alone, and Lucifer admits that it's nice to have a friend who can relate. His new friend warns him that it's hard not to get attached, and Lucifer says that they've got to be committed. Lucifer points out that there's lot that they didn't try, and Marcus tells him to get the chain saw.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 30, 2018

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