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His Maiden Voyage Recap

Lawyer Vincent Benson is giving his daughter Penny a birthday spanking and she asks if she can stay with him rather than go home to Vincent's ex-wife. He tells her that they're going to get on a boat that night and sail off for an island vacation. Vincent explains that they're going on his friend Lucky's boat, if it's ready, and his "associate" Mitch warns that he doesn't like it. Unimpressed, Vincent says that he'll get Huey and Jake from his boat and they'll make ready. He then tells Penny that it will be a surprise for Lucky, too.

That night on the Fortuna, Lucky greets his guests and is surprised to see Vincent there. Vincent tells Penny that they'll keep Lucky guessing about the surprise. Huey and Mitch come over and they all go inside. Andamo joins Lucky, and Lucky explains that Vincent is there for Penny's birthday. Lucky brings out a birthday cake and party favors, and Huey comes back from a look around the boat and says that the plan will work. He's taken the only gun that he could find on the boat, and puts it back in his pocket. Andamo joins them and asks if everything is going fine. He tells them that the launch is leaving ahead of the incoming fog, and Vincent tells him that Lucky is showing Penny around. Mitch worries that Penny will say something, and Vincent figures that Lucky wouldn't believe her even if she did. They then go to the gangway.

Lucky takes Penny to the pilothouse and has her pretend to steer the boat. She looks at the two magnetized black cat figures that Lucky gave her as a birthday present, and Lucky asks about her birthday surprise for him. Penny tells him that they're going on a long voyage, and Lucky believes her. They go to the gangway where Andamo is with Vincent, Mitch, Huey, and Jake. Andamo says that the staff left with the last launch, and Vincent tells Penny to turn in. Mitch takes her there and Vincent tells them to turn off all of the running lights once they get out past the breakwater.

Andamo reveals that Jake is holding a gun on him, and Vincent explains that they're commandeering the Fortuna. He assures Lucky that he'll pay for their trip, and they go into the dining room. Vincent explains that his men can handle the boat, and knows the amount of fuel that Lucky keeps aboard. He assures Lucky that it's enough to get them to a cove where he has more fuel waiting for them. The boat starts up and Vincent explains that his ex-wife is trying to get exclusive custody. He didn't take his own boat because his wife has him followed. Lucky warns that they'll be picked up in a few hours, but Vincent figures that will be enough. Vincent warns him not to fight it, and Lucky turns the table over on Huey and heads for the door. Mitch stops him and Vincent stops his men from beating Lucky. Lucky warns that they'll hit something in the fog, and Vincent tells Lucky that he'll pilot the Fortuna and Penny's safety is his responsibility.

The Fortuna continues through the fog with Lucky at the wheel while Mitch keeps a gun trained on him. Vincent calls down to the engine room and Huey confirms that everything is okay, while Jake keeps a gun on Andamo. As Mitch checks the RTF, Lucky takes out a flare gun in a drawer and pockets it.

Vincent goes to the deck to check on Andamo, and Lucky fires a flare into the sky. Mitch grabs Lucky and punches him, drawing a gun on him, and Vincent goes to investigate. Lucky takes wheel and when Vincent and Mitch step out for a moment to see if anyone is coming to check the flare, Lucky removes a component from the RTF and pockets it. Flares have to be fired at one-minute intervals to signify distress, so no one comes. Lucky shows Vincent the component he removed, and Vincent realizes that Lucky has sabotaged the RTF.

Later in the dining room, Jake watches as Lucky and Andamo eat before going back to work. Lucky talks about the remote control box with a 25' cord to the automatic pilot, and they can steer the boat from the dining room. Vincent comes in and says that Lucky ruined the RTF set so that they can't navigate, and all they can do is keep to their compass course. He says that he disconnected the remote control box to the autopilot and by dawn they'll reach the cove and refuel, then reach foreign waters.

Penny comes in, saying that she's too excited to sleep. She shows Andamo the cats and hugs Lucky, and Vincent tells Jake to keep Lucky and Andamo separated while he takes over the radio room. Once they're alone, Vincent asks Penny if she's having a good time.

Jake takes Lucky to the wheelhouse to relieve Mitch, and then takes Andamo to the galley to make breakfast. Once Mitch looks away, Lucky puts the two magnetized cats near the ship's compass. When Mitch notices, Lucky picks them up and then puts them back down after Mitch goes back to his post.

In the galley, Andamo makes crepe, throws flour in Jake's face, and knocks him unconscious. He shoves the unconscious man in a closet, takes his gun, and then calls Lucky via the intercom to say that he's going to sabotage the boat. Lucky knocks Mitch down and goes below to find Andamo. He warns Andamo that they're outnumbered, so they have to stay hidden until daylight when the Coast Guard will see them.

Mitch calls Vincent to tell him what happened, and Vincent orders him to put the boat on autopilot and go after him.

Lucky and Andamo go to Penny's cabin, get her dressed, and take her to the galley. They then call Vincent on the intercom and say that they have the girl. Vincent tells Huey and Mitch to get Lucky and Andamo, but not to shoot for fear of hitting Penny. He then goes to the dining room and Mitch takes a shot, and Vincent orders him to stop. He takes Mitch's gun away, and Penny calls over the intercom, thinking that they're playing hide-and-seek.

Lucky and Andamo take Penny to the radio room, and Lucky has Andamo keep sending distress calls while he keeps the others busy.

Mitch goes to Penny's cabin and hears someone in the galley. He goes there and Lucky slips back into Penny's cabin and whistles over the intercom. Mitch and Vincent follow the noise to the dining room, and Lucky leads them on.

Come sunrise, Vincent, Mitch, and Jake return to the dining room. They realize that they've been going in circles, just as a Coast Guard Cutter arrives. Lucky, Andamo, and Penny come in and Vincent goes to his daughter. She says that she helped Lucky win, and Vincent assures her that Lucky couldn't lose with her on his side. Lucky suggests that Vincent might be able to work things out with his ex if they think of Penny as a target for love rather than a weapon. Vincent agrees and hugs his daughter.

The Fortuna returns to its location after Lucky tells the Coast Guard that the boat slipped its anchor and drifted. He shows Andamo the magnetic cats and how he sabotaged the compass, and Andamo dozes off.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 16, 2018

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