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Big Squeeze Recap

Lucky is walking down the street and a girl asks him for a light. Moving on, Lucky enters a saloon and finds Pop Markel in the back. Pop thanks him for coming in response to his request, and says that he's onto something big. Lucky is in for 20% of an armored car theft worth $500,000, and all Lucky has to do is take the Fortuna to Cuba. The owner refuses to break the law and offers Pop $200, but Pop says that he's out of options. He takes the money anyway and Lucky says that he'll see him. As he leaves, a man bumps into him. Lucky goes outside, and the man, Jojo Morgan, enters Pop's room and asks if Lucky is in. Pop says that he figured Lucky wouldn't play along and says that they need another way out of town. Jojo shows him Lucky's pocket watch that he pickpocketed and says that he's in.

The next day on the Fortuna, Andamo goes to Lucky's cabin and finds clothes scattered around the room. Lucky explains that he's looking for his watch, just as the phone rings. It's Jojo, who plays the watch's music and explains that he's going to sell it back at the saloon where Lucky was the night before. Jojo tells Lucky to meet him there at 11 and hangs up.

That night, three men hold up the armored car.

Lucky arrives at the saloon and discovers that it's closed. He knocks on the door but gets no answer, and walks away. Once he leaves, a man comes over and removes the "closed" sign from the door.

Back on the Fortuna, Rovacs shows up and asks Lucky why he went in for armed robbery. He explains that an armored car was knocked off and Lucky's watch was picked up in the getaway car. Lucky says that someone stole him, and admits that the saloon was closed. Rovacs believes him but says that Lucky has to convince the captain. They go down to the station and Pop says that he's been there on a drunk-and-disorderly.

Later, Rovacs lets Lucky go and finds Andamo waiting for him. Andamo insists on going with Lucky to see a "friend", but Lucky refuses and goes to see Pop at the saloon. Pop is waiting for him and Lucky explains that he's out on $50,000 bail. He demands to know who else was in on the alibi, and Pop insists that he has an ironclad robbery because he was in jail at the time. Pop says that they'll be friends again once Lucky gets over his anger, and Lucky insists that he come down to the station to explain. Pop refuses and says that in a week the heat will be off, and he has Andamo to ensure Lucky's cooperation.

Lucky goes to an Italian restaurant and meets with the owner he staked the money to, Spider. Spider tells him that Rovacs pulled them all in, and Lucky figures they needed a wheelman, an explosives expert, and a gunman. Spider tells him that The Jockey was probably the wheelman and Jojo was the explosives expert, and The Jockey is probably holed up at Madam Maria's.

Lucky goes to Maria's fortune-telling shop and presents himself as a client looking for his future told. She figures that he's not a cop and Lucky asks where The Jockey is. When Maria feigns ignorance, Lucky lays out some bills and Maria goes to get him. When The Jockey comes in, Lucky grabs him and Jockey says that he knows who Lucky is. The casino owner demands to know where Andamo is, and says that he's going to buy two big guys to walk on. He doesn't know where Andamo is, and figures that they're going to keep him on ice for a week so they get out of town. Lucky points out that he's got The Jockey, and grabs the wheelman when he tries to run for it. He demands to know where Jojo is, and The Jockey tells him that Jojo is a night watchman at a warehouse.

As Lucky leaves, Rovacs and two officers are watching. Rovacs leaves one man to watch the place and pick up anyone who comes out, while he and the other officer follow Lucky.

Jojo is mixing nitro when Lucky comes in. He slips and Jojo hears him, and comes at him with a gaffing hook. Lucky says that he's not interested in the$100,000 that Jojo made from the robbery, and grabs the nitro Jojo was mixing. Jojo drops the hook and tells Lucky to handle it carefully, and offers to make a deal. He agrees to tell Lucky where Andamo is if Lucky put the nitro down, and says that the gunman Phil Bricker has Andamo at a boarding house. Once Lucky has the address, he says that he'll leave the nitro outside when he goes. Once he gets out, Lucky pours the nitro on the sidewalk and goes to his car. Rovacs is watching, and calls men in to arrest Jojo.

At the boarding house, Phil ties up Andamo and checks his gun. Lucky comes in via the fire escape As Phil says that Lucky is a jerk for turning down $150,000, he sees Lucky in the mirror. he then picks up he then picks up his shotgun and aims it at Andamo's head, and talks about the people that he's killed. Phil goes to get some pictures of the people that he's killed, slams the door, and waits. Lucky comes in and Phil tells him to get up against the wall. He tells Lucky to untie Andamo so they can head to Cuba on the Fortuna. Rovacs grabs Phil as he comes out, and Lucky wonders what kept him since he knew all along that Rovacs was trailing him. The lieutenant gives Lucky his watch and says that he's arrested the other three men. Andamo starts planning what they're going to do with the $150,000, and Rovacs comes back to get the evidence.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 11, 2018

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