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And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: The Book of Green Light Recap

Black Lightning checks in with Gambi, who assures him that it should work. The vigilante then uses his electrical powers and his suit to hover, and Gambi has him move through the city. Black Lighting finally comes down on another rooftop and then flies to another rooftop. He looks down and sees two policemen trying to arrest a Green Light addict. The addict knocks them back with his enhanced strength and one officer opens fire. Black Lightning jumps down and blocks the bullet, and the addict attacks him. They fight and Black Lightning finally shocks his opponent unconscious, and then tells the cops to call an ambulance and use a taser first next time.

As he lands on a rooftop, Black Lightning clutches at his head in momentary pain and then practices his new flight powers. An alarm goes off and Gambi check a monitor to see Syonide and Tobias upstairs. Gambi goes up and reminds Tobias that they had a deal and Tobias is supposed to be gone. He warns Tobias that the serum that they gave him won't let him live forever, but Tobias figures that Gambi is still working for the SA. He wants Black Lightning's real name, and Gambi says that he's avoided finding out because the information could get him killed. Gambi draws the gun that he brought up with him, and Syonide draws her gun. After a moment, Tobias says that he'll see Gambi later and leaves with Syonide.

Anissa is doing web research on people with super strength. Jennifer comes in and Anissa quickly closes her laptop. Her sister finds the costume she wore for the cosplay party, and once Jennifer leaves, Anissa returns to the conspiracy theorist. He says that thirty years ago, nine children displayed enhanced abilities and then disappeared.

Jennifer goes to the skating rink with Kiesha and Jennifer sits to put on her skates. As she makes herself up, a girl Lana says that Jennifer will need more than lip gloss. Lana talks about her ex-boyfriend Khalil being crippled, and she and her friend take a swing at Jennifer, and one of them manages to rip her jacket. Jennifer takes both of them down and goes out on the rink.

Jeff goes to the pharmacy, and the next customer says that the bottle of medicine he bought for his daughter had nothing but dust. The clerk said that he just sells when they gave him, and Jeff points out that the medicine expired three years ago. When Jeff slams his hand down, the clerk grabs a bat and Jeff clutches at his head in pain for a moment. He then apologizes and finds a box that isn't expired to buy for the man.

Anissa continues taking notes and the theorist says that David Poe, the editor of the Freelance Gazette, canceled a series of articles written by her grandfather Alvin that would have exposed the connection between the vaccine and the enhanced kids. Alvin's murder was never exposed.

At home, Jeff takes some aspirin and gets a text from gambit with a lead on Green Light. Black Lightning goes to the address and breaks in, and enters the warehouse to find crates of chemicals. A man aims a shotgun at him, and says that he isn't scared of Black Lightning. He says that he can shoot Black Lightning and be called a hero, and Black Lightning b lasts him down. The man says that normally he delivers, but Joey Toledo gave him some extra money to store the stuff.

Back at Gambit's, Jeff demands to know why the tailor didn't know Joey is back. Gambi claims that he hasn't heard of Joey in a long time, and Jeff figures that if Joey is around then Jeff is as well. As they argue, Jeff suddenly passes out. He calls in Lynn since he can't risk calling a hospital, and explains that Jeff has been having headaches and showing aggressive behavior. Lynn wonders if it's Black Lightning-related, just as Jeff starts emitting electricity. After a moment he stops and wakes up, and says that he has to get Joey. Lynn tells him that he has to stay there and rest until she figures out what's wrong with him.

Tobias tells Tori that he paid Gambi a visit, and Tori warn that Lady Eve won't. She warns that Tobias is being reckless, and he insists that he deserves a seat at the table. Tobias figures that the cartel is using Black Lightning as an excuse not to promote him, and they don't respect him. Tori tells him that he never dealt with his worst enemy and can't forgive himself. She says that she found Eldridge.

The Past

Eldridge complains to a young Tobias that most of his money is going to keeping his albino son healthy. As a young Tori looks on, Eldridge tells Tobias that he isn't black or white. Tori tells him to stop and slaps her.


As Tobias remembers the past, Tori tells him that once they handle Eldridge then Tobias will be a new man.

The next day, Anissa visits Jeff in his bedroom and asks about Alvin and his theories. Jeff snaps at her but then apologizes and says that Alvin always did the right thing.

Anissa goes to see David and asks about the research Alvin was doing on the missing kids. David abruptly excuses himself, claiming that he has a story to work on, and tells Anissa to get out. Anissa says that she had heard that David was a champion for the common people and leaves.

Jeff, hiding in the shadows, confronts Bill in the parking lot and gives him Joey's name as being involved with Green Light. He leaves Bill a burner phone to call him when he needs to and then slips away.

The next day, Lynn checks Jeff and sys that he's her priority. Jeff smiles at the admission just as the doorbell rings. Lana, her mother, and her aunt Gina arrive and complain that Jennifer broke Lana's wrist. Lynn comes in and says that they'll take full responsibility for Jennifer's actions, and invites them in. They're soon drinking coffee and laughing. Jennifer comes in and everyone stares at her. Once Lana and her family leave, Jennifer tells them that two girls from a rival school attacked her. Jeff is proud of her, but Lynn says that she lied and not everyone solves their problems with their fights.

Anissa approaches David as he arrives at his office and insists that she needs to know what happened. He figures that Anissa wasn't going to leave him alone so he tried to order her away, and gives her a box with the information that Alvin gathered. As Anissa goes, David warns her that Alvin tapped into something big and dangerous. He advises her to walk away from it, and warns that "they" are watching and if Anissa finds out who they are, she'll get killed.

Tobias and Tori go to Eldridge's house and Tobias punches Eldridge in the face. The siblings walk in and Tori sys that they have some questions to ask him. Eldridge says that he didn't walk out like their mother did, and Tobias says that he appreciates Eldridge feeding and clothing them. He hugs Eldridge and wonders why, and crushes him. Tobias figures that Eldridge wanted to collect money from the state, and breaks his back. He tells Eldridge that he's going to die slow, and leaves with Tori.

Anissa reads Alvin's stories about Tobias as a crooked politician, and his connection to the vaccine research. She finds a key marked ASF and determines that it belongs to the Anvil Storage facility, and then looks for her black hoodie. Jennifer has taken it, and Anissa puts on the cat costume that she wore to the party.

Jeff approaches Jennifer as she watches TV and she says that she doesn't know why she's being punished for defending herself. She explains that she's a target for harassment because she's the principal's father, and Jeff tells her that fighting should only be about putting a fire out. He admits that fighting isn't always the best choice, and agrees that it isn't always easy.

In her room, Anissa works on her move and discovers the costume is too tight. She goes to a clothing store and the clerk helps her pick clothing and a wig out. Anissa promises that she'll be safe and leaves with her new clothing.

Jack is sparring with a bag when Bill calls and says that he tracked down Joey's old girlfriend. She's been seen with Joey recently, but Bill doesn't have enough information for a warrant. Jeff goes to Gambi's and puts on the suit, who warns him that the suit could kill him. Gambi asks for a day to fix the capacitator unit causing the problems, but Jeff demands the control module and Gambi finally hands it over.

Syonide gives Tobias an envelope and he finds bone dust inside. Tobias remembers what Lady Eve said about grinding up albinos and using his bones for magic dust. There's a card in the envelope and a surprised Tobias reads it.

The costumed Anissa goes to the storage facility. When the key breaks, she rips open the door and goes inside. Anissa finds a safe and breaks it open. Inside is a vial of white crystal.

Black Lighting confronts Joey's girlfriend and takes her phone. He tells her to go, and then sends a text saying that they won't let her in. Joey gets the text and shows up, and Black Lightning demands to know where Tobias is. Joey refuses to talk, and Black Lightning clutches at his head in pain. The thug attacks him, and Black Lightning finally manages to knock him away. Joey promises that Tobias will kill him, and Black Lightning is unable to summon his electricity as Joey runs off, laughing.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 14, 2018

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