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The Leadville Kid Gang Recap

Three elderly men--the Leadville Kid, Joe Horn, and "Uncle" Billy Gregg--walk down the street and come to a patrolman. He comes over and tells them that they shouldn't be out wandering around a rough neighborhood. He suggests that they go home, and Leadville blackjacks him unconscious and then says that they have to get to Fortuna II before the lock up the loot.

On Fortuna II, Andamo notices the three older men gambling and tells Lucky that they're nice old men. Andamo encourages Lucky to let them gamble, and Lucky notices Chris Durfee and his man casing the place. He goes over and tells Durfee to leave, just as Joe fakes a heart attack. Joe asks Lucky and Andamo to get Joe to a bed, and the two men agree. They carry Leadville downstairs to a cabin and Billy and Joe accompany them. All three men draw guns on them and say that it's a stickup. Leadville tells Lucky to take him up so they can collect the loose change, while Billy and Joe hold Andamo hostage.

Once Leadville and Lucky leave, Joe and Billy have Andamo sit down and train their guns on him. He finally takes them serious.

Lucky and Leadville go to the teller cage where Durfee is cashing in. Durfee recognizes Leadville from prison and tells Lucky that Leadville is a real bad man according to Leadville. The crook sarcastically asks if Leadville is holding up the casino like he's held up trains in the old days.

Later, a waiter finds Lucky and Andamo tied up in the cabin. Once they're untied, they go ashore and tell Rovacs what happened. Rovacs finds the whole thing amusing, and says that he can't do anything since Fortuna II is outside the three-mile limit. He gives them the mugshot book so Lucky can identify the robbers. Once he does, Kovacs explains that they were arrested for train robbery back at the turn of the century. Lucky remembers that Durfee knew Leadville in prison, and Kovacs takes Durfee's possible involvement seriously.

Durfee reads about the robbery in the newspapers, and complains that the three old men took the money he dropped. He figures that he knows where they went, and tells his men to get the car ready as he gets his gun.

Lucky and Andamo load their guns, and Lucky says that they're going to see Durfee. When they get there, Durfee and his men are gone. "Jaguaro" is written on a notepad, and Lucky tells Andamo that it's a town just across the state line. The State Pioneers' Home is in Jaguaro, and Lucky figures the three robbers are there... and Durfee is heading there to take the stolen $20,000. The two men charter a plane to Jaguaro.

Durfee and his two thugs arrive at the home and Durfee says that they'll wait until dark and then get the robbers and the money. They park down the road out of sight. Meanwhile, Leadville is handing out cigars and talking about old times. He argues with fellow resident Hyatt Krausmeyer, a retired lawman. Doctor Adams tells them to settle down because they're all residents, and Hyatt asks where they got the money. Leadville jokingly says that it's money from the robbery, but Hyatt insists that he was the best marshal the state ever had. Joe spots Lucky and Andamo arrive, and Durfee sees them as well and figures they'll let Lucky go in first.

Joe calls over Billy and Leadville, and the three men head outside to the line shack to stand off Lucky and Andamo there. Hyatt sees them leaves and continues complaining to Adams. Adams is called to the front desk where Lucky and Andamo are waiting, and the doctor tells them to go easy on the old men. When the two men go in, Hyatt asks why they're there and assumes that they're undercover men. He's happy to learn the three men went back to robbery, and explains that they went to the line shack: a gardening shed that they have to make do. Hyatt insists on going with them and shows them the gun he has hidden away.

The three robbers spot Hyatt, Lucky, and Andamo, and prepare to open fire. Lucky tells Hyatt that he just wants to talk to the robbers, but Hyatt figures that they're yellow and says that he'll handle it. Leadville comes out and gets the drop on them, and Hyatt complains that he didn't wait for them inside. Hyatt is forced to drop his gun, and Lucky suggests that they go inside and talk it over. Leadville agrees and takes them inside. Meanwhile, Durfee and his men pull up.

Inside the shack, Billy tells Hyatt that they robbed a boat. Lucky asks why they picked on the Fortuna II, and Leadville explains that they figured the law wouldn't come after them. Andamo and Lucky just want the money back, and Hyatt says that they want the money so they can give away cigars and ice cream. The robbers refuse, and Durfee and his men come in and hold them all at gunpoint. Durfee says that the robbers made it easy, and Joe refuses to tell Durfee where the money is. Lucky and Andamo advise them to give the money, and Durfee admits that they'll have to take Lucky and Andamo along and dispose of them.

When Hyatt complains, Lucky starts insulting him and Andamo join in. He says that the Leadville gang must have been pretty sad if Hyatt brought them in, and all four old men take offense. Durfee gets tired of the arguing and grabs Hyatt, who stomps on his foot, grabs a gun, and shoots Durfee's out of his hand. The robbers take out the two thugs, and Lucky jumps Durfee. As the robbers and Hyatt cheer, Lucky and Andamo knock Durfee out.

Later, the robber hand over the money and Lucky apologizes for offending them. Lucky discovers that there's $19 missing, and he says that he'll set up a cigar foundation for the home if they stay on the straight and narrow. The robbers agree and Andamo makes them promise not to do any more shooting.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 3, 2018

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