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The Devil's Greatest Trick Recap

Green Arrow and Spartan break into Cayden's former lair but find no one there. The monitors turn on and Cayden addresses the two vigilantes. He says that he didn't appreciate their alliance with Vince, and Arrow says that they have proof that he didn't kill Cayden's time. Cayden doesn't believe it, and says that there is no point in delaying matters further. He tells them that he'll detonate the thermobaric bomb over Star City at midnight.

Back at the bunker, Oliver asks Felicity and Alena where they are with the video. Felicity says that they're running an algorithm on the original footage, and Alena says that they might be trying to reason with a man beyond reason.

Cayden tells his people that it's time for them to leave Star City. Anatoly wonders how, and Cayden says that they'll be airlifted out of the city and then they'll receive their individual shares of the ransom. He stresses how personally important it has been to him, and thanks them for all they've done to get justice for his boy.

The Past

At Helix headquarters, Cayden tells new recruit Alena that he's made all of a pharmaceutical company's black market money disappear. Alena says that she's stoked to be there, just as he gets a call from his son Owen. Cayden excuses himself and meets his son at his high school. Owen knows that Cayden wasn't in the stands, and his mother and her new boyfriend Jim went to a restaurant to celebrate her promotion. Cayden claims that he was delayed at work, and insists that he can't say about Helix for Owen's protection. He says that he wants to be a bigger part of Owen's life, and Owen tells him that he can't want Owen in his life when keeping him out of his. Cayden promises that he'll be at Owen's finals the next night, and says that he'll do a better job of sharing Owen's life.


At the station, Quentin and Captain Hill are coordinating emergency efforts. Oliver calls Thea and asks for a list of everyone important to move to the bunker since it's the only place that could withstand the blast. She assures Oliver that she has eyes on William.

Diaz and Anatoly wait, and Anatoly insists that Cayden won't let them die with the city. The crime lord doesn't believe it, pointing out that Cayden's airlift is late. Black Siren agrees with him.

At the station, Thea tells Quentin that Dinah doesn't seem to be grieving over Vince's death. Quentin says that he's not worried about Dinah.

Black Canary fights her way into one of Cayden's bases and questions one man, demanding to know where Siren is. He says that he doesn't know, and Mr. Terrific and Wild Dog arrive. Canary says that she's trying to get justice for Vince, and Wild Dog tells him that the priority is finding the bomb that Felicity told them about. She says that she can't let it go, and tells them to stay out of her way.

As Oliver considers having ARGUS airlift the people out, Alena says that Cayden was the real target. She reveals that Karl Iscove, a paid assassin, killed Owen. Felicity figures that he was hired to set up Arrow, and Oliver tells them that Iscove is dead. Alena finds Cayden heading out of town on the interstate, and Oliver says that they have an idea.

Flash drops Arrow and Spartan off in front of Cayden's SUV. He gets out and Arrow says that they need to talk. He shows him the original video and explains that Iscove was the real assassin and the person who hired him outed Arrow a few months ago. Cayden realizes that someone within Helix did it because of the metadata on the file, and says that he wants to talk to his former colleagues. He tells Arrow to bring him Siren, Diaz, and Anatoly or he'll detonate the bomb anyway to dispose of his son's killer.

Back at the bunker, Oliver and Diggle tell Felicity and Alena what happened. Oliver says that he won't let Cayden kill them, and figures it's one of the three. Alena points out that Cayden might be lying, and Oliver points out that they were all working with him when the photo was doctored. Thea brings William in and Oliver tells him that Cayden is going to detonate the bomb so the bunker is the safest place. Felicity and Alena are unable to find the three suspects even with Cayden returning control of the satellites. Oliver says that he has to find them and tells William to stay there. William wants to stay with him, but Oliver warns that it's too dangerous and says that he'll be back as soon as he can.

At the Outsiders' HQ, Rene and Curtis discuss how there's nothing they can do to save the city or Dinah. Diggle calls and says that Cayden won't detonate the bomb if they bring him Diaz, Siren, and Anatoly. Curtis suggests that they go after Siren first, and Diggle points out that if Dinah kills Siren then she'll kill the entire city as well.

Siren is collecting her go-bag and finds a photo of her and her Quentin. As she goes, she finds Canary waiting. They fight and Canary knocks her down. Quentin arrives and tells Canary to stop, saying that he can't let her hurt Siren. Canary blasts him back, and Arrow pins both women to support pillars. Spartan, Wild Dog, and Mr. Terrific arrive and Arrow says that he's saving the city. He explains what Cayden wants, and Canary says that they can hold off for another way. Arrow insists that they don't execute people, and she says that he just lets them die. Felicity calls to say that they've picked up Diaz leaving the city, and she sends the coordinates to Mr. Terrific and Wild Dog. Canary insists on staying to watch Siren, and Arrow tells Quentin to stay there with her. Felicity puts Arrow through to Cayden and asks where they take Siren, but he refuses to say until he has all three of his allies. Once he breaks the connection, he goes to the bomb and promises Owen that they will render their judgement.

The Past

Cayden prepares to leave for the finals, and she asks if it's a good idea. She warns him that ARGUS has his scent, but Cayden tells her that he's taken precautions and can't break the date.


Wild Dog and Terrific capture Diaz.

At the bunker, Dinah puts power suppressors on Siren, who says that she thought it would be harder to kill Vince. Quentin asks her when she plans to kill his daughter, and Dinah reminds him that Siren is a monster. He says that he knows what Siren has done, but tells Dinah that no one deserves to die. Dinah disagrees and tells him that if Cayden doesn't kill Siren then she will.

William asks Felicity where Oliver is, and Felicity tells the boy that things didn't go as planned so it's taking longer than anticipated. She picks up Anatoly heading for a helicopter.

As Anatoly prepares to board his helicopter, Arrow and Spartan open fire. The helicopter takes off, and the two heroes take out Anatoly's men. Arrow then steps out and tells Anatoly that he's going to deliver Anatoly to Cayden. He accuses Anatoly of setting him up, and Anatoly repeats that it wasn't him. He knocks Anatoly out, and Spartan tells Felicity that they have Anatoly. They call Cayden, who tells them to meet him at an abandoned theater. William, overhearing, slips away when no one is looking.

Later at the theater, Cayden is waiting with the bomb. Arrow and Spartan bring in Anatoly, and William comes in. William tells Arrow that he doesn't want to lose him as well, and Cayden says that it's all right because it's a beautiful symmetry that it started with his son and ends with Oliver's. He introduces himself to William and says that it concerns his own son who has passed away.

The Past

Cayden is outside the gym and watches Owen play. ARGUS agents arrive and say that they're there to arrest Cayden. Cayden asks them to let him watch the game before they take him in, but they refuse and take him away.


Canary and Quentin take Siren to the theater, and Canary goes in to check the area. Siren tells Quentin that she's not like Vince because she's not going to change and be Quentin's daughter. Quentin says that she could be better, and Siren says that she likes who she is. She tells Quentin that she doesn't recognize Laurel and the photos made her sick. When Quentin wonders why she's saying what she's saying, Siren tells him that she doesn't ever want to enjoy killing him. Canary returns and says that the perimeter is secure.

Cayden tells Arrow that William is brave and foolish, much like his father. The others arrive and Cayden says that he plans to find out which of them killed Owen. Felicity and Thea are monitoring the situation, and realize that William is there. Meanwhile, Cayden says that losing his son is like losing a piece of his soul, and someone took Owen from him. Diaz warns that Cayden's grief is making him crazy, and Siren says that it was her. She admits that she killed Owen.

Alena realizes that Cayden's detonator is spiking, and Felicity realizes that there's something wrong with the bomb.

Cayden slaps Siren, and Alena warns that the frequency is spiking bigger the closer Cayden gets to Siren. Meanwhile, Cayden tells Siren that he knows that she's lying, and says that he saw her hesitate when he ordered her to execute Vince. Felicity tells Arrow to get Cayden away from Siren because the detonator is interfering with the power dampener.

Siren rips the dampener off when it deactivates and unleashes sonic blasts on everyone. Canary recovers first and goes after her, and the others run off. Spartan goes after Diaz while Terrific and Wild Dog go after Anatoly. Anatoly jumps Terrific and grabs him, then wrests the gun away from Wild Dog and shoots him in his bulletproof vest. All three men take cover as Anatoly fires.

Diaz attacks Spartan.

Siren goes out and finds Canary waiting for her. Canary dodges her sonic blasts and they fight.

William grabs the detonator, but Cayden grabs his wrist.

Anatoly gets out before Wild Dog and Terrific can stop him.

Spartan manages to knock Diaz, but by the time he gets his gun, Diaz escapes.

Quentin runs out and yells at Canary to stop. Canary takes his gun and fires at Siren before Siren blasts her back. Quentin goes to Siren and watches as she passes out.

Cayden looks at William, and Arrow tells William to back away. William does so, and Cayden prepares to set off the bomb. Arrow tells him that Owen wouldn’t want him to do it, but Cayden figures that he'll kill the person responsible and they'll go to hell with him. Arrow tells William that he's with them and loves him, and Cayden looks at father and son together. He realizes that he failed to protect Owen and the man responsible for his death is him. Arrow throws a dart into Cayden's wrist disarming him, puts a blade to his throat, and tells him not to move.

Later back at the bunker, Oliver tells William that what he did was dangerous. William apologizes, and Oliver promises that he'll never let anything happen to him and will make sure nothing happens to him. He says that he's been doing it a long time and asks William to trust him, and William accepts his promise.

When Oliver talks to Felicity, she says that Anatoly, Diaz, and Siren have disappeared again. Quentin is taking Cayden in. Dinah insists that finding Siren is their first priority, pointing out that she confessed. The others figure that she was lying, and Diggle tells Dinah that she's the one who is not seeing clearly. Oliver says that Dinah is better than this, and she leaves. Rene tells the others that what happened doesn't change anything, and they're still doing their own thing. Oliver asks them to keep Dinah in line, and Curtis and Rene leave. Felicity wonders why it doesn't feel like they won.

The next morning at the station, Oliver visits Cayden in booking and asks him if his surrender is some sort of ploy. Cayden admits that Owen would have been ashamed of him, but he already was. He gives Oliver a list of the places where he might find the other three, and the account where he put the money he took from the city. Cayden asks for permission to visit his son's grave, and Oliver tells him that he'll arrange it. As Oliver leaves, Cayden tells him to be a better father than he was.

The Past

An agent tells an imprisoned Cayden that Owen was murdered the night before. He says that they don't know who killed him, and offers his condolences.


Quentin gets into his car and asks Siren how she's doing. She wakes up and finds herself handcuffed to the seat. Quentin points out that there must be a piece of his daughter in Siren somewhere and e's going to get it out no matter what it takes.

The surveillance camera in the interrogation room shuts off. Diaz comes in and admits that he didn't think that it would end with Cayden in jail. The crime lord figures that Cayden is realizing that he doesn't know Diaz. He points out that Oliver is under indictment, his team is fractured, and Star City is primed for a takeover. Diaz figures that it's better to take over a city than destroy it, and explains that Hill and several city officials are on his payroll. He admits that he had Owen killed and stabs Cayden in the neck, killing him. Diaz tells Cayden to tell Owen that he said hello and walks out.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 9, 2018

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