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The Brain Picker Recap

The police chief has Rovacs read the paperwork and then tells him to arrest Lucky for breaking an 1823 whaling law. He insists that it's the law despite Rovacs' objections, and points out that it's an election year and someone wants the DA to shut down Lucky. The chief admits that he feels foolish but he--and Rovacs--have no choice.

On the Fortuna, Lucky and Andamo are looking at the books when Rovacs comes in and tosses the warrant down in front of them. He tells them to close down the casino, and then notices that there are no gambling tables anymore. Rovacs demands to know what's going on, and Lucky explains that they've converted the Fortuna into a floating restaurant a month ago. He says that all of his members are handpicked so there's been no publicity, and a satisfied Rovacs tells them that they're safe. The former croupier brings over a menu for Rovacs, who is shocked at how expensive everything it is. Rovacs quickly excuses himself.

Lucky greets one of his patrons, wealthy heiress Sherry Beaumont, who has him sit with her and her fellow diners. She introduces her friend Ronnie Slater, and Ronnie and Sherry say that it's good to have an expensive place to go in town. Ronnie says that he's coming into a small behest, and Sherry realizes that it's midnight. Lucky asks her what the matter is, and Sherry says that it's tomorrow and runs off. The owner goes after her to the deck, and Sherry jumps into the water. Lucky jumps after her as Andamo arrives and tosses them a lifesaver.

The two men take Sherry to a cabin and call a doctor. The doctor says that he'll give Sherry a sedative and she'll be fine. He says that Sherry is in a state of morbid depression and advises them to call her family doctor. Ronnie comes in and says that he didn't think it was that bad. He tells Lucky that Sherry is under treatment by Arthur Burnett, a psychological guide who is very popular among the elite. Sherry wakes up long enough to ask Ronnie to call Arthur, and Lucky says that he'll take her in the morning if she still wants to go. Ronnie says that Sherry's father doesn't care what happens to her.

The next morning, Sherry asks Lucky for $25,000 and he wonders why. She refuses to answer any questions, and Lucky says that they're going to see Arthur and then he'll decide about the money. They go to Arthur's office and once he hypnotizes Sherry to sleep, he goes into the other room with Lucky and Andamo. The counselor explains that Sherry suffers from hypertension and nameless fears, and Lucky figures that she's being blackmailed. Arthur says that it's been going on for months but doesn't know who is it doing it and Sherry won't tell him who or why.

Lucky has Arthur wake Sherry up and Lucky gives her the $25,000 without question. Arthur asks if it's wise, and Lucky tells her to do what she has to do with the money while they get her off the hook. Lucky has Sherry explain that she gives the money to Slater and he leaves it off so she doesn't have any contact with the blackmailer. Sherry hasn't gone to the police or her father, and doesn't know how the blackmailer learned what he's blackmailing her over. She insists that it's impossible for anyone to know except her, but the blackmailer somehow knows.

Later, Sherry goes to a restaurant while Lucky and Andamo watch her from another table. Lucky goes to call Rovacs, who confirms that Arthur is legitimate. As Lucky asks about Ronnie, Ronnie comes in and sits with Sherry. He says that he's going to leave the blackmail payoff at a public locker, and advises her not to go through it because the blackmailer will never let her off the hook. Sherry gives him the money to make the payoff, while Andamo and Lucky watch. They both figure that Ronnie might be involved.

Ronnie leaves and the two men follow him to the bus depot. He puts the money in the locker, and Lucky and Andamo wait until a small well-dressed man--Charles Van Halsington III-- arrives, takes the money, eats a sandwich, and leaves. The two men follow him to a city messenger service. When Charles comes out, Lucky and Andamo take him to a nearby alleyway and ask where he sent the package to. Charles that he's working for a gentleman and refuses to take money to give away his information. He figures that it's an affair of the heart, and says that as payment they ate at a French restaurant. Recognizing a gourmand, Lucky identifies himself and the two men offer Charles a free months' membership and all he can eat at Lucky's in return for the information.

Charles give sup the address and Lucky goes to the apartment where the money is being deliver. He finds a room filled with audio equipment and a viewport to the adjoining apartment. Arthur and Ronnie come in and Arthur trains a gun on Lucky. Lucky compliments them on the setup: Arthur gets his clients to spill their secrets and Ronnie sits in the next room recording it. Rovacs revealed that Arthur used to work as a hypnotist at carnies. Arthur escorts Lucky out, but Andamo is waiting in the hallway and jumps him while Lucky attacks Ronnie. Ronnie makes a run for it and both crooks go into Arthur's apartment. Lucky and Andamo manage to knock them out just as Rovacs and his men arrive in response to Andamo's phone tip. He informs them that the $25,000 is impounded as evidence but he can give them car fare.

Later, Rovacs goes to the Fortuna to hand over the $25,000. Lucky tells him that they're facing bankruptcy as Charles goes through several platters of the hors d'oeuvres sand shows no signs of stopping before he gets to the main course. Rovacs finds the entire thing hilarious and walks off, laughing.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 10, 2018

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