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Hair of the Dog Recap

A frontman for the Mob, Rosey, checks his briefcase containing two guns, and removes a bundle of money. Lucky and Andamo glance at Rosey's thug, Murdock, and Rosey explains that his client wants to buy the Fortuna for $64,000. Andamo perks up at the money, but Lucky insists that the boat isn't for sale. Rosey and Murdock leave.

Later, Maggie arrives aboard the Fortuna and realizes that Andamo is upset. He says that some of the guests are apparently thugs in Rosey's employ. The two of them go below decks and find a laundry cart in the way, unware that someone put a Doberman in it. Andamo shoves it out of the way and takes Maggie to Lucky's cabin, and the Doberman looks out and growls at them. The man who put it there comes out of hiding and closes the lid, and then wheels the cart away.

Lucky is shaving when Maggie comes in. They kiss and Maggie asks what happened earlier. Lucky avoids her questions, and Joe runs in and says that there's a fight in the dining room. Andamo and Lucky go to check it out, and Lucky tells Andamo to call Rovacs rather than get involved. They go to the bar and Lucky makes the call, while Rosey's thugs tear the place apart fighting.

The police finally arrive and arrest all of the brawlers, and Rovacs says that most of the legitimate customers won't sue Lucky. He then asks who is responsible, and Lucky finally tells him that Rosey approached him with an offer. Rovacs admits that there's nothing to connect Rosey to the brawlers, and advises them not to let Rosey drag them down with them. Maggie insists on staying, but Lucky excuses himself so that he and Andamo can visit Rosey and find out who he's working for.

As Lucky goes to his cabin, the masked dog handler is waiting with the Doberman on a leash. The handler lets the Doberman loose and it attacks Lucky. Lucky fends it off with a chair and goes for his gun in the drawer, but discovers that it's gone. The masked handler has already taken it, unloads it, and leaves it on the dresser. The figure then uses a dog whistle to call the Doberman off and puts it back on its leash. The handler leaves and by the time Lucky recovers, has left on a private boat. Maggie and Andamo come in and Lucky tells them what happened. He has Maggie lock herself in and leaves with Andamo.

The two men go to Rosey's apartment and a woman, Therese, answers the door. She says that Rosey is busy and Lucky loudly says that he has something to sell. Rosey hears and invites them in, and Therese tells him to remember his promise before she goes to the next room. He tells his visitors that the university sent Therese there to mentor with him, and Lucky shows him his torn jacket. Rosey says that his client's identity is privileged and goes for a telephone, and Lucky warns him not to try it. He explains what happened and warns that if there's one more incident, they'll be back. Rosey dismisses it as a run of bad luck, and his phone rings. He hands it over to Lucky, saying that it's Maggie. Once Lucky hangs up, he tells Andamo that some department of health officers arrived because one of the guests was taken to the isolation ward at the hospital with smallpox, and Maggie went there with them. Meanwhile, the Fortuna has been quarantined.

Lucky and Andamo check into a waterfront hotel, taking refuge from the health department. Rovacs is with them and points out that he remembered they had their smallpox vaccinations a month ago. As for Rosey, Rovacs has no proof that Rosey was involved. There are no files on Murdock, but Rovacs has confirmed that the university isn't co-educational so Therese isn't from there. Rovacs tells them that he'll get them a list of kennels that train Dobermans to attack, and advises them to find out why Rosey is so anxious to buy the Fortuna. Lucky says that he and Andamo will go to Rosey's tailor to get Lucky a new suit at Rosey's expense.

At the tailor shop, a salesman tells the two men that they don’t repair jackets. Lucky makes it clear he's there to order a new jacket to be charged to Rosey's account. The salesman immediately agrees and says that Rosey is their best client and ordered a dozen suits that morning in four different sizes, none of them his. Rovacs comes in and Lucky tells him what they found out. He gives them the list and says that there are only two kennels.

Lucky and Andamo go to the one out of town, the Acme Training School. As they drive in through the gate, Murdock steps out and draws his gun on them. Andamo winks at Lucky, who throws the car into reverse and backs up, letting the open car door hit Murdock. Andamo draws his gun on Murdock and wounds him when he tries to aim his gun. Lucky goes inside and finds Therese holding the Doberman. She asks where her husband Murdock is, and Lucky tells her that Murdock is still alive. Rosey steps out of the next room, training a gun on Lucky, and orders him to put his gun down. He tells them that the tailor called to verify Lucky's charge, but refuses to tell him why he ordered the extra suits. Therese reminds Rosey that he said no one would be hurt, and unleashes the dog on him when he just chuckles. The dog disarms Rosey and Lucky picks up both guns. Therese calls the Doberman off as Andamo arrive to say that Rovacs just arrived.

Back aboard the Fortuna, the health official tells Lucky that the boat has a clean bill of health. Rovacs tells Lucky that he left the suits in Lucky's office, and explains that Rosey was going to take the Fortuna for himself and use it to smuggle in refugees and aliens for $5,000 each. He would have dressed them in evening clothes and brought them in a dozen at a time disguised as guests. Maggie perks up when Lucky explains that Rosey also ordered a dozen evening gowns and goes to check them out.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 21, 2018

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