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For Good Recap

Kara wakes up from a nightmare of the three Worldkillers descending on her. She wakes up and goes to the DEO, and points out that the Worldkillers are still at large. Mon-El says that the Worldkillers aren’t Kryptonites and can’t be detected, and Hank and Winn agree. Winn suggests that they were genetically modified, and Kara wonders what they’ve been waiting for. Mon-El says that Kryptonite rained down on Earth and Brainiac-5 found it in the 31st century, and Hank as Winn check the meteor showers. Kara figures that Reign will be back soon.

Alex takes Sam to the DEO lab to check her on her time blackouts. She runs Sam through a MRI scanner, and Sam worries that she might have a brain tumor. Alex assures her that they’ll find out what is wrong and deal with it.

Lena and James are walking down the street and James says that he might not have time for breakfast together. When Lena offers to join him at the editorial meeting, James hastily says that he can handle it and points out that the staff gets nervous when Lena is staring at them. Morgan comes out of the restaurant and James calls him a murderer, and Morgan says that he should be careful of defamation. Lena tells him that he’s scared of a powerful woman that he can’t control, and he says that she’s not a powerful woman.

As Morgan drives off, he discovers that his brakes aren’t working. The car speeds up and the doors are locked. Morgan climbs into the back and gets out through the trunk, and jumps clear just as the car goes into the harbor.

Kara reports that the DOC has rounded up most of the prisoners escaped from Thomas. Lena comes in and says that she wants Kara to find a story at the Parks Conservatory gala that night. Morgan comes in and says that he survived an attempt on his life. He accuses Lena of trying to kill him. He invites her to try and kill him face-to-face, and James tells him to go. Morgan tells Lena to finish what she started or he will, and leaves.

Once Morgan goes, Kara, Lena, and James discuss Morgan’s accusation. Lena figures that it will never stop, and wants it all to stop because it ruined her parents’ lives. Kara assures her that they’re there for her.

Alex examines the MRI scan and tells Sam that there’s nothing. She says that they’ll send the images and some blood work to an expert, and Sam tells her that she’s worried about the lies she’s had to give to cover her problems. Sam explains that she claimed her foster mother was in the hospital and figures that she’s becoming a burden to L-Corp, her friends, and her daughter. Alex takes a blood sample, easily penetrating Sam’s skin, and assures Sam that she’s not a burden to anyone. She advises Sam to let Lena in, and Sam says that she’s been handling things alone all of her life. Alex sympathizes, saying that she feels the same way, and describes how she didn’t talk to anyone about her break-up with Maggie until Kara forced her to let her in. She refuses to let Sam make the same mistake that she almost made, and Sam says that she’ll talk to Kara and Lena.

Kara calls her source at the NCPD, and the police have discovered no signs of tampering with Morgan’s car. Eve comes in and gives Lena coffee, and after she drinks it she collapses, vomiting. James checks the coffee cart and the vendor runs off. He draws a gun and shoots at James, and James manages to flank him and take him down... only to discover that he’s dead, shot to death.

Kara flies Lena to the DEO and Alex begins treating her. Alex concludes that Lena was given cyanide and administers an antidote and has Kara use her superbreath to induce hypothermia to slow Lena’s circulation. Their plan works and Lena’s body stabilizes.

That night, Guardian grabs Morgan at Morgan’s parking garage and threatens to toss him over the edge. Morgan insists that he didn’t poison anyone, and Guardian says that she survived. The CEO says that there are plenty of people who would be willing to kill her, and Guardian advises him to tread carefully. If anything happens to Lena then Guardian promises that he’ll find Morgan, and tosses him onto his car before leaving.

Hank tells Kara that Lena will wake up and she should do so at CatCo. He says that Kara did a brave thing risking her identity to save Lena, and Kara worries that the Worldkillers are out there planning and all she can do is wait for them. Hank tells her that her job is to be there for Earth and help her friends, and points out that Earth is like Mars before its civil war. He figures that Supergirl should remind them of what is most important in the world and to give them hope.

Lena wakes up in her office, and James and Kara are there. Kara is surprised to learn that Lena dreamed that Kara flew her, and they tell Lena that she was poisoned. James tells Lena to rest, and Lena figures that Morgan was responsible. Lena vows to protect herself and take out Morgan. James warns her that she’s not a killer, and says that they still have leads. The bullet that took out the killer has vanished, and the police figure some futuristic technology is involved. Lena apparently agrees to wait.

Oonce she’s alone, Lena takes out a confidential file from her safe. It’s about a dissolving bullet program, and it was manufactured at Thundercorp Labs. Lena goes there and finds her mother Lillian there. Lillian congratulates Lena on tracking her down, and says that she came back to kill the man trying to kill her daughter. Lena doesn’t believe her and demands the truth, and Lillian says that she tried to protect her daughter. She reminds Lena of how she got revenge on a fifth-grade girl for stealing her boyfriend, and tells her daughter that she has a cold-blooded talent that Lex lacks. When Lena owns that, she’ll be great. Disgusted, Lena says that she already is great. Lillian tells her that Lena is wasted at CatCo buying a vanity business, and says that Lena can be herself rather than Cat Grant. She figures that Lena wants to kill Morgan as much as she does. Lena tells her that even if it was true, she’d never act on it, and Lillian says that’s why Lena needs her. She asks Lena to let her prove how much she loves her, and Lena seemingly agrees. She notes that Lena’s underlines have gathered a number of items, including a bundle of security badges.

Back at CatCo, Kara asks Lena if she’s okay. Alex and Sam come in and ask if they can talk. Once they’re alone, Sam tells them everything and apologizes for not telling them sooner. She says that she swore she would always protect Ruby, and her greatest fear is that something will happen to her and she won’t be around to protect her daughter. Kara says that they’re Sam’s family and Ruby’s as well, and Ruby has the fiercest mother on the family. Sam thanks them for their support.

Once Sam leaves, Lena tells Kara that she went to Morgan’s office with a gun after he framed her for poisoning children. Kara points out that she didn’t, and Lena tells her that Lillian is back and manufactured the disintegrating bullets. Her mother made her realize that she could be a killer, and that she’s smart and cunning. She figures that she knows how Lena will kill Morgan that night, but doesn’t have the full picture so she needs Kara’s help. Lena turns on a newscast about Morgan at the gala, and he holds up his security badge. Lena sees it and realizes what Lillian has planned.

Lena and Kara go to the gala and spot Morgan. Kara distracts the guard while Lena slips in, and Kara then knocks out the guard when he grabs her arm. Meanwhile, Lena says that poisoning is just a coward’s method, and says that she’s there to save him from Lillian. She takes out a recorder and says that Lillian wants to kill Morgan because he screwed with her daughter.

Lighted drones form a Ferris wheel in the sky, and Lena says that she’ll only save his life if he confesses. She turns on the recorder and says that one of the drones is programmed to kill Morgan. As Morgan hesitates, the drone comes down, locks onto Morgan, and opens fire. Kara secretly blows him out of the way, and Lena asks Morgan if he’s ready to confess. The drone moves back into position, and Morgan confesses to framing LKena and later trying to kill her. Lillian rips off his security badge and tosses it into a nearby fountain.

Morgan grabs an icepick from a nearby sculpture and threatens to kill Lena unless she gives him the recorder. Lillian steps out and insists that there’s no other way to handle Morgan except by killing him. The drone turns into a suit of power armor, encircling Lena in a Lexosuit. Supergirl flies in to confront her. Alex and Winn are watching via remote, and Alex calls for a strike team to head to the gala. Mon-El says that there isn’t time and Winn should hack the drone to open fire on Lillian.

Lillian draws a Kryptonite blade and knocks Supergirl back. Mon-El arrives and uses his heat vision on Mon-El, and Lillian leaps up to attack him. Lena drops the recorder and Morgan grabs it and runs off. Lena goes after him, while Lillian shoots the other drones out of the sky and attacks Mon-El. Supergirl flies up to intercept her. Winn finds Lillian’s drone and hacks it.

Guardian confronts Morgan and knocks him down. Morgan drops the recorder and Lillian picks it up, and then kicks Morgan unconscious.

Supergirl trains her heat vision on Lillian, holding her back long enough for Mon-El to grab the drone and fire it at Lillian. Mon-El and Supergirl land and Supergirl points out that Lena got what she came for.

Once the confusion dies down, the police take Morgan away. Kara returns and Lena gives her her recorder back. She then says that she’s not a killer because of her friends, and says that she saw Mon-El. James comes over and Lena tells him that he missed all the fun. She goes over to her mother, who says that she hoped things would be different between them. Lena says that Lillian did wake her up, and she’ll need her Luthor smarts to do what has to be done. Lillian says that can visit her in prison... if she’s still there.

The next day, Alex tells Sam that there are no signs of brain damage. Kara and Lena assure Sam that’s good news, and Alex tells Sam to take the good news and spend time with her daughter. Sam thanks them for their support and leaves. Lena says that they’ll all figure it out.

At the DEO, Mon-El approaches Kara and says that they made a good team fighting Lillian. Kara agrees and Mon-El admits that the situation between them is tough. He assures Kara that he’s committed to being the hero that Kara taught him to be. As Kara agrees, Winn announces that he’s discovered the identities of four possible Worldkillers. Kara recognizes Julia from her dream and says that she’s one of them and they should go get her.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 31, 2018

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