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True Colors Recap

Wolfe takes Blacksmith into his metahuman wing and shows off the metahumans that he has imprisoned. The Thinker's various metas are imprisoned there, as is Barry. Wolfe explains that he's a speedster, and asks who she would like. Blacksmith takes all of them.

Ralph returns to his office and smells the food of someone inside. He realizes who it is and goes in, and finds Earl Cox passed out on his couch. When Ralph says that the cops are there, Earl wakes up and says that he broke in and has a case for Ralph to help him with. Ralph says that he's going straight and has new friends, and Earl tells him that he inevitably lets his friends down and to call him when he lets them down.

Iris and Cecile arrive at Iron Heights to see Barry, but discover that he's not there. Wolfe says that Barry was involved in a fight and is under confinement for his own safety. While he talks, Cecile reads his mind and picks up that he sold Barry and the others to Blacksmith. Once Wolfe leaves, Cecile and Iris return to S.T.A.R. Labs and Cecile tells the others what she picked up. Cecile points out that Joe can't tell Singh anything. Cisco explains that Harry is on Earth-2 checking on Jesse. Ralph comes in and talks about Earl, and slowly takes on Earl's appearance with his elastic powers. They point out what Ralph has done, and Ralph wonders how he undoes it. He concentrates and reverts back to his normal form, and Iris says that if Ralph can shapeshift into Earl then he can shapeshift into Wolfe, meet with Blacksmith, and call off the deal.

Sylbert tries to break out of his cell, and Barry tells the others that Blacksmith sells metas to the highest bidders. They all agree that they have to escape but wonder how. Meanwhile, The Mechanic and Thinker are watching Barry on the monitor. Thinker says that he doesn't know what to do because his mind is consumed by too many variables. He can read Mechanic's mind and says that he can see her doubt. Mechanic insists that she has no doubt, but Thinker tells her that it's not what they're going to do but what Barry is going to do.

In his cell, Barry collects some grease from his food tray on his hair, and then uses the hair to plug up his toilet. Later, a maintenance man Sitter comes in to clear it. He leaves, unaware that Barry has stolen two of his tools.

Ralph works on disguising himself as Wolfe but can't. Caitlin assures him that it isn't impossible, and Cisco says that he had to learn to clear his mind. He says that they're all counting on Ralph, and Ralph laughs nervously but concentrates. He takes on Wolfe's form and Caitlin shows him a mirror. Ralph gets up and then falls over because he's taller than usual.

Barry removes a spring from his bed and uses metal mixed with water to make acid. He burns through the lock and frees himself and then the others, and Barry reminds them that he's a prisoner, not a cop. Becky says that she's going to stay so she doesn't hurt anyone, but Barry tells her that the only way to stop Blacksmith from hurting people is for Becky to escape. Barry then uses the acid to burn through the bolts on the floor plate, and figures that they can get to the old original level and get far enough away so they regain their powers.

The metas make their way through the old Iron heights and Barry says that Flash will bring them back. Ramsey says that he's only going to do legal crime.

Mechanic finishes remodeling Thinker's chair, and he realizes that she's thinking of the song they first danced to. Thinker remembers all of the data, and says that now the song makes it difficult to read her thought. Mechanic denies it, and Thinker assures her that once the next phase is complete, he will erase any doubt from her head.

Ralph/Wolfe enters a bar and Iris has Joe coordinate with him over the radio earbud. Blacksmith's man Norvok comes in and Ralph/Wolfe says that he wants to talk to Blacksmith about the deal. Norvok says that he'll talk to Blacksmith at the deal, and Ralph/Wolfe grabs him and angrily tells him that he wants a meeting. Once Norvok leaves, Ralph/Wolfe loses control of his ear but tells the others that he has anything under control. Norvok returns and says that Blacksmith is waiting.

The prisoners hear the sewer water up ahead, and Sylbert reminds the others that Barry killed a teacher. They find Sitter and Sylbert grabs him. Barry and Becky object, and Barry punches Sitter unconscious and says that they can duct-tape him.

Norvok takes Ralph/Wolfe to the gym where Blacksmith is watching two boxers going at it. The team listens in as Ralph/Wolfe says that the police have been tipped so they have to call off the deal. Blacksmith notices that something seems off about him, but Ralph/Wolfe insists that the deal has to be delayed. As Blacksmith backs off, Ralph/Wolfe's face reverts. Iris tells him to run, and he gets out avoiding Blacksmith's metal blasts. He gets out and escapes, and Blacksmith calls Wolfe. He says that the metas are there... as he discovers that they're gone.

When Ralph returns to S.T.A.R. Labs, Iris says that they have to go to Iron heights and stop the deal. She assures the others that they can go, and Ralph says that he isn't going with them. Ralph figures that they'll have a better chance of saving Barry without him, and apologizes for letting them down. Ignoring Cisco, Ralph walks out.

The prisoners make it to the old prison cells and Barry figures there are no meta dampeners on the other side of the door. Sylbert tries to break down the shoulder and fails, and Ramsey breaks open the lock and hacks it. Becky tends to Barry's bruised punching hand and diagnoses it. She says that she used to fall down because she was a klutz, and admits that she doesn't know what she's going to do when she gets out. Barry tells her that he didn't kill the teacher, and explains that some metas protect others.

Caitlin goes to Ralph's office and finds him sleeping drunk on the couch. She grabs the bottle and breaks it, and then cuts her hand with it to summon Killer Frost. Frost tells Ralph that he's pathetic, and he screwed up and should get over it. He says that everyone leaves Ralph eventually and they leave him, and this time the people that will leave are his first friends in a long time. Frost says that Caitlin's friends are still there even though she's a criminal, and figures that Ralph will be fine. Impressed, Ralph tells her that it wasn't a bad pep talk, and knows how to fix the situation. He tells Frost that he has to see a girl about a guy and leaves.

Ramsey finishes hacking the lock and the prisoners emerge out onto the yard. Their powers reactivate and Becky thanks Barry for saving them. Wolfe fires a power-suppressing anklet at Barry, and he and his guards prepare to take them in. The other metas use their powers to influence the area, and Wolfe tells them that they might want to start getting revenge with Flash. He say that Barry is Flash and he'll put them back in jail after they escape. As they turn to Barry, Becky steps forward and says that she's deciding who she is. She insists that they won't take him and wishes them good luck trying.

Mina animates a nearby bird statue, but a mouse runs across the tower control panel and a searchlight shines in Mona's face, blinding her. The bird slams into Sylbert, knocking him into a weight rack that falls onto Ramsey. Wolfe tells his men to open fire on Barry and Becky, just as Blacksmith and Norvok arrive. Blacksmith says that she'll clean up his mess and prepares to blast Becky, but a guard's rifle accidentally fires a gas grenade. It knocks out Blacksmith and the others.

Thinker blasts in on his chair, and Blacksmith runs off. The prisoners realize that the blast took out their powers, and Thinker says that he's their destiny. He grabs all of them with metal tentacles and they collapse as he drains their powers. Barry runs forward as Becky calls for help, and takes her hand. The tentacle releases her and Thinker's consciousness in her body says that Barry's too late. Another tentacle slams Barry away, and Thinker grans Wolfe with a tentacle as he tries to crawl away. Mechanic listens as Thinker kills the warden.

Barry recovers and Thinker tells him goodbye and then teleports away with the chair. Vibe and Frost breach in, and Frost removes Barry's ankle. He tells them that he's staying now that Wolfe won't sell them, until they find a way to get him out legally. Barry says that they all have to decide who they are, and that's who he is. Vibe and Frost breach away, and Barry returns to his cell.

The next day, Cecile goes to court to file an appeal. The judge tells her that she doesn't have anything new and asks if she has something new. Cecile and Iris look at the door, but no one comes in. However, before Judge Hankerson can bring down the hammer, Clifford comes in and Cecile whispers to Iris that it's Ralph.

Ralph/Clifford says that he was in Barry's apartment, heard someone say that someone was framing Barry for stabbing him, and then he woke up in his own home. Marlize doesn't have an explanation, and Cecile points out that in the past people who have appeared death have emerged alive. Hankerson insists that it's impossible, but Cecile points out that Central City is home to the impossible. Ralph/Clifford says that he will work with authorities to solve the mystery. Hankerson grants Barry's appeal since Clifford is alive and well, and orders Barry's release.

Later at the West home, everyone celebrates with Barry. They share a toast to Barry's freedom and then going back after Thinker. Barry wonders why Thinker only store the powers of the bus metas. Ralph comes in and wonders why everyone is staring at him.

Thinker meets with Mechanic and offers a toast to his success. Mechanic points out that they were supposed to wait until all the bus metas were captured, and figures that there's something else on mechanic's mind. Thinker says that Wolfe had to die, but Mechanics doesn't think that it was necessary to their plans. Once she turns her back, Thinker drugs her champagne with Weeper's tears. They drink, and Mechanic briefly glows blue. She then says that she loves Thinker, and Thinker dances with her, singing their song.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 7, 2018

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