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Are You Ready for Some Zombies? Recap

At a brain processing factory, workers mush up brains to feed the hungry zombie populace. Clint Hicks, a Seahawk fan, is talking up the team to his coworker. He complains that they're playing their home games in Tacoma because of the zombies. The supervisor, Roche, asks if they're making their quotas. Clint says that they are and Roche moves in.

At the wall, the U.S. soldiers are patrolling the street. Blaine meets with Chase and passes him information on what is going down on the street. Blaine says that backhoe equipment is going missing, and Chase tells Blaine that he can stay open another week. He threatens to close down Blaine's businesses if he doesn't like being a stool pigeon, and is called over to see zombie soldiers testing a guillotine for zombies. Chase explains that they're instituting a policy of zero tolerance.

Later, Clint's coworker Perales calls in Clive, who brings Liv with him. Perales explains that Clint was working after hours to clean the place up. Clint's wife Kelly said that Clint didn't come home, and security found Clint in the brain grinder. Ravi helpfully reports the cause of death, and Perales says that Clint wasn't big on zombies because he lost his job at the arena when zombies took over Seattle.

Later at the morgue, Liv eats Chick's brain.

Major and his men are patrolling the streets and they spot a boy come out despite the curfew. As they confront him, humans throw Molotov cocktails at two of the zombie soldiers, setting them on fire. Major chases down and tackles one of them, who boasts about killing zombies.

The next day when Major returns to Chase's office, Chase reports that the two soldiers will be okay in a few weeks. Chase wants Major to counsel young zombies whose parents kicked them out. They want productive zombies and Major says that he can pull it off.

Blaine visits Angus in the well and complains about Chase potentially shutting him down. he tosses down some scraps of brains and goes over to where his bodyguard Dino is reading a newspaper.

Clive and Liv go to the Hick house and Liv admires the Seahawk décor. She shares Chick's hatred of zombies and Kelly answers the door. Kelly glares at Liv but finally lets them in. She says that she clocked out at the plant, and Chick usually got home about 9. Liv wanders around admiring Chick's Seahawk memorabilia. Zorn comes in and Kelly introduces their visitors. Zorn says that he stopped becoming a Seahawks fan when the Seahawks lost. Chick became single-minded on that day and was never the same. Zorn confirms that he was at home with Kelly when Chick was murdered, and Kelly says that Chick was in a "war" with a guy at the plant, Doc Greeley. Doc keyed Chick's car and is from san Francisco.

Clive brings in Doc, who boast a about how San Francisco is better than Seattle. Liv argues with him about the virtues of Seattle over San Francisco, and Doc explains that Chick spraypainted "Go Hawks" on the top of his car. He insists that he hates the Seahawks, but says that he was at home during the night of the murder. Clive shows him video they have of the plant parking lot. Doc pulls up in his car and the time code shows Doc was there in the two-hour window when Chick was killed. The Niners fan says that when he got home, he found twenty brain tubes in his bag. He went back to put them back, and starts arguing with Liv about their teams. Liv goes into "beast mode" when Doc insults the Seahawks.

Dale is waiting in her office with detectives Cavanaugh, Halpern, and Schumacker when Clive and Liv come in. Clive says that they're going to hold Doc for 48 hours and figure he's likely for the murder. Halpern and Schumacher are investigating a death on the Wall, while Clive and Cavanaugh check out the death of a university professor.

At the morgue, Ravi is doing an autopsy on the dead professor, Ben Rooney. His head was beaten in, and Ravi weighs the brain. he starts to get hunger pangs and sniffs it, and then licks it. After a moment he gives in and starts eating it. He then goes into his office and notes that his hair is turning white. Ravi puts on a hat and figures that the vaccine works and he's remaining human except for his occasional craving for brains. Liv comes in and realizes that Ravi had a brain urge again. As Ravi mentions that he ate Rooney's brain, she has a memory flash of Clint seeing two soldiers meeting in the plant.

At Fillmore Graves, Major meets with the zombie teenagers. One of them, Thor, threatens the other if he doesn't give him his brain tube. Another one, Fisher Webb, who Thor nicknames "Captain Seattle", comes over and objects but Thor refuses to back down. Major comes over and thanks them for coming in. He says that he's there to get them off the street, and explains that Fillmore soldiers get double rations. One girl complains that there are girls having sex to get tubes, and explains that her brother and sister are starving and the brain tubes barely have any brains in them.

Liv shows Clive a photo of one of the two men she saw, a Fillmore soldier. She figures that they can ask Major if he can ID the guy. Clive glances over at Dale in her office, and then says that he has nothing to do. Liv figures that Major will identify his fellow soldier, and Clive sarcastically agrees. They meet with Major at his house, who finally says that the soldier is Russ Roche and he's had a lot of money recently. Ravi comes in naked and doesn't think anything of it. Major explains that Rooney was a nudist as well.

At the Scratching Post, Don E offers two soldiers a good time with his "girls". One of them, Russ, takes two of the three girls. Don E goes to the bar and finds Liv and Clive there. Clive asks how much money Russ is going to drop, and then go over as Russ has a blue-brain vision of a Shakespearean actor whose brain he's eaten. When Russ tries to slap Clive with a gun, Clive draws a gun on him. Blaine comes over and reminds Clive that in "New Seattle" cops can't interfere with zombies. Liv explains about her vision, and Russ claims that it was a joke. Blaine has Dino escort Liv and Clive out, and after a moment Dino agrees.

The next day, Dino hauls Angus out of the well and explains that Blaine didn't have him drive him there until recently so he didn’t know where Angus was. Furious, Angus starts muttering a mix of prophecies and Blaine's taunts. When Dino says that he expects some money as a reward, Angus continues rambling. The bodyguard gives Angus a hammer to shatter the concrete around his feet and goes to call his girlfriend. Once Angus frees himself, he beats Dino's head in with the hammer and walks away.

At a restaurant, Blaine watches as Peyton dines with her date Derek, Baracas, and his date. Blaine then goes over and offers them brains and steaks. Once he leaves, the two couples discuss New Seattle and whether Chase will use the guillotine. Harry tells Peyton that she's gorgeous, and she takes his hand. When they return to Peyton's apartment, they find Peyton dressed as a Seahawks fan watching a game. Ravi is also there, naked, and he admits that he forgets sometime. Peyton shows Liv Z that some of the "dead enders" tagged on their door to indicate that a zombie lives there. Liv gets an idea and goes to find Clive.

The next day, Liv takes Clive back to the Hicks house and reveals that there's a "Z" under the Seahawks poster on the front door. She knows that Chick wasn't the suspected zombie. When Kelly answers the door, Clive informs her that they're taking her blood pressure. They confirm that she's not a zombie, just as Zorn comes out. Liv has a vision of Chick realizing that Zorn is a zombie, and Zorn threatening to eat Clint's brain if he continues abusing him. She tells Clive about her vision, and Clive explains what she saw. He arrests Zorn and reads him his rights. Kelly says that Zorn didn't do it, but Clive figures that Kelly set Doc up and she killed Clint. Zorn tells her not to do it, but Kelly admits that she killed Clint because he made her choose between him and Zorn. Clive then arrests Kelly. Two dead enders ride by and yell about the zombie scum.

Major meets with the teenagers again and they talk about their experiences as zombies as they eat brain tubes. He realizes that they all ate extra brain tubes, and they say that a woman gave them the extra tube and told them not to say anything. A soldier comes in and asks why the vending machines are out of tubes. Major claims that he doesn't know, and checks Jordan's bag. Inside are the missing brain tubes, and Jordan says that her family is really starving.

Chase calls Major over and asks how it's going. He asks which ones would make good soldiers, and Major calls over Jordan and Fisher. Chase tells them that they'll be in Major's squad protecting the new city, and they accept.

Angus goes to a church for zombies, offering that they can still be saved, and goes inside. He goes inside and says that hell is a well and they're stuffed with brains. Angus asks if the preacher is a human or a zombie, and the priest says that zombies can't be ordained. Rambling, Angus says that God told him that He needs an army. He yells that he's hungry and asks if the zombies in the audience are hungry. The preacher asks Angus to join him to pray for a miracle, and Angus smashes in his head with the hammer. He then rips out a piece of his brain, says that God loves them, and eats. The zombies stand up and join him.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 27, 2018

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