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Secret Garden Recap

Storybrooke, Years Ago

Three witches gather around a cauldron kettle and make a potion. They're interrupted when Anastasia's phone rings. She apologizes, saying that the family is having dinner at Granny's and she can't skip. One of the other witches, Robin, says that they've almost done it. Anastasia points out that Robin can't make the potion work. Robin tells her to go on, and Zelena comes in and tells them that spell time is over. She orders all three girls out, but Robin wants to finish the potion. Zelena warns her that she's playing with fire, and Robin points out that Zelena doesn't have magic anymore and she's using a spell that Regina gave her before she left. Furious, her mother says that they're going home and taking away Robin's hone, and Robin storms out.

In the cemetery, Robin moans in pains and drops the potion bottle. It breaks and the mists teleport her away.

Tiana's Palace

Hook watches as Tiana and her husband dote on their baby daughter. Regina assures Hook that he'll find her daughter. Zelena teleports in and says that Gothel took Robin.


Henry and Jacinda sit by Lucy's bed, and Henry sees Regina and Zelena watching from the hallway. He goes out and tells them that Lucy is stable but isn't getting any better. Regina tells him not to give up because Lucy needs his help, and figures that he's a believer even if he doesn't know it. Henry walks off and Zelena says that it must be different for Regina when her son doesn't know her. She points out that if they break the curse then Henry dies, and if they don't then Lucy dies. Regina refuses to accept that and says that they're going to figure it out together as sisters.

Gothel tells Anastasia that she's going to take her somewhere more comfortable to live. Anastasia just wants to be with her mother, and Gothel brings Victoria out of the well. Gothel says that she's a monster and relates all of the things that Victoria has done, Victoria admits that she did it all, but she did it for Victoria and it's in the past now that they're together. Gothel tells Victoria to tell Anastasia about Lucy, and Victoria admits that she put Lucy into a magical sleep. Shocked, Anastasia runs off and Gothel says that she'll be Anastasia's mother now. She drops Victoria back into the well with Drizella, who asks how it feels to get everything she deserves.

Zelena calls her daughter and leaves a message saying that she's been through a big change. Gothel comes up and suggests that Zelena tell her daughter what she's really afraid of. She insists that she's there to help Zelena and Regina, and there's nothing more powerful than witches working together. Gothel explains that she's gained Anastasia's trust and magic, and they can wake up Lucy without hurting Henry. Zelena asks what the catch is, and Gothel tells Zelena that there's one thing she has to do for her.

Later, Zelena tells Regina what Gothel offered. Gothel will save Lucy's life in return for the Resurrection Amulet, and wants them to bring it to the botanical garden at midnight. Regina warns that it comes with a terrible price, and Zelena says that she doesn’t plan to give it to her.

The Past

Zelena tells Regina that it's Regina's fault that Robin went missing. Robin tries to summon Mother Nature, which is a metaphor for Gothel. Gothel is harmless in their realm because she exists in that realm. Regina assures Zelena that she'll find her, but Zelena doesn't want her help. She tells her sister to let her deal with her dysfunctional family and walks off. Hook goes after her and says that he will join Zelena if she's going after Gothel. He explains that Gothel poisoned her heart, and Zelena reluctantly agrees.


Rogers goes back to Weaver's storage unit, and he says that Eloise is a member of a dangerous cult. The cult is why Eloise ran away years ago after they seduced her into their group. Eloise seduced others into the cult, including Anastasia, and the cult still has her. Rogers doesn't believe it, insisting that Eloise is hurt. He says that he'll prove Anastasia is innocent and leaves.

Dr. Sage tells Jacinda, Henry, and Nathan that they need to check family members for a blood match if Lucy passes away. Nathan goes to the blood lab and Henry tells Sage to test her as well in case they get lucky and he's also a match.

In the well, Victoria tries to climb out without success. Drizella sees no point in helping Victoria, and Victoria points out that Gothel stole Anastasia's magic and is done partnering with her. She says that she can get them out, and tosses one of her high-heeled shoes up to hit the wench. It triggers, dropping the rope, and they help each other climb out.

The sisters return to Regina's bar, and Zelena complains that Regina redecorated it. Regina figures that the Amulet is hidden there because Victoria has been trying to buy the bar for years.

The Past

Hook tries to find a curio shop, Memento Mori, frequented by witches while a disgusted Zelena looks on. He tells Zelena to let him focus, and finds an invisible door. They go inside and hear Madame Leota conducting a séance. They go into the next room and find Gothel with Leota's sphere inside a crystal sphere. Zelena demands to know what happened to Robin, and Leota says that there is no escape as the door disappears. She challenges them to find a way out, and pins Hook to the wall with magical energy. Robin comes out, frees Hook, and tells Zelena that she ran away. She's her own person, and Hook tells Gothel that he won't let her take Robin. Gothel lets Robin choose which mother is best, and Robin conjures the door back and tells Zelena to leave while she goes to Gothel. Disappointed, Zelena walks to the door and leaves. Hook warns Gothel that it isn't over and follow Zelena out.


After Victoria and Drizella climb out of the wall, Victoria suggests that they end their petty feud. Drizella figures that it's about Anastasia, and tells Drizella that she's never done anything to deserve her love. Disgusted, Drizella says that the lanterns were her idea, not Anastasia's.

Gothel takes Robin to her home and explains that when she first gained magic, no one let her take root. She met someone who helped her thrive. There's a knock at the door, and Robin grabs the table. It shakes from her magic, and Gothel has her hide in a closet. Rogers comes in and says that he's there to check on Gothel. He sees the food that Robin was eating, and Gothel breaks a glass to distract his attention and then asks him to take her to her art therapy class. Rogers agrees and they leave as Robin secretly atches.

Jacinda approaches Sage and asks if she has the test results yet. The doctor says that she'll let her know as soon as she does and leaves. Henry joins Jacinda, who says that the situation doesn't seem real to her. He says that he took the blood test, and assures Jacinda that Lucy will wake up.

Rogers returns to Weaver and admits that Weaver was right about Gothel hiding something. Weaver shows him a list of gardens and greenhouses, and explains that one of their rituals involves a Sacred Orchid. If they find the Orchid then they find the cult and stop them before they make a sacrifice. Weaver insists that Gothel is more than Rogers knows.

The Past

Hook tells Zelena that Robin only thinks that she knows is best. Zelena doesn't believe it, and wonders what she can do without magic. Hook says that Robin needs her mother and Zelena has love which is much stronger than magic. He advises Zelena to show Robin how much she means to her.


Zelena and Regina search the bar for the Amulet, and Zelena finds an old bar name with both their names on it. She smashes it and picks the Amulet out of the shards, and says that she made a lucky guess.

The Past

In the shop, Gothel shows Robin the mystical artifacts. She assures Robin that she'll teach her how to be a powerful witch, and invites her to step up to a Sacred Orchid on the floor. Robin does so and Gothel takes out the Resurrection Amulet. She explains that they're going to use it to bring Leota back to the living. Leota says that all Robin has to do is die, and Gothel triggers the spell to drain Robin's lifeforce. She tells Robin that she's a middling witch at best, and Leota is a perfect choice for their coven.

Zelena and Hook arrive and Zelena offers herself in Robin's place. Gothel points out that Robin wants nothing to do with her, but Zelena doesn't care. Zelena trades places with her daughter and tells Robin to run away. Hook orders Gothel to stop, and Robin shoots the Amulet out of Gothel's hand and assures her that she's good at archery. Gothel teleports away and Leota disappears from the crystal.

Zelena is freed from the spell and tells Robin that it's her job to do insane things for her. She promises that she will support Robin no matter what she wants to do with her life, and mother and daughter hug.


Regina figures that they can use the Amulet to wake up Lucy. Victoria comes in and says that she was desperate to save her child. She insists that she's not a monster, and when she gives the Amulet to Gothel to wake up Lucy, everyone will know it. Victoria draws a gun and aims it at Regina, who reluctantly hands it over. Regina warns that the price is too high, but Victoria says that there is no such thing, locks the door, and leaves.

Victoria goes to the greenhouse and tells Anastasia not to be frightened of her. Gothel joins Robin and Victoria shows her the Amulet. She tells them that she always loved Lucy, and gives Gothel the Amulet. Gothel gives it to Anastasia and says that the Amulet is empty. Anastasia can refill it with her magic, and Gothel tells her to touch the middle of the Amulet. When Anastasia does so, her magic flows into the Amulet. Once it stops, Gothel casts a spell to make Anastasia forget what happened and go to bed. Victoria says that they should save the girl, and Gothel magically conjures Drizella and says that she's the price for the magic they're going to use to save Lucy.

The Past

Zelena and Robin walk away from the shop, and Robin realizes that the Orchid sucked out all of her magic. Her mother gives her the Amulet with Robin's magic, and says that she'll teach Robin what she can. Robin figures that she just thought she was supposed to be good at magic, but she wants to try archery like her father. They hug and Robin tells Zelena to take the magic from the Amulet for herself. Zelena does so and regains her magic, and then sets out to hide the Amulet.


Drizella demands to know what's going on, and Victoria realizes that the spell needs the Amulet and a sacrifice. Gothel begins the ritual and tosses the Orchid into the magic circle. Victoria swears to her daughter that she didn't know, but Drizella says that it's what her mother always wanted. Shocked, Victoria says that she's the one who deserves it and takes drizella's place. Gothel casts the spell to save Lucy, and Victoria screams in pain. She apologizes to Drizella as she dies, saying that she spent too much time on one daughter and not the other.

Lucy wakes up and Sabine runs to get the doctor.

Drizella holds her dying mother, who tells her that it's okay.

Lucy wonders what Henry and Jacinda are looking at, and they hug each other.

Zelena picks the lock on the bar, and the sisters go to the hospital. They see Lucy awake and Regina realizes that someone gave up their life to save her.

After Gothel leaves, Rogers and Weaver arrive at the greenhouse and find Drizella holding her mother's corpse. Drizella says that it was meant to be her, and doesn't know if she's okay. Weaver confirms that Victoria is dead, and tells Rogers that the cult is evil and things are about to get very dark.

In her office, Sage looks at the report confirming that Henry is Lucy's parent, and Nick and Lucy aren't. She takes a drink from her bottle of soda, then realizes that there's plant sediment in it. She collapses dead, poisoned, and a figure takes a snip of her hair and then the reports.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 3, 2018

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