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The Two Million Dollar Window Recap

At the tracks, the horses come out for the sixth race, for $10,000. Three men posing as guards arrive carrying empty cash bags and go to the teller windows. As the horse line up, the lead guard nods to one of the tellers. He draws a gun on the manager and the three robbers draw their guns and aim them at the other tellers. The crooked teller shoves his coworkers in and have them load the money into the bags. The race starts and the tellers and managers finish loading the bags. They give the bags to the robbers, and their accomplice locks the others in the manager's office. Meanwhile, the race ends in a photo finish.

That night, Slate is loading the money onto a boat and has the captain his instructions of how he's going to put the money on a freighter. The captain then heads out past the Fortuna II, where Andama is watching the crap table. Lucky is chatting with three women, and Andama goes over and tells him that 00 has come up on Table 3 five times. He asks if Lucky wants him to close out the table, and Lucky tells him to get some more money. Andama gets the money from the safe as the table wheel comes up 00 again.

The captain arrives at the freighter, the Portugal Rose, and hails the first mate. A public health officer comes down and asks if the captain has had contact with anyone since the Rose anchored. The captain assures him that he hasn't, and the health officer says that the Rose is under quarantine. When the captain says that he has fruit, the health officer says that the disease spread via fruit but sends the captain on his way rather than inspecting the cargo.

Back ashore, the captain goes to Slate and tells him what happened. Slate tells the captain to relax and irritably says that the captain will get his cut. Benny the actor is there and making himself up to look like a man in a photo. Slate assures him that he's doing fine.

Fortuna II closes for the night and the guests go to the launches. Andama tells Lucky that they managed to come out on top. Benny, in his disguise, comes over and says that he's there to test Lucky's luck. Lucky says that they're closed, and Benny shows them his case filled with bills. Andama and Lucky agree to let him play. Lucky plays Benny and Benny bets $10,000 on a pair of kings versus Lucky's nines. Lucky raises him and Benny calls. Lucky beats him with three of a kind, leaving him with $25,000. Benny suggests that they play high card, double or nothing, and insists that he can cover the bet. He loses again and excuses himself.

The next day, Lucky and Andama take the money to the bank. The teller goes to the manager and shows him one of the bills, and the manager has his security guards take the two men to Rovacs. Rovacs point out that the serial numbers match the stolen money at the track, and Lucky explains how he got it. The lieutenant warns that Lucky hasn't explained a lot of things, and shows him a photo of Benny. He explains that "Martin" is Al Saunders, and has been in prison for five years doing life and couldn't have been on Fortuna II. Rovacs gets a call that the casino ship is clean, but his captain tells him to book Lucky. The lieutenant disagrees, pointing out that Lucky was on the boat when the track was robbed. He suggests that they keep Lucky free and they can put two men on him so that he leads them to the money, and the captain agrees but warns Rovacs that it'll be his head if Lucky escapes.

The police release Lucky and Andama, and two officers follow them. Lucky spots them and leaves, and one of Slate's men is watching. He tells Slate what, and Slate says that he's made arrangements with a tanker to move the money but it won't be there until the next night. Until then, the only safe place for the money is the Fortuna II. Slate tells his men Charlie and Floyd to cover the dock and make sure no one goes out to Fortuna II.

At the state prison honor farm, Gardenia O'Toole is tending to his flowers. Lucky and Andama arrive and Lucky explains that he's just visiting and tells him that Al was aboard his boat gambling. Gardenia assures him that Al has been in maximum security for years, and figures that Benny the Artist was posing as Al. Benny was front man for a bank job ten years ago, and has an address where Lucky can found him. The two men go to Benny's apartment but no answers the door. Lucky goes in via the fire escape and lets Andamo in, and they figure Benny went out the back way.

A nervous Benny goes to Slate's place and asks for his money early so he can get out of town. Slate agrees and hands over Benny's cut, and assures Benny that he's not sore. However, he suggests that his boys will take Benny out via a fishing boat and avoid the police roadblocks. Benny agrees, and Slate nods to Floyd and Charlie as they take him out.

Lucky and Andamo go to the casino room and find Benny's corpse seated at a table, a knife in its back. They call Rovacs, and once he collects the knife the captain tells him to book Lucky and Andama. Rovacs has no choice, and the two men end up in a cell. After a day, the guard brings them dinner. Lucky wonders why the robbers planted the body on the Fortuna II, and figures that they wanted them off of the boat. Andamo is glad to rattle a pitcher across the bars. When Rovacs gets there, Lucky tells him what's going on. He figures they put the money on Fortuna II after the police searched it, and convinces Rovacs to take him and Andamo along with him to help search the boat.

When the three men and the police arrive, they find Slate tossing the money out the porthole to his men waiting in a dinghy. Kovacs and his men shoot it out with the thugs, while Lucky goes after Slate. Andamo and Rovacs arrive, and Lucky knocks out Slate. Rovacs apologizes for arresting him, and Andamo hands over the remaining money.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 3, 2018

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