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The Sour Milk Fund Recap

A boat pulls up to the Fortuna with gamblers, and one woman--Victoria Pennington--walks into the casino after smiling at Andamo. She nods at Lucky and goes to the roulette table, and Lucky notices Andamo staring at her. Andamo talks about how beautiful Victoria is. Meanwhile, Victoria glances at a photographer who moves into position and then she takes a hatchet out of her purse and hacks at the wheel.

Lucky pulls her away and escorts her to his office, and Victoria accuses him of taking milk away from children and the authorities refuse to do anything about him. She says that she hacked the wheel to get publicity for her cause. Victoria figures that they'll kill her because they're gangsters, and Lucky tells her that they don't let people gamble if they can't afford to. She says that the OCI--the Organized Charitable Institution--has seen hungry underprivileged children after their fathers throw away their money. Lucky figures that there's something else involved, and Victoria tells him that he's symbolic. She explains that the OCI is an organization for decency, and their executive secretary and founder Professor Charles Van Clede suggested that she started with the Fortuna. Lucky is glad to let her go, and Andamo says that he saw her picture on the society page of the newspaper. He suggests that they hold a benefit for the milk fund and they turn over all the proceeds to the OCI. Lucky points out that he hasn't heard of the OCI, and Victoria says that the work she's doing is important. She agrees with Andamo and Lucky wants to talk Charles first. Victoria apologizes for misjudging them, and makes an appointment for 10 the next morning.

After Andamo takes Victoria ashore, he returns and tells Lucky that what Victoria says makes a lot of sense. He notices that Lucky has a new sign for the Fortuna with the dice sign removed, and Lucky explains that the boat is going to have a new occupation but it's a surprise.

The next day, Lucky and Andamo go with Victoria to visit Charles, who is working with his orchards. Andamo says that they'll pay all expenses and the OCI will get the proceeds, and Lucky reluctantly agrees. Victoria chips in her support, and Charles figures that Lucky will get some advertising out of it. Charles agrees and Victoria thanks Andamo. He invites her to lunch and she agrees, and tells Lucky that he can go make plans while he has lunch.

Once they leave, Charles brings Fred Archer in and points out that Fred say he had to close down his casino because of the Fortuna and its honest gambling. Fred agrees and Charles offers him the chance to close Lucky down. He explains about the charity benefit and how he'd get more money if he doesn't have to give it to OCI, and the police are closing in. Charles explains that once he puts the money in his safe, Fred and the boys will "rob" him, but he'll claim Lucky robbed him. Lucky will be driven out of business by public uproar, and Charles gets the money. Chuckling, Fred agrees.

Later, Victoria is aboard the Fortuna decorating for the benefit. Lucky finds Andamo watching her and worries that he's too intense. He asks if Victoria is right for him, and Andamo insists that she is. The gamblers arrive, including Charles. He goes over to Lucky and says that it's going well, and Lucky says that they might take in $100,000. Meanwhile, Victoria and Andamo go out on the dock and she says that she feels ashamed because it's going so well. Andamo chats about the OCI and she says that she doesn't pay enough attention to other things. Andamo offers to show her a blast furnace and they start to kiss.

Lucky interrupts to talk to Andamo privately, and Lucky worries that the two of them should escort the money off the boat to Charles' office. Once there, they'll put the money on the safe and guard it. Andamo says that he has a date later and advises Lucky not to pry.

Once the benefit is over and Lucky confirms they made $125,000 in cash and $30,000 in checks. Charles says that he would have preferred cash since people cancel checks, and assures Victoria that OCI will be grateful to her. Victoria gives Andamo the credit and Lucky says that they'll take the money ashore and gives guns to himself and Andamo. Charles claims that it sounds a little gangsterish, and Victoria says that she and Andamo were going ashore anyway. Lucky gives the case with the money to Charles and they leave.

When the group gets to Charles' office, Fred and his men draw guns on them and "rob" them. Charles refuses and Lucky advises him to hand the money over. The professor asks why they don't do something when they have guns, and Fred orders him to turn them over. When his men come over to take them, Lucky and Andamo jump them and one thug knocks Andamo down. Lucky takes him out and then he and Victoria go to Andamo.

Charles draws a gun and tells them to stay where they are. He orders Victoria to take Lucky's gun and put it on the table, and says that he's "retiring". When he threatens Victoria, Andamo steps forward and Charles wounds him in the leg. He leaves and Lucky goes after him, tackling him on the stairs. After a brief struggle, Lucky knocks Charles unconscious.

A few days later, Lucky goes to Victoria's manor and finds Andamo and Victoria on the couch kissing. Victoria threatens to shoot Andamo in the leg if he goes back to the Fortuna, and Lucky explains that they're no longer running a casino. He promises to send Victoria a special invitation as long as she doesn't bring a hatchet.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 6, 2018

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